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Archive for February 22nd, 2020

Could You Stomach Watching Every Fast and Furious Movie for $900?

Saturday, February 22nd, 2020

The lowdown

A lot of people who have skeleton to watch Fast 9 have substantially started rolling out a binge-watching report to get them up-to-speed — no joke dictated — on what’s happened in a Fast Furious universe.

But what would we do if we were offering $900 to binge-watch a whole library of Fast Furious movies? Would we take that offer?

If we answered in a affirmative, we competence wish to strech out to Yonkers Honda, a New York-based Honda dealership that skeleton to give someone $900 to watch all 8 Fast Furious cinema as good as a Hobbes Shaw spinoff. It sounds like a elementary adequate dare, generally if you’re going to watch all a cinema anyway. But as is a box with offers like this, there are conditions we have to accommodate if we wish to go home with a cheese.

The things you’ll have to do for $900

First of all, we have to watch all 8 Fast Furious cinema and a Hobbes Shaw spin-off. That’s a initial sequence of business. There is a condition, though, that involves we being compulsory to watch all 9 cinema in a week heading adult to Fast 9’s debut. Once you’ve finished examination all 9 flicks — and presumption you’re still awake after spending what amounts to roughly an whole day’s value in a association of Dominic Toretto and his familia — we are afterwards compulsory to fill out a worksheet for any of a themes you’ve seen. Then we have to share your binge-fest to a world, preferably by Facebook or Twitter.

You’re not usually going home with $900

The $900 offer isn’t a usually thing you’re going home with. Provided that we take Yonkers Honda adult on a offer, we also accept a “prize pack” that’s mostly done adult of snacks and appetite drinks. You also get a $50 present label to see Fast 9 when it hits theaters on May 22. And you’ll be a usually chairman to do this given a dealership’s offer is for usually one person. All we have to do is strech out to Yonkers Honda and explain because we should be a one to go on a film marathon of a Fast Furious authorization for a possibility to win all these prizes on tip of a $900 payout.

Is it value it?

For someone spooky with a Fast Furious franchise, removing paid to watch all 9 movies, including Hobbes Shaw is like being given giveaway money. But for a rest of us who indeed have lives to live, a plea does sound too most of an ask, generally if you’re devoting what amounts to around 20 hours of film examination in one week.

We’ll also have to work on a worksheet that sounds like particular summaries and/or tangible reviews of any of a cinema that we watch. Throw in a combined time spent on amicable media and a $900 offer doesn’t demeanour as interesting anymore.

What can we design from Fast 9?

There have been a few trailers of Fast 9 that are already out there, and from what we’ve seen, a penultimate film is going to be as outlandish as you’d design a Fast Furious film to be. There’s going to be a lot of automobile chases, explosions, death-defying stunts, and a Dodge Charger bending to a overpass cable, overhanging from one towering to another. You know, standard Fast Furious stuff. Oh, and Han’s alive, too, and he’s pushing — we guessed it — an orange Toyota Supra. What’s that about?

Source: Yonkers Honda

Quick, Grab This Special 2021 Honda Civic Type R While It’s Hot

Saturday, February 22nd, 2020

OK, we can see a Special Edition name, though what changed?

Look, we won’t kick around a brush here. The 2021 Civic Type R Limited Edition won’t get some-more energy as it won’t get some-more torque. So you’re stranded with a 2.0-liter, direct-injection and turbocharged four-cylinder, VTEC-imbued engine tweaked to furnish 306 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque. Which, if we wish a dual cents, isn’t not that bad. Oh, and we can still play with a 3 pushing modes – Comfort, Sport, and +R as we please, usually in 2020 Civic Type Rs, they are complemented by feign sounds generated by a Active Sound Control unit.

Power still goes to a front wheels by a slick-shifting six-speed primer and a limited-slip diff, though here comes a new stuff. For starters, we can usually get a Type R Limited Edition in yellow. That’s Phoenix Yellow, to be some-more precise. We kind of adore a tone choice, generally given it’s been wickedly complemented by black pieces and bobs on a outside, including the:

  • roof
  • outward counterpart caps
  • intake opening on a hood
  • Civic badge on a back hatch

In addition, usually 600 units are entrance to a U.S., so you’ll wish to pierce fast with that order. Just saying. Each automobile will get a possess numbered sequence plate, together with a set of lightweight fake aluminum wheels made by BBS. Honda says a new wheels import 18 pounds rebate than a customary ones, and there’s some-more weight rebate entrance for your pushing pleasure.

Honda also claims it managed to strew another 28 pounds off a Type R Limited Edition’s hips by indeed stealing some of a soundproofing material. In addition, a special book is also abandoned of a back wiper, tonneau cover, and back heater ducts.

The European chronicle of a Type R Limited Edition gets an Alcantara-wrapped steering wheel, though we can’t endorse or repudiate that it’s accessible for a U.S. chronicle as well. What’s more, a EU-version lacks an infotainment display, though a U.S. indication should get one.

On a dynamics front, a Type R LE competence not container some-more firepower, though it got retuned dampers and recalibrated steering. No word on pricing yet, though that arrange of info should come adult closer to a car’s central marketplace debut.

Mythbuster: The Truth About JDM Cars

Saturday, February 22nd, 2020

Not All JDM Cars Are Fast

It’s distinct to have these cars as top-of-the-mind JDM models. They paint a best of Japanese opening automobile engineering, and a following that these cars have perceived has lasted a exam of time. But usually since we associate JDM cars with quick sports cars like a Supra, Skyline, and RX-7, that doesn’t meant that all JDM cars are fast,

Here’s a truth: JDM doesn’t usually impute to Japanese sports cars. They impute to all domestic-built Japanese vehicles that were exclusively sole in a internal Japanese market. These models operation from compress cars, kei cars, mid-size cars, and, yes, opening cars. The Honda Life Step Van qualifies as a JDM model, and it’s powered by a two-cylinder engine that produces a whopping 30 horsepower. Not accurately a showstopper on a road, huh?

It doesn’t matter if it’s a Supra or a Life Step Van: as prolonged as it was constructed exclusively for a Japanese market, regardless of how quick and absolute it is, these cars are tagged as Japanese Domestic Market vehicles.

Not All JDM Cars Were Built to The Extreme Quality That You See In Most True Imports

Sure, it’s loyal that Japanese automakers customarily introduced new designs and technologies in local-market vehicles before regulating a same technologies in tellurian cars — Honda’s Variable Cylinder Management system, for example, was initial featured in a local-market 2003 Honda Inspire before a tech was introduced in a tellurian markets with a attainment of a 2006 Honda Accord — though that’s not indispensably a rule, or during slightest it wasn’t behind in a day. A lot of less-heralded JDM cars were built with a same cost-cutting methods that helped make those cars affordable to a normal Japanese automobile buyer. Look during a interior of a 1996 Suzuki X-90 and you’re going to have a tough time anticipating any element that isn’t done out of inexpensive plastic. The same can be pronounced for a indication like a heroic Honda City that had about as many oppulance trim to it as a knock-off Rolex.

You Don’t Have to Spend a Ton of Money To Own a Cool JDM Car

It’s loyal that a prices of JDM sports cars have increasing in new years, though that’s not indispensably a box for all JDM cars.

Take a Toyota Supra Mk3, for example. Believe it or not, though we can indeed buy one in a used marketplace for underneath $20,000. One specific section that’s accessible on CarsforSale is labelled during usually $13,900 with roughly 66,500 miles on a odometer. Compare that to a distant some-more famous Supra Mk4 with identical mileage and a cost of such a indication doesn’t go next $50,000.

There are certain JDM models like a Supra Mk4 that have spin really costly in a market, though for a many part, we can still measure a cold and affordable JDM car, if we demeanour tough adequate for one. AutoTrader has a few examples of a Toyota Sera accessible for reduction than $10,000. If we wish a classical prohibited hatch, a turbocharged Toyota Starlet from a 1980s can be purchased for around a same amount. The Toyota models are usually dual of a many examples of JDM cars that we can now buy in a used automobile marketplace for reduction than a volume you’re going to spend on a mint signature Louis Vuitton bag.

Import Restrictions for JDM Cars Vary By Market

But a two-and-a-half decade wait isn’t a concept limitation that relates to all unfamiliar markets. For us, it’s 25 years. For other markets, it’s different. Canada, for example, usually requires a JDM automobile to be 15 years aged before it’s authorised to enter a country. It’s a many easier understanding over in Europe were automobile collectors can import cars from Japan, and they don’t even have to compensate a standard 10-percent tariffs on Japanese vehicles and a 3 percent rate practical to automobile parts.

These taxes were radically carried after a European Union struck a giveaway trade understanding with Japan in 2017, paving a approach for European automobile collectors to move in JDM cars in their countries.

RHD Cars Are Difficult To Drive on U.S. Roads And Can Even Be Dangerous

For a record, it is authorised to expostulate a right-hand-drive automobile in a U.S. There is zero privately mentioned in a Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards about a position of a driver, usually that there contingency be standardised controls and displays. Even if there was something mentioned, vehicles over 25 years aged — that relates to JDM cars — are NHTSA-exempt from a FMVSS.

Now, usually since it is authorised to expostulate a right-hand-drive automobile in a U.S., that doesn’t meant it’s easy to expostulate one. This is generally loyal if you’re pushing in a U.S. where roads are designed for left-hand-drive cars. If you’re pushing a right-hand-drive automobile on left-hand-drive roads, you’re positioned serve divided from all a executive dividers on a road. That can get jarring, generally if you’re pushing during full speeds.

Overtaking cars on two-lane roads can also be formidable since overtaking is usually authorised on a left-most lane, that we wouldn’t be means to see if you’re pushing a right-hand-drive car. Turning right can also be wily since you’re fundamentally hugging a dilemma as we turn. There are all sorts of problems concerned in pushing a right-hand-drive automobile in a U.S., and some of these problems can even lead to dangerous highway predicaments.

Just Because It’s JDM Doesn’t Mean It’s a Sports Car

A lot of people get confused by this, and it’s distinct why.

But usually like JDM cars aren’t all fast, not all of them are personal as sports cars, too. we brought adult a instance of a Honda Life Step Van in articulate about JDM cars that aren’t quite fast. But that’s usually one car. There are a engorgement of other JDM models that are conjunction quick nor are personal as sports cars.

The Suzuki Jimny, Nissan Cedric, Toyota Crown, Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, and Nissan Cima are all examples of Japanese Domestic Market vehicles. There are large of other models that tumble in a JDM problem that aren’t sports cars. You have to remember that a lot of these models were built during what’s generally regarded as a golden age of a Japanese automobile industry. Every Japanese automaker built anything they could consider of. It didn’t matter if it was sports cars, sedans, kei cars, wagons, and even kei trucks. That epoch in a story of Japan’s automobile attention was tantamount to an arms race, and a lot of a models that were built in that time were personal as JDM cars, regardless if they were performance-oriented or not.

Regardless of Their Lightweight Nature, Kei Cars Are Not Fast

We’ve mentioned kei cars countless times here, though there competence still be some of we who aren’t informed with them.

That clarification should give we a good thought that kei cars aren’t fast, even if some of them demeanour like they are.

Kei automobile regulations in Japan — yes, there’s such a thing — state that a three-cylinder engines that energy these cars should be no bigger than 660cc. Power outlay is also capped during 63 horsepower so we can suppose what these kei cars can do — or can’t do — when we put them in a drag frame opposite normal cars with bigger engines. Kei cars will remove all a time, even if models like a Honda S660, Autozam A-Z1, and Daihatsu Copen Robe all look like they’re world-beaters.

Your Japanese Car Probably Isn’t a JDM Car – Unless It’s Old and Legally Imported

Any automobile that was sole by Toyota — or any Japanese automaker, for that matter — in a U.S. marketplace is not a JDM car. For your automobile to be a JDM car, it has to have been sole only in a Japanese market. Likewise, a indication has to be older than a 2001 indication by during slightest 5 years. 2020 is a 25-year cutoff that now creates 1995 JDM models authorised to be alien to a U.S.

That’s a second partial of this equation. Bringing a JDM automobile to America isn’t as easy as it sounds. An importer initial has to secure a automobile in Japan. Once that’s accomplished, shipping a automobile to America needs to be organised and all compulsory paperwork needs to be filed. That includes shipping insurance, Customs forms, a check of lading, a check of sale, and an trade certificate that’s translated into English, among other things.

A government-issued import bond is also required, ensuring that U.S. Customs will accept remuneration of all duties and fees. Passenger vehicles need a 2.5-percent avocation while light trucks are slapped with a bigger 25-percent tariff. The automobile also needs to be steam-cleaned before it’s shipped. This is partial of a U.S. Department of Agriculture’s requirement that all unfamiliar dirt be private from a undercarriage of a car.

Sourcing Parts for a True JDM Car is Difficult and Expensive

Chances are, we competence even have problem sourcing those tools from aftermarket companies. It’s easy to assume that a inexpensive costs of a lot of JDM cars means that repairs would naturally come inexpensive too. That competence be loyal in some cases, though for a many part, you’re going to have to bombard out some-more than we approaching for a lot of these parts, generally if they’re singular to a Japanese market.

You’re not usually profitable for a tools and pieces themselves, though you’ll also have to spend for shipping and import fees to move these tools from Japan to a U.S. In some cases, sellers will also symbol adult a cost of these tools on comment of how formidable they are to obtain. That’s a cost of shopping and owning a JDM car. You competence have saved a lot of income shopping a automobile itself, though when it comes to repair it, that’s where a costs start pier up.

Last Chance to Win a Ford Focus RS with $20,000 in Custom Modifications from Dream Giveaway!

Saturday, February 22nd, 2020

When we initial reviewed a 2017 Ford Focus RS in 2016, a reviewer called it “one of a many fun, well-rounded sports cars we have ever driven.” The regard didn’t stop there either: after that year, we named it AutoGuide.com’s 2017 Car of a Year. But if we missed out on this high-performance Ford a initial time around, now you’ve got a possibility to see what all a bitch is about, interjection to this sparkling esteem package pleasantness of Dream Giveaway.

Here’s how it works: each concession we make by Dream Giveaway earns we mixed giveaway entries. Plus, when we use our disdainful promo formula AUTOGUIDE at checkout, you’ll accept dual times a entries for donations over $25, effectively doubling your chances of winning!

But you’d improved precipitate – a sweepstakes closes on February 25th. Enter now to get your tickets before it’s too late!

Ford Focus RS Prize Package Details 

Here’s what we get if you’re a leader of a Dream Giveaway grand-prize: a 2017 Focus RS with a $45,000 MSRP, reduction than 2,500 miles on a odometer and an considerable collection of modifications. Boasting glorious fuel economy and critical horsepower, this track-ready and travel authorised Ford Focus RS is a estimable further to any garage.

With a 450 horsepower 2.3L Ford Ecoboost engine — a same engine accessible in a Mustang and F150 – this tricked-out high-performance Ford facilities a six-speed primer transmission, Brembo brakes, all-wheel drive, a Quaife limited-slip front differential, and impassioned ultra high-performance Nexen N’Fera SUR4G tires and exhilarated Recaro bucket seats.

It also comes with $20,000 of veteran modifications — including over $7,000 in tradition paintwork, an upgraded exhaust, aftermarket wheels, those Nexen opening tires, a 4-point bolt-in hurl bar (note: a leader has a choice of usurpation a Focus but a hurl bar), opening lean bars and a coilover suspension. But that’s not all: if you’re a grand-prize winner, Dream Giveaway will compensate $10,000 toward a taxes, and fly we to Clearwater, Florida to accept this good prize. So enter now for your possibility to win!

About Dream Giveaway

Through Dream Giveaway fundraising promotions usually like this, New Beginning Children’s Homes has been lifting income for estimable free organizations given 2008. These supports have helped yield much-needed assistance to veterans, children, a homeless, victims of healthy disasters, and many other inestimable causes. New Beginning Children’s Homes is a purebred 503(c)(3) organization, and your concession to win a Dream Giveaway esteem is 100% tax-deductible. The supports lifted from this and other Dream Giveaway promotions goes to support charities such as MADD, Honor Flight, Smile Network International, National Guard Educational Foundation, Detroit Rescue Mission, and Bright Pink. To learn more, click here.

Your support goes a prolonged way, so enter now to present to a good cause, and secure your possibility to win this extraordinary car!