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Archive for February 21st, 2020

Chrysler Betting Big on 2021 Pacifica Refresh: ‘You Can’t Just Sit on Your Laurels’

Friday, February 21st, 2020

Mary Ann Capo gets right to a point. Her initial difference in a speak about a 2021 Chrysler Pacifica, from inside a automobile itself during a Canadian International Autoshow, are clear: “We invented a segment. We invented a minivan. So we take honour in always being a one to innovate.”

Capo is a comparison manager of Chrysler code product. The Pacifica is, ostensibly, a marque’s headlining model. It arrived in 2017 to certain reviews, with many outlets—including AutoGuide—praising it for a mixed of family-hauling practicality and lush digs.

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Yet here we are usually 4 years after with a estimable refurbish on a hands. That’s a flattering brief camber of time, not usually within FCA though also in a minivan segment. It’s not a elementary nip-and-tuck either. The 2021 Pacifica adds, among other things, all-wheel drive, an even some-more lush top-shelf Pinnacle trim, and new crossover-inspired looks to a package. Capo stresses a final partial early on, with a thesis that continues by a chat: giving a business what they want.

More Utility

“With a attention relocating to UVs (utility vehicles), to four-by-fours with all-wheel drive, we positively have that now, and we know people that competence have left a minivan shred are going to take a demeanour during us again,” explains Capo. “From a settlement viewpoint and a all-wheel drive, since we’ve got new styling as well. When we launched a Pacifica 4 years ago, we took a normal minivan to a new place with a settlement already. And we know a business are revelation us already ‘you know, it looks like a crossover,’ and that’s what they want. So since wouldn’t we give it to them?”

The serve of all-wheel expostulate on a possess is not singular to a segment. The Toyota Sienna has had it for years. What a Pacifica does do is keep a class-exclusive Stow ‘N Go seating, that creates it elementary for bustling relatives to dump a third- or second-row seats prosaic in a floor. Lugging a chair out of a minivan competence be a good workout, though it’s not accurately practical, that is a categorical job label of a category in a initial place. It’s high on a list for crossovers too—deserved or not—and a Pacifica’s new styling nudges closer to that shred though abandoning a family-friendly packaging.

“We’re indeed usually stability to develop and give a business what they want,” states Capo. “You have to, we can’t usually lay on your laurels and settlement something to happen.”

More Luxury

Practicality was a given with a Pacifica’s introduction in 2017, though Chrysler also shifted a indication some-more towards a oppulance side of a scale. It was a pierce done in response to marketplace demands, and a distant cry from a budget-conscious, fleet-friendly Grand Caravan. With a new serve of a Voyager, itself a decontented Pacifica, there’s now room for a latter to pierce even serve upmarket as a oppulance people mover. We ask Capo about a indication to do it, a new top-line Pinnacle trim.

“From an extraneous indicate of perspective we’ll start on a Pinnacle, it has singular finishes,” she explains. Badging is finished in gold chrome, and usually a Pinnacle gets that. Look on a flanks and you’ll see a vast Pinnacle badge, imprinting it out from obtuse Pacificas. “You don’t find that on a other models we offer,” says Capo, “because it’s something that’s singular and we wish to let people know you’re pushing a best within a lineup.”

She shifts to speak of a interior, with a disdainful black and caramel tone scheme. Nappa leather is accessible elsewhere in a Pacifica family, though usually here is it quilted. It honestly feels like a oppulance automobile in here, and that’s before we even hold on a internet’s favorite partial of a new model: a pillows.

“We have to speak about a pillow. The pillow, we arrange of giggle about it: it was something we went behind and onward on,” Capo beams, “but in a finish I’m so happy we did it since it is unique. The kids are gonna adore it, they competence have sham fights, they competence nap with it, it competence finish adult in their bedroom, who knows where in a residence it competence go! But it’s a cold thing, and also it usually elevates what a knowledge is in this interior.”

Capo also walks us by a huge core console storage, dubbed “Ultra Console”. In a Pinnacle that means wireless charging, and no fewer than 12 USB ports sparse via a cavernous interior. Because, as she says “if you’re a family, your kids are connected as well.”

More Tech and Safety

It’s a matter of vigilant that a public’s initial knowledge with Chrysler Uconnect 5 infotainment complement will be in a 2021 Pacifica. This is a flagship model, and what sterner exam is there than traffic with an whole family? The hold shade is now adult to 10.1 inches, and is means of storing mixed profiles. Set your possess personal radio, meridian and chair settings, and your poignant other can set theirs, all switchable with a singular press. Read a deep-dive of Uconnect 5 for some-more info.

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Capo continues: “Technology has always been important. And with that, even safety. There is a reserve component of march with minivans, being family people haulers. The Chrysler Pacifica has always offering utterly a bit as distant as safety. We combined new customary LED lighting, so headlamps, foglamps, taillamp with a new design. LEDs are going to be improved illumination, improved light settlement spreads, so it’s about safety. We also combined customary a walking involuntary puncture braking. We do offer a whole other apartment of reserve facilities in Canada that are available, like adaptive journey control, line departure—all of those things continue.

“We did a comparison in a marketplace, we did a analysis. We have a many customary and accessible reserve features. We indeed have 116. You don’t wish me to name all of them! But if we need that list we can get it to you. We take honour in creation this a protected vehicle, since you’re carrying your children, and what’s some-more critical than that?”

More Options

The many surprising bit of news about a 2021 Pacifica is that it will lend a new all-wheel expostulate complement to a stream indication … for a few months. We ask Capo about a choice, and either complicated times make Chrysler some-more flexible for these sorts of things.

“I consider so. It’s right, it’s not normal to do something like that. There’s so most direct for it, and we’ve been conference from customers, it’s like ‘let’s give it to them.’ And they competence be in a marketplace right now, so they’re going to buy a stream entrance of a Pacifica with that all-wheel drive. Those that aren’t in a marketplace right now, entrance fourth quarter, when these are indeed during dealerships, they can get a good one too. It’s going to be a transition, a choice that they have.”

Those that cite a stream demeanour will still be means to have it with a Voyager, it’s value indicating out.

We loop behind to a pillows in a final minutes. We ask about a probability of additional colors, of buyers removing to spec singular pillows to contrariety with a Pinnacle’s caramel interior.

“Not yet. Right now for launch it’s a singular caramel and black colour combination. Your pillow’s usually going to come in caramel though we like that idea.”

“So we will conjunction endorse nor repudiate a future, some-more Feng Shui approach?”

Capo laughs. “You know they competence be purple, who knows!”

Bentley Continental GT Mulliner Convertible turns thread into bling

Friday, February 21st, 2020

Bentley spent 18 months building a technique for a double solid stitching, that uses 712 stitches to stitch a solid settlement inside a incomparable solid pattern. Created for a new-generation Continental GT, a English automaker pronounced in Dec 2019 that three-quarters of Continental GT business sequence a feature. When a tiny is good, some-more is better, so Bentley’s Mulliner multiplication has worked adult a Continental GT Mulliner Convertible, putting some-more of a double solid pattern all around a car. It starts with a new double solid grille, a settlement fixation a tiny china diamonds inside black, diamond-shaped mesh. The black and china thesis repeats in a tradition side vents, a new, 22-inch, 10-spoke Mulliner wheels picking adult on a dual colorways.

The cabin’s been laid out with double solid all over — scarcely 400,000 stitches value of it, from a seats to a doors and, for a initial time, on a tonneau cover. The diamonds can be specced in dual colors that contrariety opposite a primary leather color, a pattern line opposite a instrument row and a doors adding a third accent. Mulliner has laid out 8 opposite three-color combinations to get intensity business started, since Mulliner is courteous like that. But of course, any paint is satisfactory game, wallet depending. Further flourishes inside embody a diamond-milled finish for a core console, and a Breitling time set inside 4 chrome rings. It’s no consternation Mulliner chose a droptop for this showcase, vigilant on display a universe what a craftspeople in Crewe can do. 

Upon delivery, buyers accept their dual keys inside Mulliner-branded display boxes that compare a three-way tone intrigue inside a convertible, a keys themselves ensconced in color-matched cases with contrariety stitching. Details, details. 

We’ll get a closer demeanour during a Continental GT Mulliner Convertible during a Geneva Motor Show subsequent month, where it will share a theatre with an even some-more heated work of Mulliner, a Bacalar, obliged for demonstrating “the destiny of coachbuilding.”

2021 Ford F-150 spied mostly unclosed with singular new grille

Friday, February 21st, 2020

We’d peril Ford contingency be removing flattering tighten to phenomenon a 2021 book of a best-selling F-150 pickup truck. Just final week we saw spy photos of a antecedent contrast out in public, and now this week another jackass has been speckled wearing significantly reduction camouflage. This latest set of shots shows a new and singular front fascia that looks to be a poignant depart from the stream 2020 model.

Up front is a black filigree grille with splendid highlights and a thick, matte aluminum-look surround. The whole fascia is bisected by a chrome frame that runs from headlight to headlight. The blocky lighting elements underline what we consider is a right-angle LED frame around a tip and outward edge. We can’t contend for sure, though judging by a brightwork, wheels, and what might be a set of power-operated side steps, we consider this is substantially a higher-spec lorry than a final one we saw testing, presumably an F-150 Platinum.

Looking past a truck’s front end, we see a sculpted hood with a arrange of creased energy architecture in a center. The sides of a hood have conspicuous shoulders that demeanour to be a some-more complicated and chiseled take on a big-rig-style demeanour that Ram found so successful in a 1990s. We can’t see most during a back of a truck, though we don’t see any apparent new tailgate record on this lorry to go adult opposite a latest Ram and GMC offerings.

Feel giveaway to take a corkscrew by a high-res picture gallery adult above and to let us know what other sum we see. We design a 2021 Ford F-150 to entrance after this year.

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