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Archive for February 4th, 2020

This Ceramic Pro Ad Featuing a McLaren 720S Off-Roading is Better Than a Last 3 Fast and Furious Movies Combined

Tuesday, February 4th, 2020

The video itself is about as clickbaity as it can get. If a pretension “OFF ROADING MY MCLAREN 720S… i bewail destroying my car” doesn’t idea we in, maybe a thumbnail hinting during a broken engine will. To be honest, a pretension really got us, and we certain did watch it. After all, who doesn’t wish to see some overly rich donkey off-road a automobile with 4.2-inches of belligerent clearance? It’s not something many of us would do, and that’s a beauty of it. However, as it incited out, this video is dictated to be an announcement for Ceramic Pro, an extraneous cloaking that protects automotive paint.

The video was uploaded by Alex Choi, and we’re not certain if it’s indeed an central ad or not. If it’s not, afterwards we have a feeling someone only muscled themselves into an promotion job. Back to a indicate during hand, a near-7-minute video is officious awesome, featuring a series of stunts, extraordinary camera angles, and some flattering hardcore dirt-track racing with a aforementioned McLaren 720S.

As most as we like a Fast and Furious franchise, we have to acknowledge that this prolonged announcement is positively improved than that final trailer for Fast and Furious 9, and to be honest, a movement scenes competence be improved than a final 3 cinema combined. That said, go forward and check out what could finish adult being a coolest automotive announcement of 2020 below.