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Archive for February 19th, 2020

Europeans Get a Shaft on a 2021 Toyota Supra

Wednesday, February 19th, 2020

The 2021 Toyota Supra’s Performance Hike is a U.S.-Only Affair

The 2021 Toyota Supra is a target of a new turbocharger m revised pistons, updated exhaust, and a few other goodies that boost a energy outlay adult to 387 horsepower and 368 pound-feet of torque – a 37 hack and 3 pound-foot boost over a 2020 model. At 4 pounds heavier for 2021, it’s also two-tenths of a second faster to 60 mph, now creation a scurry in 3.9 seconds as opposite to 4.1. Unfortunately, this is an American event since Euro 6 emissions standards effectively make it unfit for Toyota to make a same modifications but holding a poignant hit.

In fairness, a BMW Z4 M40i is also in a same boat, pity a energy tip of 340 horsepower with a Supra – during slightest until emissions regulations need both companies to make things even worse. Remember what happened behind in a 70s and 80s in a U.S. when flesh cars became turds over a really same ideals? Welcome to a new fight on cold cars, we guess.

Of course, as things lay now, a Toyota Supra isn’t accurately a slouch. It’s means to scurry to 62 mph anywhere in Europe in 4.3 seconds and tops out during 155 mph in standard Euro-limited fashion. On tip of that, it matches a foe in Europe flattering good too. When we put it adult against, say, a Porsche 718 Cayman, a Audi TT, or a now-discontinued Alfa Romeo 4C, a Supra, even during 340 horsepower, can reason a own. In a States, a energy boost was most some-more required as it has to contest with models like a Ford Mustang, Chevy Camaro, and Dodge Charger – all of that can be had with absolute V-8s.

Either way, a fact of a matter is that a European marketplace won’t have entrance to a updated Supra. How does that make we feel?

Is this a Jaguar or Land Rover of a future? Yes, a nearby future

Wednesday, February 19th, 2020

Jaguar Land Rover has denounced a concept vehicle, Project Vector, that a association heralds as preview of destiny civic transport. The Project Vector is an EV, naturally, and is built on a skateboard framework with all mechanicals underneath a floor. That provides for limit space potency in a city-sized vehicle—JLR says it’s roughly 4 meters long, that would make it about half a feet longer than today’s Mini Cooper hardtop. It also allows for reconfigurability.

The interior is accessed around twin center-opening shifting doors on one side. Four particular seats seem to be mounted on marks and are shown confronting in a same direction, though JLR also says a car can be blending for smoothness use (presumably with many of a seats removed).

Project Vector is described as “autonomous-ready,” though for now it has a steering circle and pedals. It’s also claimed to be optimized for ride-sharing or private use.

The car was grown during a UK’s National Automotive Innovation Centre, with a goal to make it a partial of a “urban mobility solutions” in a “ecosystem of a intelligent city,” according to JLR.

The initial such intelligent city will be Coventry, where an “urban mobility service” will be launched in 2021.

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