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Hyundai Prophecy EV Concept is a rolling atmosphere cleanser piloted by joystick

Friday, April 3rd, 2020

Early final month, Hyundai expelled a joystick-controlled Prophecy EV Concept, labeled it a “ultimate automotive form,” and kind of left it during that. A full gallery was released, inside and out, though any depth of believe or sum about a automobile were left out. It seems Hyundai was simply production a bit of poser and drama, as a new collection of photos, video, and information has usually emerged.

Hyundai has shown dual intensely opposite concept vehicles in a past dual years in a 45 hatchback and Prophecy four-door coupe. Stylistic pieces of a 45’s pattern have already shown adult in a new Hyundai Elantra, and a Prophecy is also pronounced to preview pattern and record that will make it into destiny Hyundais.

The 45 and a Prophecy are a initial dual Hyundais to float on tip of a new dedicated electric vehicle tallness that Hyundai calls a Electric Global Modular Platform, or E-GMP. Although no drivetrain, battery, or charging specifics were mentioned, it is remarkable that a compress pattern of a electric tallness authorised for a Prophecy’s swooping extraneous figure and atmospheric interior. The “Sensuous Sportiness” pattern denunciation is desirous by cars from a ’20s and ’30s and is meant to contrariety with a aerodynamic propeller wheels and pixelated front and back lights that paint a stream digital age.

Inside, Hyundai took a page from ’70s Saab and integrated joysticks as a process of control rather than a steering wheel. The right-hand joystick is built into a core console and a left-hand hang is trustworthy to a door. Hyundai calls this a Intuitive Human Interface and says it frees adult space on a dashboard and allows for a some-more gentle seating position. About 90 percent of a vehicle’s interior controls can be rubbed with a joysticks, so distractions are minimized.

Further concentration on motorist comfort brought about a thought of a Smart Posture Care System (SPCS). While primer adjustments are still an option, a SPCS will adjust automatically formed on a individual’s inputted information such as height, seated height, and weight. The SPCS, that Hyundai says is formed on “medically accurate information,” will adjust a seat, a mirrors, and a head-up display.

When a automobile is not driving, a vast interior screens can change figure to emanate an party space. Relax Mode reclines a seats and swivels a dashboard ceiling for a gentle observation position.

Hyundai envisions a automobile like a Prophecy would not usually mollycoddle a occupants though also urge a sourroundings around it. The Prophecy acts as an atmosphere filtration complement with a excellent dirt sensor and will automatically disseminate uninformed atmosphere inside and separate purify atmosphere outside, even when a automobile is parked.

Watch Hyundai Motor Group Chief Design Officer Luc Donckerwolke plead a pattern themes and unconventional record in a dual extraneous and interior walkarounds below: 

Join Us in Another Forza Friday Livestream Apr 3

Friday, April 3rd, 2020

We’re behind with another turn of a AutoGuide Forza Friday experience!

It’s a commencement of Apr and a finish of a week. With all that’s going on in a world, we all could use something to blow off a steam. So for a second Friday in a row, we’re hosting a accessible digital get-together in Forza Horizon 4.

Our initial eventuality final week was a fun one, with many of we tuning in to watch yours truly and a handful of AutoGuide readers slip around a wintry Britain in-game. We even had some prizes from a friends during Meguiar’s. The 3 propitious (and quick) folks that won real-world automobile caring products were Kevin W of Texas, Mitchell P of Michigan, and Spencer P of California. Way to go, guys!

Whether we wish to competition or usually watch us all, we can be a partial of a fun. We’ll be seeking a discuss that category of cars we’re racing, so you’ll have a contend in what’s going on on-screen. Our initial competition will underline a Retro Rally class: design a super-cool ’90s Impreza and Lancer and you’ve got a idea.

Watch live video from AutoGuide on www.twitch.tv

How to Join Us

Want to take part? Awesome. Here’s what we need:

  • A duplicate of Forza Horizon 4 on Xbox One or PC
  • Add yours truly on Xbox Live with a username SlipZtrEm (shout out to teenage Kyle for a disagreeable handle)
  • Join my in-game organisation starting at 15:00 EST

And, if you’re not a gamer, though extraordinary to see what it’s all about, watch a mint AutoGuide Twitch channel (new automobile smell not included) where we’ll be broadcasting a race. That’s it!

Racing From Home: Get DiRT Rally 2.0 and Project CARS 2 For Free This Month

Friday, April 3rd, 2020

If you’re prickly to expostulate (in a digital world) and possess possibly a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, we’ve got good news: there are giveaway sim racers to be had.

As some-more and some-more people find themselves during home during a ongoing coronavirus situation, gaming is one of a some-more renouned pastime. This being an automotive website, we feel flattering assured presumption we suffer throwing down in racing games. And if racing games are good, giveaway racing games are better, right?

There’s usually one catch: possibly you’re on PlayStation or Xbox, you’ll need to be a profitable subscriber to possibly of their reward online services. That’s PlayStation Plus on a Sony side, and Xbox Live Gold for Microsoft.

SEE ALSO: Top 5 Best Racing Simulator Wheels

In a blue dilemma is DiRT Rally 2.0. The newer of a dual titles, this severe sim launched on both PS4, XB1 and PC Feb 2019. As a name implies, it’s all about a many severe motorsport out there. (Yeah we went there.)

SEE ALSO: Top 10 Best PS4 Racing Games

Out of a box, DR2.0 offers 50 cars from a convene story books, trimming from classical Alpines to a complicated R5-class, purpose-built machines. A handful of surprises peppers a garage, including GT4-class lane racers. As if navigating between a angled rocks of Argentina during triple-digit speeds wasn’t formidable enough, we can try it in a Camaro.

Rallycross is also accessible in a game, pitting a tiny organisation of cars around a tight, rambling circuit. A year’s value of add-ons are accessible as paid DLC.

Fair warning: DiRT Rally 2.0 is tough. This is a sim, and while there are pushing aids, a best assistance is simply time invested. Listen to your co-driver!

DiRT Rally 2.0 will be giveaway to PS Plus subscribers for 4 weeks, starting Apr 7.

Rallycross is also accessible in a immature corner, with 2017’s Project CARS 2. This sim adds in all a on-track integrity too, with dozens of a world’s many famous circuits and some severe anticipation options. What’s even some-more considerable is that everywhere from Algarve to Zhuhai is accessible in 4 seasons. Want to expostulate a wintry Nürburgring? Do it.

SEE ALSO: Top 10 Best Xbox One Racing Games

At launch it boasted over 170 cars, with McLaren, Porsche, Ferrari and Lamborghini all benefaction and accounted for. There’s a smattering of highway cars, though a bulk of a lineup is race-bred machinery. Diversity is PCARS2’s strength, with classical and complicated Indy cars, iconic prototypes, and a newest GT3 and GTE models. There’s even karting.

This too is a critical sim. While it’s probable to play and even have fun with a unchanging Xbox controller, a wheel-and-pedal set elevates a experience. If we know your toe settings from your camber, we can even dive into a tuning menu and tinker with a finer aspects of a cars. There’s an operative for those that would rather not though: he’ll ask we questions and fiddle with a automobile formed on your answers.

SEE ALSO: Racing Simulators: Everything You Need to Know

Like DiRTProject CARS 2 enjoyed mixed DLC releases for a initial year on a market. There’s a Season Pass to collect all of them; 4 vital packs arrived, with themes like Porsche, Ferrari, and Le Mans.

PCARS2 is accessible on XB1, PS4 and PC. If we wish it gratis, you’ve got from Apr 1–30 to snap it adult on Xbox.

2021 Ford Bronco Sport Specs Revealed: Two Engines, Five Trims On a Cards

Friday, April 3rd, 2020

The 2021 Ford Bronco Sport is about a many approaching arriving automobile in a North American market.

We’ll go out on a prong here and contend that intensity buyers are looking brazen to it some-more than a Bronco. The reason is simple: affordability. There is not most famous about a Bronco Sport in terms of a engines it will have, or a drivetrain, or even a trims we should design on a tiny SUV. But interjection to some unearthed papers we can now accurately state a specs and trims.

The 2021 Ford Bronco Sport will come with a choice of dual engines, a 1.5-liter Dragon and a 2.0-liter GTDI. Both engines go to a EcoBoost family nonetheless a outlay for a engines is not nonetheless confirmed. The 1.5 Dragon is a three-cylinder section able of producing adult to 200 hp of power. We consider that a one on a Bronco will have a 180hp output, however. a engine comes with cylinder deactivation record that will assistance preserve fuel, generally in a city. We found it some-more than excusable in a new Ford Escape review.

SEE ALSO: 2020 Ford Escape AWD 1.5 Review

The 2.0-liter GTDI will be a other engine on offer. Significantly upgraded over a predecessor, it offers aloft low-end torque. It is a four-cylinder engine able of producing a max outlay of 250 hp and 280 lb-ft of torque.

Although it isn’t confirmed, both engines will approaching be offering with a choice of six-speed primer or a eight-speed automatic. Another engaging gob of information; a Bronco Sport will be offering as a 4×4 only—a preference that speaks volumes about Ford’s concentration with a tiny SUV.

As for a trims, there will be 5 in total: Bronco Sport, Big Bend, Outer Banks, Badlands, and a First Edition.  No sum about a apparatus and powertrain placement exist yet.

If we had to guess, a 1.5-liter Dragon engine will substantially be accessible with a bottom and Big Bend trims. Other aloft trims will get a 2.0-liter engine. The Base could also come with a six-speed primer only. In terms of equipment, SYNC 3 is approaching to be offering on Outer Banks onwards. Things like power-adjustable front seats will approaching be indifferent for a top-of-the-line First Edition trim. Safety systems like puncture collision braking, blind-spot showing and other facilities like adaptive journey control will approaching be offering as standard.

As for a pricing, given a code approval of a Bronco name, a SUV will be labelled during a reward compared to a rivals. Prices will approaching start from $30,000 and go adult to $45,000 for a First Edition.

Make Your Business More Accessible with New Blocks

Thursday, April 2nd, 2020

From a support sessions with business any month, we know that flourishing your formula or business is a tip website goal. And in this rare time in that some-more people around a universe are staying during home, it’s critical to foster your products and services online to strech a wider assembly and bond with some-more people.

Our organisation has been tough during work improving a retard editor experience. We’ve launched 6 new blocks that confederate WordPress.com and Jetpack-enabled sites with renouned services — Eventbrite, Calendly, Pinterest, Mapbox, Google Calendar, and OpenTable — enabling we to hide abounding calm and yield engagement and scheduling options right on your blog or website.

Whether you’re an online boutique, a pilates studio, an eccentric consultant, or a internal restaurant, these blocks offer we some-more ways to foster your formula or business. Take a demeanour during any retard — or simply burst to a specific one below.

Promote online events with a Eventbrite block

Looking for a approach to foster an online eventuality (like your museum’s practical curator speak or your company’s webinar on remote work), or even an at-home livestream opening for your fans and followers? Offering pivotal facilities of a renouned eventuality registration platform, a Eventbrite block embeds events on posts and pages so your visitors can register and squeeze tickets right from your site.

Quick-start guide:

  • To use this block, we need an Eventbrite account. If we don’t have one, sign adult during Eventbrite for free.
  • In a retard editor, click the Add Block (+) symbol and hunt for and name a Eventbrite Checkout block.
  • Enter a URL of your Eventbrite event. Read these stairs from Eventbrite if we need help.
  • Select from dual options: an In-page Embed shows a eventuality sum and registration options directly on your site. The Button Modal choice shows usually a button; when clicked, a eventuality sum will cocktail adult so your caller can register.

Learn some-more on a Eventbrite retard support page.

Schedule sessions with a Calendly block

Want to make it easier for people to book private imagining sessions or denunciation lessons with you? The Calendly block, featured recently in a beam on relocating your classes online, is a accessible approach for your clients and students to book a event directly on your site — expelling a time spent coordinating schedules. You can also use a Calendly retard to report organisation meetings or organisation events.

Quick-start guide:

Learn some-more on a Calendly retard support page.

Up your visible diversion with a Pinterest block

Strong visuals assistance to yield inspiration, tell your stories, and sell your products and services. Pinterest is an enchanting approach for bloggers, influencers, and tiny business owners to raise their site calm and enhance their following. With a Pinterest block, we can hide and share pins, boards, and profiles on your site.

Quick-start guide:

  • In a retard editor, click the Add Block (+) symbol and hunt for and name a Pinterest block.
  • Paste a URL of a pin, board, or form you’d like to arrangement and click Embed. Note that we can usually hide open boards.
  • Pro tip: in a retard editor, go to Layout Elements and name Layout Grid to emanate a visually distinguished blueprint with pins, boards, and profiles, as shown above.

Display locations with a Map block

A map on your site is a discerning visible approach to arrangement a location, like your restaurant’s takeout window or a drop-off mark for donations to a internal food bank. Powered by mapping tallness Mapbox, a Map block embeds a customized map on your site. Show a plcae of your business, a sequence of boutique hotels, a assembly spots for your nonprofit’s volunteers, and more.

Quick-start guide:

  • In a retard editor, click the Add Block (+) symbol and hunt for and name a Map block.
  • In a content field, form a plcae we wish to arrangement and name a scold plcae from among a formula that appear.
  • Click on a red pen to revise a pretension and heading of a marker.
  • Explore a toolbar for block-specific settings. Add some-more markers, for example, by clicking a Add a marker button.
  • In a sidebar, customize your map’s coming (including colors, height, and wizz level).

Explore some-more settings on a Map retard support page.

Share your calendar with a Google Calendar block

Are we an author formulation a book debate (or a array of online readings)? A digital selling consultant hosting amicable media workshops? A area pop-up bakery? With a Google Calendar block, we can arrangement a calendar of arriving events or your hours of operation.

Quick-start guide:

  • In Google Calendar, click a 3 dots subsequent to your calendar name and select Settings and sharing.
  • Under Access Permissions, safeguard Make accessible to public is checked.
  • Click on Integrate calendar on a left and duplicate a formula underneath Embed code.
  • In a retard editor, click the Add Block (+) button, hunt for and name a Custom HTML block, and pulp a formula we copied in Google Calendar.
  • Publish your post or page. The subsequent time we revise this post or page, you’ll see a formula has been converted to shortcode.

Explore some-more settings on a Google Calendar retard support page.

Streamline reservations with a OpenTable block

If you’re a grill or cafeteria owner, a primary idea of your site is to boost a series of bookings. Sure, people aren’t dining out right now, though we can be prepared to take reservations in a future. With the OpenTable block, people can haven a list directly from a post or page instead of job or engagement by a opposite reservation service.

Quick-start guide:

  • To use this block, your grill contingency be listed on OpenTable. Create an OpenTable inventory now.
  • In a retard editor, click the Add Block (+) symbol and hunt for and name a OpenTable block.
  • Enter your OpenTable Reservation Widget hide code. Check this OpenTable guide if we need help.
  • Explore a block’s toolbar and sidebar settings. For example, select from 4 opposite hide styles: Standard, Tall, Wide, and Button.
  • This retard is now accessible to sites on the WordPress.com Premium, Business, or eCommerce plans. It’s giveaway on Jetpack sites.

Learn some-more on a OpenTable retard support page.

Which blocks are we many vehement about?

Stay tuned for some-more new blocks soon!

2021 Volkswagen Atlas Basecamp Accessories Add a Touch of Overlanding

Thursday, April 2nd, 2020

Volkswagen has given a Atlas crossover an additional lurch of off-road ruggedness with a new preference of Basecamp accessories.

If a name sounds familiar, it should: VW brought an Atlas Basecamp to a 2019 New York International Auto Show. The new accessories, accessible away or as a package, pull impulse from that same concept.

A two-tone front buffer ensure gives a Atlas a china chin strap. The Basecamp pack adds slivers of china during a bottom of a doors and on a buffer too, with room for a trailer join no less. Chunky black cosmetic buffer flares finish a physique mods. Buyers who collect adult a whole pack instead of piece-mealing it will get a span of disdainful Basecamp badges for their ride.

Rounding out a demeanour is a set of 17-inch fifteen52 wheels. The association best famous for a wheels on all of Ken Block’s creations call a wheels Traverse MX, and they relate a demeanour of a strange concept. Volkswagen recommends jacket them in large ol’ 245/70R all-terrain tires.

SEE ALSO: 2020 Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport First Drive Review

Will a upgrades spin a Atlas into a Wrangler-worrying stone climber? No. But it does supplement some acquire visible ruggedness, generally with a handsomer styling a 2021 indication borrows from a five-seat Atlas Cross Sport.

Volkswagen has nonetheless to announce specific accessibility dates for a Basecamp accessories. Expect them to closely follow a roll-out of a rested 2021 Atlas after this spring.

2020 Volkswagen Atlas gets brawnier with Basecamp accessories

Thursday, April 2nd, 2020

We didn’t design Volkswagen’s Atlas Basecamp concept would change a prolongation model, though a organisation has proven us wrong. It announced a rugged-looking coming package named Basecamp for the redesigned 2021 Atlas.

Manufactured by AirDesign, a California-based association specialized in creation body kits, a Basecamp styling package includes black and china inserts for a bumpers and a rocker panels and safeguarding cosmetic over a circle arches. These tools give a Atlas a brawnier coming suggestive of Volkswagen’s Alltrack-badged models while safeguarding a paint from teenager scratches and dents. Mountain-shaped Basecamp-specific emblems on a front fenders supplement a finishing hold to a look, though a package doesn’t embody interior modifications.

The coolest partial of a gold is arguably what’s inside a circle arches. Volkswagen worked with Fifteen52 to move a Basecamp concept’s 10-spoke amalgamate wheels to production. They’re 17-inch units accessible in frosted graphite or eager silver, and they’re wrapped by Continental all-terrain tire with a whole lot of sidewall. The finish outcome is a crossover that’s most vagrant for sand flaps, a roof rack, and a three-inch cessation lift.

Volkswagen will make a Basecamp package accessible in a open of 2020, and it remarkable buyers not meddlesome in a full list of add-ons will be means to sequence a tools individually. It combined that it doesn’t suggest installing a full package on a crossover not versed with a trailer hitch, presumably since there’s a cut-out for it in a back panel, and it simplified that, for improved or worse, buyers can’t dress a R-Line indication in Basecamp accessories. Pricing information will be expelled in a weeks heading adult to the on-sale date.

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Hyundai Teases Us With N Versions of Palisade, Nexo and Prophecy

Thursday, April 2nd, 2020

We’re large fans of a Hyundai Veloster N, and now a Korean automaker is teasing some doubtful other models to get a sporty treatment.

There’s a large locate though: nothing of these N versions, of a Palisade, Nexo and Prophecy, are indeed happening.

No, a N sub-brand instead common these 3 flights of imagination to a Instagram this morning, creation it ideally transparent they’re usually renders. There’s no try during a common Apr Fools silliness, usually a straight-forward explanation, that we consider is a right call. We also conclude a effort: everybody could use some hearten right around now. So we’re personification along and devising a specs of all three.

Hyundai Palisade N

We already puncture Hyundai’s biggest SUV. In our 2020 Hyundai Palisade Review, we called it a “more-than-worthy three-row crossover.” The existent 3.8-liter V6 is excellent for daily use, yet there are some-more absolute competitors out there. For those wanting some-more importance on a S in SUV, a hotted-up N chronicle would really help.

Surprisingly, a Palisade’s swanky looks take to a risque blue-and-red N diagnosis utterly well. It’s large and blocky, yet that low float tallness gives it some critical attitude. Check out that large behind spoiler too. Overall, it earns a sign of approval.

What would energy this behemoth? We’d go one of dual ways: possibly turbocharge a existent V6 for around 400 hp, or dump a Genesis brand’s 5.0-liter V8 underneath a hood, for about a same volume of power. It’d never happen—especially with a new GV80 not even removing a V8—but we can dream!

Hyundai Nexo N

The Nexo is Hyundai’s musty small hydrogen fuel dungeon vehicle. Due to that singular layout, drastically altering a opening would be difficult. We can’t assistance yet notice a N diagnosis has total 4 empty pipes to a Nexo’s behind finish though, so we’re going to feign it would run a chronicle of a Veloster’s 2.0-liter turbo four-pot. To keep things eco-friendly, let’s also contend it’d be a hybrid AWD setup, with around 380 hp combined. Yeah, that sounds good.

Hyundai Prophecy N

Hey, if Porsche can furnish electric opening cars, so can Hyundai. The Prophecy recently showed adult on uncover stands as a quite stylistic spirit of what a brand’s things could demeanour like in a years ahead. So of all of these feign N models, this is a fakest. It’d be a furious knowledge though: a unchanging Prophecy has dual joystick controls instead of a steering wheel, so usually suppose that with an amped-up EV drivetrain. Hyundai invested in Rimac, a Croatian purveyor of intensely quick all-electric hypercars, so we’re sanctimonious this one has Taycan-rivalling power.

Like what we see? Have your possess ideas for a subsequent Hyundai N model? Let us know in a comments!

Harley-Davidson operative on prosaic lane and cafeteria racer motorcycles

Thursday, April 2nd, 2020

Harley-Davidson done waves in a summer of 2018 when it showed off a contingent of prototypes that sent a transparent message: The code oft-maligned for a undisturbed proceed to a attention and a aging patron bottom is vigilant on entering new segments of a motorcycle marketplace. Whether a proceed rings out as innovative, reactionary, or too small too late is a matter of most debate. Regardless, a adventure, streetfighter and liquid-cooled tradition were certainly interesting.

Turns out there are dual some-more new motorcycles underneath growth from Harley-Davidson that we so distant haven’t seen. An financier parcel from Sep 2019 (click here for a pdf and corkscrew to page 58 for a images) shows off designs for a new cafeteria racer and prosaic track-inspired indication that would use a same new Revolution Max engine as the Pan America and Bronx that are now slated to entrance in late 2020 (assuming a coronavirus pestilence doesn’t pull those launches out a bit).

In a slip that also includes an picture of a supposed High-Performance Custom that is presumably entrance in 2021, a Milwaukee-based motorcycle manufacturer enclosed images of what are clearly dual new bikes in antecedent stage. A black and bullion cafe-style bike that sports a minimal headlight fairing and twin back shocks and a blue prosaic tracker with high-mount empty pipes seem expected to excite intensity business who would differently never set feet in a Harley showroom.

A set of European obvious applications located by Motorcycle.com indicates that these dual machines are still in a works, yet it’s unfit to know where in a growth cycle they might be. We wouldn’t design to see them strike a marketplace until after a unnamed High-Performance Custom gets a central debut. We also don’t know what season of a liquid-cooled, 60-degree V-twin Revolution Max engine they might be powered by — so far, we’re wakeful of both 975cc and 1,250cc versions of a engine. In any case, cruise the seductiveness piqued.

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Ford F-150 Hybrid Confirmed for 2021, Getting 3.5L V6

Thursday, April 2nd, 2020

We know that Ford will be rising a hybrid chronicle of its F-150 light-duty lorry in a future. It was widely believed that a hybrid will entrance with a subsequent era of F-150. But according to new papers that have flush interjection to a VIN decoder (via newf150forum.com), we can endorse that a 2021 Ford F-150 will be removing a hybrid powertrain. The normal partial of a drivetrain comes in a form of a 3.5-liter V6 engine, that will work alongside an electric motor.

According to a new document, one of a powertrains is listed as a 3.5 V6 HEV that is an shortening for Hybrid Electric Vehicle. The request doesn’t, however, list any other specifications or sum regarding to a vehicle. The energy and torque total also sojourn fugitive during this point. The setup will expected underline a singular engine setup to a front axle. While not undisguised reliable in a VIN decoder, a engine is expected a turbocharged EcoBoost section too. It will substantially have a total outlay of 410–430 hp and as most total torque as a Raptor. Finally, Ford could brace a hybrid as a viable choice for people who do complicated towing on a unchanging basis.

The launch of a hybrid is not nonetheless confirmed. But given a stream tellurian situation, it’s expected that a F-150 hybrid will not entrance before a initial entertain of 2021.

Another engaging gob benefaction in a request reflects that a outlay figure is also absent from a diesel engine. This could meant that with a 2021 indication year, a F-150 will also get an updated diesel engine, if not an all-new one. Currently, a 3.0-liter Powerstroke V6 creates 250 hp and 440 lb-ft of torque.