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Archive for February 7th, 2020

2021 Toyota Tacoma, Tundra, 4Runner and Sequoia Get New Special Editions

Friday, February 7th, 2020

It rained special editions during a 2020 Chicago Auto Show and it looks like a Toyota case got a many rainfall of all.

The Japanese carmaker rolled out not one nor 3 though 6 new special editions for a trucks and SUVs. The Tacoma, Tundra, 4Runner and a Sequoia all get new Trail and Nightshade special editions for a 2021 indication year.

The Trail Editions

Come summer 2020, a 2021 Tacoma, Tundra and a 4Runner will be sole in new Trail trims. The Trail editions, as a name suggests, will be off-road focused and concentration on business that lead brave lives. All 3 Trail trims will be formed on a SR5 trims of a SUV and a trucks. All 3 Trail editions will be accessible with both rear- or four-wheel drive.

The Tacoma Trail is formed on a double cab since a Tundra Trail is formed on a Crew Max with a SR5 upgraded package. The upgraded package on a Tundra facilities a incomparable fuel tank, front bucket seats, motorist lumbar support, tilt/telescopic steering circle and an anti-theft complement with immobilizer.

The Trail editions also aim to raise storage, utility, and convenience. The Tacoma Trail facilities TRD off-road wheels with Kevlar all-terrain tires, a 115-volt energy opening on a bed and insulated, lockable bed storage on a driver’s side. The same is also accessible on a Tundra.

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The 4Runner facilities a Yakima rooftop conduit basket for combined gear-hauling capability. Inside it gets a versatile 40-quart cooler and shifting load tray. The cooler facilities a lockable lid, freezer class gasket to keep ice total for adult to 7 days and integrated bottle openers in latches.

All 3 vehicles are accessible in a operation of colors including Army Green, Cement, Midnight Black and Super White.

Nightshade Editions

The Nightshade editions are a tack of a Toyota fast and other models like a Corolla and a Sienna already have their possess Nightshade editions. The 4Runner and a Camry get Nightshade editions too.

Where a other Nightshade editions are formed on a SE trims, a Sequoia, Tacoma and Tundra Nightshades are formed on a aloft Limited trim. This means that a editions of a trucks and a Sequoia will be improved versed than a Sienna we gathering recently.

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The categorical changes in these editions are especially cosmetic. The cabin is all black, a chrome grille is darkened, and we also get smoked black alloys as partial of a package. There will however be a operation of extraneous colors accessible with a Nightshade editions, namely, Midnight Black, Magnetic Gray, Windchill Pearl, Super White and Blizzard Pearl for an combined cost.

Toyota skeleton to build 5000 units of a Nightshade trucks and 2500 Nightshade Sequoias.

Hyundai Sonata Hybrid

Friday, February 7th, 2020

We’ve seen a Hyundai Sonata Hybrid holding a crawl during a 2019 Seoul Motor Show yet it’s now time for a sedan to step on U.S. dirt around a 2020 Chicago Motor Show.

Since this is a hybrid we’re traffic with, we shall start off by lecture we on a drivetrain. The 2020 Sonata mixes a 2.0-liter, four-cylinder GDI gasoline section bolted to a six-speed “hybrid” involuntary gearbox and an electric engine fed by a Li-ion battery pack. The ICE (internal explosion engine) delivers 150 horsepower and 139 pound-feet of torque, supplemented by a e-motor’s 39 kW (51 horsepower) and 151 pound-feet of torque for a total complement outlay of 192 horsepower. Kia doesn’t discuss a altogether torque figure for a 2020 Sonata, though.

What Hyundai does mention, however, relates to a sedan’s fuel economy figures. As per a Korean carmaker, a 2020 Sonata Hybrid earnings 50 mpg city, 54 mpg highway, and 52 mpg total when a Blue trim is specified. Max operation is 686 miles (EPA estimate). That’s not too bad, is it?

Working towards assembly those total is a Active Shift Control tech. What it does, essentially, is tweak a gearbox’s potency by monitoring rigging shifts 500 times per second. In turn, it adjusts a delivery revolution speed for faster shifts, yet it also works with a car’s hybrid control section to align a e-motor with a rotational speed of a engine and transmission. The result: 30 percent crisper, smoother rigging shifts, during slightest in theory.

Hyundai’s designers managed to bake a 0.24 drag fellow into a 2020 Sonata Hybrid’s physique by regulating active atmosphere flaps behind a front grille and a redesigned back spoiler for a smoother airflow. Cutting down on underbody drag was also a priority, so a 2020 Sonata Hybrid comes with a following pieces and bobs:

  • a new fender lip
  • front- and rear-wheel deflectors
  • undercovers in a front and behind a engine bay
  • another clandestine underneath a floor
  • and a back undercover

2021 Toyota Highlander XSE Revealed: What’s Different?

Friday, February 7th, 2020

Toyota has denounced 7 special editions during a 2020 Chicago Auto Show. Unsurprisingly all special editions are that of a company’s trucks and SUVs. The Tacoma, Tundra, Highlander and a 4Runner have all perceived their particular special editions. But a one that held a eye, with good reason is a Highlander XSE. Just a integrate of months after a entrance of a 2020 Toyota Highlander, a Japanese hulk has already combined a special book to a SUV’s lineup.

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There are a few reasons, a XSE stands out from a rest of a special editions. For one it is a sportier trim compared to a off-road centric ones on a Tacoma, Tundra and a 4Runner. Secondly, a changes and upgrades are not usually skin deep. Here are a pivotal differences between a customary Highlander and a 2021 Toyota Highlander XSE.

A Different Face. Already?

Yes, already. The Highlander XSE facilities an roughly totally opposite front fascia, a headlamps notwithstanding. In addition, a new grille and large finned front fender are elements singular to a XSE trim. These elements will not underline on any other trim in a highlander lineup. This has been clearly finished to set a XSE trim detached and encourage business that they are during a helm of something special. Also, a opposite demeanour also helps clear a reward XSE trim will fundamentally authority over a other trims.

And A New Badge

For ones informed with Toyota’s nomenclature, a XSE badge is zero to sneer at. Any Toyota ornate with a XSE badge states that it is a automobile with sporty pushing dynamics, format immaterial. It also means that Toyota has put in a poignant volume of work into upgrading a vehicle. The Highlander XSE is no different.

The Highlander XSE facilities higher-rate springs and back stabilizer bar for combined stability. It also gets re-tuned startle absorbers for reduce attrition and a retuned steering geometry for a ‘sportier feel’. According to Toyota, a TNGA height was a ideal framework to bottom a sportier chronicle of a Highlander on. That’s because it has perceived a XSE diagnosis for a initial time in a 20 year history.

A Sporty Cabin

According to Toyota, ‘the Highlander XSE rocks black softex embellished seats with fabric inserts’. But we consider a red and black leather upholstered cabin with an instrument cluster finished in carbon-fiber looks approach cooler even if a bit gimmicky. That interconnected with a ambient lighting is certain to squeeze some eyeballs.

As distant as facilities go, a XSE trim sits between a Limited and a XSE trims and will be likewise equipped. It will get Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, Alexa and a 3-month hearing of Sirius XM as partial of a customary kit. It will also get a 8.0-inch touchscreen as customary while a 12.3-inch section should be accessible as an option.

Some Things Remain The Same

The 3.5-liter V6 interconnected to a 8-speed involuntary delivery will be a usually powertrain accessible with a XSE trim. The engine will pull out 295 hp and 263 lb-ft of torque usually like a customary car. Also, like on a customary Highlander, Toyota will offer a XSE in both FWD and AWD. The energetic torque vectoring of a AWD complement is able of promulgation adult to 50 percent of a torque to a back wheels if required.

Different Cost Too?

The Highlander XSE will go on sale by this tumble and as we mentioned before, will container between a XLE and a Limited variants. Expect it to be labelled from $41,500 not including a end fee.

2020 Ford GT Gets a Power Bump to 660 HP

Friday, February 7th, 2020

Ford went in a opposite instruction for a traditionally truck-heavy Chicago Auto Show, instead display off a low-slung GT supercar in updated 2020 form.

The GT has been on sale for a few years now, creation it a primary claimant for a mid-cycle glow-up. The Blue Oval hasn’t massively altered a recipe here, instead zeroing in on a few pivotal aspects to urge what’s already radically a competition automobile for a road.

Headlining a changes is a boost in max output. Power now sits during 660 hp, adult a baker’s dozen over a 2017–2019 models. Ford has massaged a 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine’s whole handling range, widening a torque curve. It also facilities automatic upgrades gleaned from a track-only GT Mk II.

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The GT should sound improved now too, interjection to a standard Akrapovič titanium exhaust. The Slovenian siren pros have worked their sorcery on a GT, ensuing in a deeper tone—and a 9 bruise rebate on a beam too.

Those singular drifting buttresses underline their possess set of improvements. The atmosphere ducts within are redesigned, improving atmosphere upsurge by 50 percent. Meanwhile incomparable intercoolers should keep incoming atmosphere cooler for longer, progressing rise energy even in high-temp lane time.

Exterior options bloat for 2020 with dual new paint choices. First is a Liquid Carbon, adhering to zero yet a clearcoat over a GT’s unclothed weave. The wheels are done of a things too, yet caliper and ribbon options concede propitious buyers a ability to supplement some dashes of color.

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The other new paint choice is an updated Gulf Racing Heritage livery. A black pinstripe divides a iconic blue and orange hues, meant to elicit a 1968-69 Le Mans-winning GT40. Meanwhile a discretionary CO fiber series changes from final year’s 9 to 6, mirroring a story of that two-time winner. New for a Heritage is a choice of a CO fiber wheels.

Deliveries of a 2020 chronicle of a Canadian-built GT are already function according to Ford. If we wish one, we won’t have most longer to get it, as prolongation wraps in 2022.

Toyota Tacoma, Tundra, Sequoia go dim with Nightshade Editions

Friday, February 7th, 2020

After today, 8 vehicles in Toyota’s lineup will be offering with accessible Nightshade treatment. At a 2020 Chicago Auto Show, Toyota debuted a black package on 3 some-more rides, a Tundra, Tacoma and Sequoia. They join a Camry, a Corolla sedan, a Corolla hatchback, a Sienna and a 4Runner in a Nightshade family.

In total, Toyota has 7 new SUV and lorry variants in Chicago. Next to a new Trail Special Editions and a Highlander XSE, a Japanese automaker’s vaunt facilities 3 new blacked-out special editions. The Sequoia, Tundra and Tacoma Nightshades are formed on rear-wheel- or all-wheel-drive 2021 indication year vehicles in Limited trims, not SE trims, as seen on other Nightshades.

In all 3 vehicles, Toyota combined a dim chrome grille, black counterpart caps, black doorway handles, and all-black leather-trim seating. On a Tacoma, Toyota practical 18-inch Dark Smoke wheels, a black empty tip, black haze light bezels, and a new black grille insert design. The Tundra has 20-inch black wheels and a black empty tip, and a Sequoia has 20-inch black wheels, dim physique moldings, dim reduce grille surrounds, dim haze light surrounds, and dim chrome Sequoia badging.

Although a preferred coming seems to be all black, Toyota does offer a trucks in other colors. In further to Midnight Black Metallic and Magnetic Gray Metallic, a Tacoma and Tundra are accessible in Windchill Pearl, a Tundra can be had in Super White, and a Sequoia can be systematic in Blizzard Pearl. 

Toyota didn’t announce pricing, though a Tacoma and Tundra will be singular to 5,000 examples, while a Sequoia will be singular to 2,500. 

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2021 Chevrolet Equinox Blazes a Familiar Styling Path

Friday, February 7th, 2020

Chevrolet has taken a wraps off a restyled 2021 Equinox during a Chicago Auto Show. It gains Blazer-esque styling, finish with a new RS trim.

The Equinox has sensitively turn one of America’s best-selling vehicles, so Chevy hasn’t dissapoint a applecart too most here. Mechanically it’s mostly a same story as before, with a changes instead focusing on aesthetics and safety.

It’s tough to skip a new styling. Adopting a same visible denunciation as a Blazer sibling, a Equinox now squints. It keeps a shield-shaped grille instead of a gaping beak of a bigger brother, however, and a form stays mostly a same as before. Around back, a new set of taillights update a whole look, with particular lighting elements.

The facelift brings with it an Equinox RS, following a format set by countless other Bow Tie models. This sportier-looking crossover gets a smattering of shimmer black trim, including a grille and badges. A set of 19-inch wheels and four—count ’em, four— empty pipes turn out a extraneous upgrades. Inside a RS gets a singular change doorknob for a automobile transmission, and a black interior with resisting red stitching.

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The existent 4 trims (L, LS, LT and Premier) will continue to be accessible on a 2021 Equinox.

Chevrolet has increasing a customary reserve facilities for a new Equinox too. Every 2021 Equinox will arrive with automobile headlights, programmed puncture braking, walking braking, frontal collision alert, a backup camera and line keep support with line depart warning. The options list includes a 360-degree camera, adaptive journey control, involuntary parking assist, cranky trade warning and line change alert.

Powertrains are carried over from a existent model, with a choice of 1.5-liter or 2.0-liter turbocharged inline-fours. The delivery options are six- or nine-speed automatics; front expostulate is again standard, with accessible all-wheel expostulate optional.

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This new-shape Equinox will start nearing in dealerships this autumn. Expect pricing closer to launch, though don’t design it to change massively from a existent model.