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Hyundai Prophecy EV Concept is a rolling atmosphere cleanser piloted by joystick

Friday, April 3rd, 2020

Early final month, Hyundai expelled a joystick-controlled Prophecy EV Concept, labeled it a “ultimate automotive form,” and kind of left it during that. A full gallery was released, inside and out, though any depth of believe or sum about a automobile were left out. It seems Hyundai was simply production a bit of poser and drama, as a new collection of photos, video, and information has usually emerged.

Hyundai has shown dual intensely opposite concept vehicles in a past dual years in a 45 hatchback and Prophecy four-door coupe. Stylistic pieces of a 45’s pattern have already shown adult in a new Hyundai Elantra, and a Prophecy is also pronounced to preview pattern and record that will make it into destiny Hyundais.

The 45 and a Prophecy are a initial dual Hyundais to float on tip of a new dedicated electric vehicle tallness that Hyundai calls a Electric Global Modular Platform, or E-GMP. Although no drivetrain, battery, or charging specifics were mentioned, it is remarkable that a compress pattern of a electric tallness authorised for a Prophecy’s swooping extraneous figure and atmospheric interior. The “Sensuous Sportiness” pattern denunciation is desirous by cars from a ’20s and ’30s and is meant to contrariety with a aerodynamic propeller wheels and pixelated front and back lights that paint a stream digital age.

Inside, Hyundai took a page from ’70s Saab and integrated joysticks as a process of control rather than a steering wheel. The right-hand joystick is built into a core console and a left-hand hang is trustworthy to a door. Hyundai calls this a Intuitive Human Interface and says it frees adult space on a dashboard and allows for a some-more gentle seating position. About 90 percent of a vehicle’s interior controls can be rubbed with a joysticks, so distractions are minimized.

Further concentration on motorist comfort brought about a thought of a Smart Posture Care System (SPCS). While primer adjustments are still an option, a SPCS will adjust automatically formed on a individual’s inputted information such as height, seated height, and weight. The SPCS, that Hyundai says is formed on “medically accurate information,” will adjust a seat, a mirrors, and a head-up display.

When a automobile is not driving, a vast interior screens can change figure to emanate an party space. Relax Mode reclines a seats and swivels a dashboard ceiling for a gentle observation position.

Hyundai envisions a automobile like a Prophecy would not usually mollycoddle a occupants though also urge a sourroundings around it. The Prophecy acts as an atmosphere filtration complement with a excellent dirt sensor and will automatically disseminate uninformed atmosphere inside and separate purify atmosphere outside, even when a automobile is parked.

Watch Hyundai Motor Group Chief Design Officer Luc Donckerwolke plead a pattern themes and unconventional record in a dual extraneous and interior walkarounds below: 

2020 Volkswagen Atlas gets brawnier with Basecamp accessories

Thursday, April 2nd, 2020

We didn’t design Volkswagen’s Atlas Basecamp concept would change a prolongation model, though a organisation has proven us wrong. It announced a rugged-looking coming package named Basecamp for the redesigned 2021 Atlas.

Manufactured by AirDesign, a California-based association specialized in creation body kits, a Basecamp styling package includes black and china inserts for a bumpers and a rocker panels and safeguarding cosmetic over a circle arches. These tools give a Atlas a brawnier coming suggestive of Volkswagen’s Alltrack-badged models while safeguarding a paint from teenager scratches and dents. Mountain-shaped Basecamp-specific emblems on a front fenders supplement a finishing hold to a look, though a package doesn’t embody interior modifications.

The coolest partial of a gold is arguably what’s inside a circle arches. Volkswagen worked with Fifteen52 to move a Basecamp concept’s 10-spoke amalgamate wheels to production. They’re 17-inch units accessible in frosted graphite or eager silver, and they’re wrapped by Continental all-terrain tire with a whole lot of sidewall. The finish outcome is a crossover that’s most vagrant for sand flaps, a roof rack, and a three-inch cessation lift.

Volkswagen will make a Basecamp package accessible in a open of 2020, and it remarkable buyers not meddlesome in a full list of add-ons will be means to sequence a tools individually. It combined that it doesn’t suggest installing a full package on a crossover not versed with a trailer hitch, presumably since there’s a cut-out for it in a back panel, and it simplified that, for improved or worse, buyers can’t dress a R-Line indication in Basecamp accessories. Pricing information will be expelled in a weeks heading adult to the on-sale date.

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Harley-Davidson operative on prosaic lane and cafeteria racer motorcycles

Thursday, April 2nd, 2020

Harley-Davidson done waves in a summer of 2018 when it showed off a contingent of prototypes that sent a transparent message: The code oft-maligned for a undisturbed proceed to a attention and a aging patron bottom is vigilant on entering new segments of a motorcycle marketplace. Whether a proceed rings out as innovative, reactionary, or too small too late is a matter of most debate. Regardless, a adventure, streetfighter and liquid-cooled tradition were certainly interesting.

Turns out there are dual some-more new motorcycles underneath growth from Harley-Davidson that we so distant haven’t seen. An financier parcel from Sep 2019 (click here for a pdf and corkscrew to page 58 for a images) shows off designs for a new cafeteria racer and prosaic track-inspired indication that would use a same new Revolution Max engine as the Pan America and Bronx that are now slated to entrance in late 2020 (assuming a coronavirus pestilence doesn’t pull those launches out a bit).

In a slip that also includes an picture of a supposed High-Performance Custom that is presumably entrance in 2021, a Milwaukee-based motorcycle manufacturer enclosed images of what are clearly dual new bikes in antecedent stage. A black and bullion cafe-style bike that sports a minimal headlight fairing and twin back shocks and a blue prosaic tracker with high-mount empty pipes seem expected to excite intensity business who would differently never set feet in a Harley showroom.

A set of European obvious applications located by Motorcycle.com indicates that these dual machines are still in a works, yet it’s unfit to know where in a growth cycle they might be. We wouldn’t design to see them strike a marketplace until after a unnamed High-Performance Custom gets a central debut. We also don’t know what season of a liquid-cooled, 60-degree V-twin Revolution Max engine they might be powered by — so far, we’re wakeful of both 975cc and 1,250cc versions of a engine. In any case, cruise the seductiveness piqued.

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Hyundai renders Palisade N, Nexo N and Prophecy N, though they aren’t real

Wednesday, April 1st, 2020

The Hyundai Veloster N is a illusory start to a N line of opening cars to come. It’s small, lightweight, handles intensely good and sounds a business. We wish some-more N. What you’re looking during here isn’t it, though Hyundai has expelled some renderings to make us dream. Enter a Palisade N, Nexo N and Prophecy N.

These cars won’t ever be produced, and Hyundai has done that transparent in a Instagram posts. This Apr Fool’s day is no day to pretence folks, though smiling during some neat renderings from Hyundai while unresolved out during home is a acquire diversion.

A post common by Hyundai N (@hyundai_n_worldwide) on Apr 1, 2020 during 1:03am PDT

These renderings from Hyundai all demeanour well-done, and Hyundai chose a best tone in a catalog to do them in: Performance Blue. Performance crossovers are all a fury nowadays, and a Palisade N indeed sounds super reasonable to contest opposite a Explorer ST and Durango SRT. It’s tough to remonstrate with how good a crossover looks when it’s lowered and full of N opening accents all over a place. We puncture it.

A post common by Hyundai N (@hyundai_n_worldwide) on Apr 1, 2020 during 3:00am PDT

The Nexo N is pristine fantasy. It even has a quad exhaust! Hydrogen cars typically aren’t quick — the Nexo drives like a comparatively delayed EV. Last adult on a list is a Prophecy N. The regular Prophecy Concept is an electric car, so opening is totally within reason for this N rendering. One of a large draws for a Prophecy was a simplicity, and some of us consider a N colors and supplement ons take divided from a original’s unbroken, unconditional lines. Others on staff remonstrate and consider it looks beautiful. Obviously, we can adult your possess mind.

A post common by Hyundai N (@hyundai_n_worldwide) on Apr 1, 2020 during 5:00am PDT

Anyhow, one N crossover we’re flattering certain is one a approach is a Kona N. Spy shots of that car have suggested Hyundai’s intentions, and we’re psyched. If a Veloster N is an denote of what’s to come, afterwards we consider Hyundai is going down a right trail for a N models.

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Here’s what a hulk kidney grille looks like on a BMW 4 Series Convertible

Tuesday, March 31st, 2020

BMW is solemnly divulgence some-more of a 4 Series’ gigantic, straight kidney grille. We’ve seen it on the Coupe in a integrate opposite dresses of camouflage, yet now we’re looking during a grille trustworthy to a automobile chronicle of a 4 Series. Or is a automobile trustworthy to a grille? You tell us.

Autoblog Managing Editor Greg Rasa referred to it as a “Beaverian Motor Werks” 4 Series, an good name for a corpulent and hulk grille suggested by blank camouflage. We get an thought of what this grille will demeanour like with a legit front-mounted permit image on it now, too. It’s far-reaching adequate so that a European-spec image can’t utterly widen from edge-to-edge, yet it’s a tallness that has a internet so adult in arms about this grille.

Everything else about this antecedent looks how we’d pattern it to, soft tip convertible and all. The strakes and vents in a reduce front fascia seem some-more assertive than even a new M340i, extending external in a adorned pattern lonesome adult good by camouflage. All a lights on this tester are prolongation spec, full of pointy angles and generally looking a business. The huge, blocky empty tips are usually like those seen on the M340i, and a blue stop calipers are also demonstrative of this automobile carrying a dash of M. In general, a automobile looks good, if we omit a rodent teeth during a front. We’ll haven final visualisation for looking during a finished automobile in a strength during an auto show (though who knows when that’ll occur now).

This antecedent looks about as finished as they come from an coming perspective. An central exhibit could take place during some indicate this year around a internet. We can usually wish to see it in chairman when it’s protected to emerge from the coronavirus quarantines again.

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2020 Mazda6 Signature Driveway Test | A oppulance automobile interior with a non-luxury price

Thursday, March 26th, 2020

The 2020 Mazda6 Signature is pristine oppulance on a inside. If one were to mislay a Mazda badges and reinstate them with Audi’s 4 rings, or Lexus’ stylized L, business might not even bat an eye. Alas, that is a indicate of Mazda’s range-topping Signature trim. Mazda fancies itself a “premium” automobile code during this point, and a Mazda6’s cabin does an glorious pursuit of offered that theme.

A oppulance interior starts with glorious and bizarre design, and afterwards it’s finished with peculiarity materials. Anybody can chuck leather, suede and timber around, yet if a pattern itself isn’t moving, a imagination materials demeanour tacked on. Mazda has managed to ace both a pattern and element peculiarity sections of a exam with a Mazda6 Signature.

There’s beauty in simplicity, and a Mazda6’s interior exemplifies that. A wide, unconditional dashboard dominates a perspective from a driver’s seat. An unconstrained swath of soft-touch UltraSuede is front and center, bursting a meridian controls from a vents and infotainment shade above it. Mazda says it’s “adorned with a pointed bullion tint,” and it’s done in a identical conform as exuberant kimonos. we found myself staring during a stitching using a full length of a dashboard. It’s surfaced by a china frame that extends from one side of a cabin to a other into a side atmosphere vents. Interestingly, a side atmosphere vents extend over a rest of a lurch into a door, so they demeanour like china steel wings adhering out with a doors open. Above a china frame is something Mazda calls “Sen Wood.” It looks and feels like genuine wood, since it is — Mazda says Sen timber is used in taiko drums and Japanese furniture.


And afterwards there’s a poetic continued participation of earthy buttons for critical controls. All of a meridian control options are integrated into a grand frame usually next a suede in a core of a dash. The buttons themselves are high quality, easy to find and gratifying to use in their action. Same goes for a meridian control heat knobs. They spin with pointing and give a transparent denote of any grade of change. The ribbed steel approximate on a dials creates it feel like you’re changing a meridian control on a automobile that costs twice as many as this Mazda does. Even some luxury cars don’t offer a same turn of tactility and compensation in their controls. That same steel tantalizing continues on a console-mounted volume doorknob and vast corkscrew circle to control a infotainment system. Even a parking stop toggle and “Sport mode” switch are finished in steel for softened feel. Mazda is intelligent to make all of these oft used controls in abounding and lush feeling materials, as it elevates a whole knowledge to a aloft turn of oppulance than a competitors.

I am somewhat unhappy in a steering circle controls, though. The new Mazda3 facilities tough steel buttons on a steering wheel, yet this Mazda6 creates do with tedious black cosmetic and a groundless feeling on presses. It’s expected a cause of a 6 being from a before pattern era, yet it’s a bit of a letdown when each other hold indicate on a automobile is superb. However, a leather steering circle itself (and all a other leather in a car) feels abounding and identical to a leather found in costly oppulance cars.

Mazda says it uses Nappa leather on a seats, and in a exam car’s Parchment interior, it’s lovely. As one would design from an interior called “Parchment,” it’s an off-white, giving a interior a two-tone demeanour with a black dash. White interiors always demeanour good in a hardly-driven new car, and if you’re someone who keeps their interior neat and clean, this might work out in a prolonged run … maybe. The leather is seperated and full of stylish stitching. There’s even a steel topper to a seatback perforations on all 4 seats, adding usually one some-more hold of oppulance that other non-luxury brands don’t have. Of course, looking good is usually partial of a battle. Mazda has also put together a magnificently gentle chair, creation them out of high-density, vibration-absorbing foam. They’re cushy, gentle and understanding in corners, attack all of a priorities for a good daily driver. Even a backseat doesn’t humour when it comes to luxury. The behind doors are lonesome in a same abounding materials as those adult front — Mazda didn’t lift a pretence of reverting to cheap, scratchy cosmetic for those in a inexpensive seats as other brands do during this cost indicate (most recently, the Hyundai Sonata and Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport). 

Piano black cosmetic covers surfaces that might differently be prosaic black plastic. For example, there’s a row of it by a chair controls (a bizarre spot), and it’s also surrounding a doorway window controls. When it’s clean, a gleam looks great. Over a march of a week, a mud and mud gathers, withdrawal it dirty. You’ll need a cleaning towel/duster in a automobile to strike those surfaces each week to keep it looking uninformed and new. Sometimes, there’s a cost to compensate for looking fancy.

This Mazda’s interior isn’t totally though flaws, though. The biggest problem is a infotainment system. Mazda has devised a entirely softened system, yet it’s usually done it to a Mazda3 and CX-30 during this point. The 6 is still sporting a aged shade and software. The graphics are dated; it’s comparatively delayed to react, and a menus can be a bit of a obstruction to wade through. It is a touchscreen when you’re stopped, yet a hold functionality disappears as shortly as we start to move. I’m totally excellent with rotary-only controls, yet if there’s going to be a touchscreen, make it serviceable during all times. 

Mazda turns a tech story around with a instrument cluster. The digital shade formation with earthy gauges is grand and modern-looking. It’s an glorious approach to keep a normal sign set while adding some of a high-res graphics and capability that complicated shade record affords us. Porsche does a glorious pursuit of integrating earthy and digital gauges in a new 911, and we consider Mazda’s resolution does a good pursuit of creation everybody happy, too.

All of this is even some-more considerable during a tester’s $36,620 price. This automobile costs thousands reduction than oppulance cars with identical interior peculiarity and finishes. Of course, it’s still a front-wheel drive-Mazda. If saying that oppulance automobile badge on a front of your automobile is a contingency (and for some folks it is), afterwards a Mazda6 Signature apparently won’t deliver. However, if that’s something we can demeanour past, a Signature trim of a Mazda6 creates for a rocking oppulance knowledge during a fantastic price.

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UPDATE: Rare 1960 Auto Union 1000 Sp Coupe sells during auction

Thursday, March 26th, 2020

UPDATE: The 1960 Auto Union 1000 Sp Coupe sole Wednesday for $17,000. Previous story appears below.

“Here’s something we don’t see each day,” we quipped as we common this Bring a Trailer auction with a rest of a group by a discuss messaging app. “More like never see,” countered Road Test Editor Zac Palmer. And he’s right. None of us have ever indeed seen a 1960 Auto Union 1000 Sp Coupe in person. Perhaps that’s since usually 5,004 were built between 1958 and 1965.

Fortunately, that’s what a internet is for. And so we share with we this splendidly singular square of automotive history, finish with an picture gallery and a useful couple to Wikipedia since we don’t unequivocally know most about a automobile other than that it’s very, really cool. It looks utterly a bit like a first-generation Ford Thunderbird, and in fact was reportedly styled to impersonate that car’s distinguished lines.

Power comes from a 981cc three-cylinder two-stroke engine corresponding to a four-speed primer delivery with a column-mounted change lever. All 54 horsepower (thanks, Wikipedia!) are funneled to a front wheels, that means it might demeanour like a T-Bird though is a really opposite multiply of hypothetical avian predator. Lightning bird, perhaps? Perhaps not… it apparently takes 22 seconds to strike 60 miles per hour on a approach to a tip speed of 87 mph. We’ll only go with singular bird, then.

According to a auction page, this 1960 Auto Union was traded in on a mint Audi A6 13 years ago. Which creates a certain kind of sense, deliberation a Audi code sprang onward from a remains of Auto Union after World War II. Look tighten and you’ll even see Audi’s obvious four-ringed button on a behind of this pleasing china tail-finned machine.

We have no thought where behest will finish adult on this thing, though whatever a figure, a customer will positively finish adult with an intriguing review piece.

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Picking a ideal plan automobile for $20,000 | eBay finds of a day

Wednesday, March 25th, 2020

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Color with Callum puts Vanquish 25 in coloring book pages

Sunday, March 22nd, 2020

Ian Callum stepped down from a helm of Jaguar’s pattern dialect final year to start his possess firm formulating new works of art and respirating new life into classical works. We’d gamble all a income that a group during Callum Designs never guessed they’d be sketching coloring book pages for kids not even a year later, nonetheless that’s where a coronavirus conflict has got us. With a UK among many countries in a universe traffic with sealed schools and businesses, and self-isolation orders, relatives competence be anticipating it severe to keep a kids assigned all day any day. Here, then, are 3 designs featuring Callum’s initial real-life adult project, a Vanquish 25. The images put a upgraded coupe in 3 settings, one of them a car wash overseen by an elephant and a parrot.

For any not informed with a Vanquish 25, it’s Callum’s take on how he’d urge a first-generation coupe that he designed. The strange Vanquish sole from 2001 to 2007, before a supercar looks and record we take for postulated today. Callum creates over a Vanquish S by rebuilding it with a lowered chassis, an softened 5.9-liter V12 with 60 additional horsepower, a wider lane and improved suspension, revised lines from front to rear, a new core console with a complicated infotainment system, and Bridge of Weir leather via a cabin. Limited to 25 examples, any Vanquish 25 costs £550,000 ($663,600 U.S.), that includes a cost of a donor Vanquish S.

The coloring book pages, however, are free, and can be downloaded at a bottom of this page. There’s some-more giveaway stuff, too: Callum Designs will be examination out for colored-in pages tagged with #colorwithcallum on amicable media, and selecting their favorites to accept prizes. And while companies like Scholastic have touted a advantages of coloring books for kids, Psychology Today has created about educational studies examining coloring’s healing advantages for adults. So grown-ups, don’t be fearful to tone with a littles. Only don’t try and take a giveaway prizes.

Callum says there are GT3 coloring designs on a way, too. If that’s not enough, or if your tastes tend toward other automotive pastures, PrintFree has classical American flesh car designs prepared for download, Coloring Home has a operation of exotics in further to Hello Kitty and Cars line art, and there’s even manufacturer-specific sites like Super Coloring’s Ford pages with all from a 1928 Ford Model A to a carried 2012 Ford F350 Dually. Ladies and gentlemen, start your Crayons.

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2021 Porsche 911 Turbo S dressed adult with Exclusive Manufaktur parts

Saturday, March 21st, 2020

The final time a Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur overhauled a 911 Turbo S, a outcome was a some-more absolute singular book called a Exclusive Series, with CO fiber racing stripes and CO wheels. Stuttgart’s couturier is during it again with a 2021 911 Turbo S, this time to uncover off what’s probable with off-the-shelf Exclusive Manufaktur components, a same approach it did recently with a Taycan’s SportDesign Package Carbon.

The makeover starts with a cloak of Indian Red paint. As distant as we can tell from perusing Porsche forums, Indian Red has a prolonged and involved story with, though small disproportion from, Guards Red. The fixing seems dependent on general market, indication year, and that Porsche bureau built a car. We make a indicate since a Porsche USA configurator offers Guards Red though not Indian Red. 

The configurator does, however, benefaction a choice of a staggered, center-lock Exclusive Manufaktur wheels that were propitious to that low-volume 911 Turbo S Exclusive Series. The rims supplement $2,490 to a price. Normally embellished Platinum Silver, for this focus a wheels accept a china and black finish that could cost more. The extraneous comes with additional alterations including black-rimmed LED Matrix Design headlights for $970, transparent taillights for $990, and back side atmosphere intakes in high shimmer black for $600.

Plenty of Indian Red has bled into a cabin, a paint using along a doors, a length of a instrument panel, and around a core console. That is a no-cost option, that is flattering special from a carmaker that charges $370 for a back windshield wiper and considers a $900 embellished black stop calipers an extraneous opening option. There are no such gimmies for a extended red accents in a tachometer ($420) and dash-mounted Sport Chrono time (also $420). Deleting a “S” trademark on a chair headrests in sequence to put a Porsche pattern there requires $290. In box that switcheroo causes occupants to forget a sold indication they left a garage with, embossing a core console lid with a Turbo S trademark can be finished for $340.

Those aren’t a usually upgrades being prepared for a new GT. CarBuzz found early photos of a new SportDesign Package and Aerokit designed for a Turbo S. On a Carrera Coupe, a discretionary SportDesign Kit costs $4,890 to supplement a new reduce front fender and splitter, deeper, body-colored side sills, and new back fender with a matte black diffuser. Carrera buyers can also get only a SportDesign front fascia for $3,240, while a Aerokit includes all of that and adds a fixed, high-rise back wing for $6,910. We don’t have minute info nonetheless on a relapse of a Turbo S packages, though combined, they implement a new reduce front fascia, pointy side sill extensions, new back fascia with a reshaped diffuser, dual vast oval empty pipes instead of a 4 block pipes, and a new active back wing pattern with curled-up edges.

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