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State of a Word 2020

Wednesday, December 16th, 2020

State of a Word is an annual keynote residence delivered by WordPress plan co-founder, Matt Mullenweg. This year’s keynote will be streamed on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter on Thursday, Dec 17th, at 1600 UTC. You can perspective a replay of a eventuality during any time after it front on any of a 3 platforms. 

New to State of a Word?

If this is your initial time conference of this speak and wish to learn more, you’re in luck! Check out prior recordings below.

New from WordPress.com Courses: Podcasting for Beginners

Wednesday, December 16th, 2020

Would we like to learn how to emanate your possess podcast or urge your existent podcast? WordPress.com Courses is vehement to offer a new on-demand course, Podcasting for Beginners. We’ll assistance we get started, learn how to publish, and even how to use your podcast to make a living.  

Our courses are flexible. You can join, and learn during your possess pace. But that’s only a start. Podcasting for Beginners is some-more than only a march —  it’s a village that gives we entrance to weekly Office Hours hosted by WordPress experts. A place where we can ask questions, share your progress, and collect adult a few tips along a way. 

Lessons embody step-by-step videos covering:

  • The Foundations (Curating your calm and an editorial calendar.) 
  • Interviews (Recording, editing, and outreach.) 
  • Configuring Your Site (Integrating your podcast into your site and distributing it.) 
  • Growing Your Community (Engaging with listeners.) 
  • Making Money (Monetization basis and scheming for a future.) 

Let us take we from “What is podcasting?” to rising a podcast of your own.

Cost: A $99 annual subscription gives we total entrance to march content, a online community, and practical sessions.

Join now as a initial 100 business will suffer 50% off a subscription price with a formula PODCAST50.

Recommended Reads for International Day of Disabled Persons

Thursday, December 3rd, 2020

WordPress.com, as my co-worker Anne recently wrote, continues to be a space for people to tell their personal stories and amplify their voices. Today, International Day of Disabled Persons, we’d like to prominence a few perspectives and courteous reads to lift recognition of a innumerable practice of infirm people.

This reading list is merely a starting indicate — be certain to try some-more posts tagged with “disability” in a WordPress.com Reader, for example. We wish it introduces we to writers and incapacity rights advocates whose work we competence not be informed with.

“How to Properly Celebrate a Civil Rights Law During a Pandemic in Which Its Subjects Were Left to Die” during Crutches and Spice

Imani Barbarin during Crutches and Spice writes about life, stream events, entertainment, and politics from a viewpoint of a Black lady with intelligent palsy. Read her reflections on a genocide of actor Chadwick Boseman, or a anniversary of a Americans With Disabilities Act (which incited 30 this year), excerpted below.

Prior to a pandemic, infirm people were told that a accessibility we indispensable was cost-prohibitive and doubtful to be implemented usually to watch as a institutions that barred a inclusion make those collection permitted now that nondisabled people indispensable them. We called for polling places and voting procedures to be finished permitted usually to watch as politicians close down polling places in primarily black neighborhoods. We begged for businesses to be thorough and permitted to infirm business usually for accessibility to be pitted opposite tiny businesses and workers’ rights.

And now, unironically, they celebrate.

They applaud not weighed down by their possess difference calculating a volume of excusable genocide it would take to free a economy. They post a cinema celebrating their possess “diversity and inclusion” yet against a fact they usually became permitted since of a pestilence and as they aloud pull to reopen, they amplify a voices for now with no devise to continue to embody a incapacity village as businesses start to reopen.

I’m angry.

But we am also filled with adore and thankfulness for my community.

#ADA30InColor during Disability Visibility Project

Founded by Alice Wong, The Disability Visibility Project is a village focused on formulating and pity incapacity media and culture. You’ll find a operation of content, including oral histories, guest blog posts, and a podcast hosted by Wong and featuring conversations with infirm people.

If you’re not certain where to start, dive into a 13 posts in a #ADA30InColor array — it includes essays on a past, present, and destiny of incapacity rights and probity by infirm BIPOC writers. Here are excerpts from dual pieces.

More than anything, however, it was my blindness that authorised me to knowledge maybe a biggest impact of this transition. Being means to attend a “regular” propagandize as against to a propagandize for a blind and take classes with sighted peers each day, apropos friends with classmates who have opposite forms of disabilities, carrying Braille placards by each classroom doorway during a school not intended usually for usually blind students, assembly blind adults with several jobs — trimming from chemist to statistician to counsel — was my new reality. Even as a teenager, we knew it was a good payoff to be in this new existence — America, where there were laws in place to strengthen a rights of infirm people to live, study, play, and work alongside a nondisabled. At a same time, this existence began to feel like a multi-layered weight as we began to form and know opposite elements of who we am: a disabled, 1.5 era Korean-American immigrant. 

“Building Bridges as a Disabled Korean Immigrant” by Miso Kwak

Even with medical support on file, infirm BIPOC face combined suspicion, resistance, and tarnish from instructors, quite for invisible disabilities. We are also monotonous in racially coded ways as unreasonable, aggressive, and “angry” when we self-advocate. We are generally heavily policed in connoisseur and veteran programs, and this is apparent in a illustration — while 26 percent of adults in a US have a disability, only 12 percent of post-baccalaureate students are students with disabilities. This is even reduce among some ethnicities — only 6 percent of post-baccalaureate Asian American students have a disability.  

“The Burden and Consequences of Self-Advocacy for Disabled BIPOC” by Aparna R.

“My Favorite Wheelchair Dances” during Alizabeth Worley

Alizabeth Worley is a author and artist with assuage ongoing tired syndrome. She writes about topics like health and interabled matrimony (her father has intelligent palsy). In a new post, Alizabeth compiles YouTube clips of pleasing and moving wheelchair dances, some of that are from Infinite Flow, an thorough dance company. Here’s one of a dances she includes in her list, featuring Julius Jun Obero and Rhea Marquez.

“The Intersection of Queerness and Disability” during Autistic Science Person

Ira, a author during Autistic Science Person, explores a parallels between queerness and disability, and a approach other people make assumptions about their body.

I mostly put down Female for medical appointments even if there’s a Nonbinary option, as we don’t wish to “confuse” them. It’s usually easier for everyone, I think. we worry about recoil we would receive, or a confused looks we would get if we put down Nonbinary. we cruise about people tiptoeing around my gender. we can’t bargain with even some-more self-advocacy in a medical revisit as an autistic person, so it’s usually not value it, I think. I’m reminded of a time we carried folding crutches to my separate medical appointment. Both a staff and alloy asked me since we brought crutches when we was “walking normally.” we had to explain that we indispensable them on my travel behind for my feet pain. Both explaining my incapacity and explaining my gender — explaining a assumptions around my physique is exhausting.

No matter what, people will make assumptions. Both ableism and cisnormativity are baked into a smarts and a society. The things people have to do to accommodate us and acknowledge us involves unlearning their preconceptions. Society unequivocally doesn’t wish us to do that. This is since there is so most defensiveness for both providing accommodations and acknowledging someone’s gender, pronouns, and name. People don’t wish to do that work. They don’t wish to be confronted with constructional changes, a emanate of gender norms, and a problems that infirm people face each day. They usually wish to go on with their lives since it’s easier to them. It’s easier for them to omit a identities.

“The Last Halloween, The First Halloween” during Help Codi Heal

“The initial Halloween my daughter could travel was a final Halloween that we could,” writes Codi Darnell, a blogger during Help Codi Heal. In a post reflecting on her fifth Halloween in a wheelchair, Codi reflects on change, pain, and a firsts and lasts in her life.

It was all contingent — all finished yet realizing a ways these elementary acts of motherhood were deeply engrained in my identity. All finished with 0 bargain that something so elementary could be snatched divided — and how unpleasant it would be when it was.

Because a year after we would not reason her palm adult a stairs or dip her adult and onto my hip. we wouldn’t mount beside her during a doorway or see her face light adult when — in her large two-year-old voice — she managed all 3 difference “trick-or-treat”. A year later, we would know a infirmity of a being and know closely a pain of things taken away. But we would still be there. 

“Even If You Can’t See It: Invisible Disability and Neurodiversity” during Kenyon Review

At Kenyon Review, author Sejal A. Shah writes a personal letter on neurodiversity, depression, academia, and a letter life.

Maybe things would have incited out differently had we requested accommodations, had we famous about a Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA, 1990), had we supposed my “situation,” as my aunt calls it, counted as a disability. The ADA law was nice in 2008 to embody bipolar disorder. we began my pursuit in 2005 and finished in 2011. It would have been useful to know about a law and my rights underneath it.

I didn’t know a laws then; we didn’t know them until letter this essay. I looked normal; we passed. Would my career have incited out differently had we been peaceful to come out (for that’s what it felt like, an presentation into a universe that competence not accept me)? we was certain a tarnish of carrying a vital mood commotion would have harm me professionally. Even had we disclosed my disorder, HR and my supervisors competence not have concluded to modifications in my work responsibilities. we would still have indispensable to disciple for myself — would still have indispensable a appetite to yield support and persist. For years, we had been ashamed, alarmed, and tired from perplexing to keep my conduct above water.

“The Outside Looking In” during Project Me

Project Me is a blog of Hannah Rose Higdon, a Deaf Lakota lady who grew adult on a Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation. In “The Outside Looking In,” Higdon offers a glance into her knowledge as a child who was innate tough of hearing, and whose family had really small entrance to a support she needed. (Higdon is now profoundly Deaf.)

I demeanour adult as my uncle talks to me. we nod. we smile. And we fake we know usually accurately what is going on. The law is we have no idea what he’s observant or since he’s laughing, yet we giggle too and impersonate his facial expressions. we would never wish to pull any some-more courtesy to myself than necessary. You see, we competence usually be 5 years old, yet we know usually how critical it is to pretend.

“How to Center Disability in a Tech Response to COVID-19” during Brookings TechStream

Organizer, attorney, and incapacity probity disciple Lydia X.Z. Brown calls on a tech attention to delicately cruise how process affects marginalized communities, looking during algorithmic displaying in hospitals, agreement tracing and surveillance, and web inaccessibility.

For infirm people who are also queer, trans, or people of color, a deployment of algorithmic modeling increases a risk of compounded medical discrimination. All marginalized communities have prolonged histories and ongoing legacies of flourishing contingent medical experimentation, coercive treatment, invasive and irrevocable procedures, and reduce peculiarity of caring — mostly fit by damaging beliefs about a ability to feel pain and peculiarity of life. These health caring disparities are exacerbated for people who knowledge mixed forms of marginalization.

Spoonie Authors Network

The Spoonie Authors Network facilities work from authors and writers about how they conduct their disabilities or ongoing illnesses and conditions. Managed by Cait Gordon and Dianna Gunn, a village site also publishes resources and produces a podcast. Explore posts in a Featured Author or Internalized Ableism categories, like a square below, to representation some of a writing.

When my neurologist suggested that we get a parking pass, we incited it down.

“I’d rather that go to someone some-more deserving,” we said. “There are people out there who are distant some-more infirm than we am. Let a pass go to one of them.”

“You have problem walking. What would occur if it was icy or there were other formidable walking conditions?” she pronounced kindly. “This is for your safety.”

I nodded and supposed a parking pass, even yet we felt it finished me demeanour weak. we wasn’t infirm adequate to aver a parking pass. I can walk. we didn’t need it, we told myself.

“Not Disabled Enough” by Jamieson Wolf

More endorsed sites:

Note on header image: Six infirm people of tone grin and poise in front of a petrify wall. Five people mount in a back, with a Black lady in a core holding adult a chalkboard pointer that reads, “disabled and HERE.” A South Asian chairman in a wheelchair sits in front. Photo by Chona Kasinger | Disabled and Here (CC BY 4.0)

Run With Us! Join a 2020 wwwp5K Movement

Monday, November 30th, 2020

If you’re like us, you’re fervent to send 2020 off to a dustbin of history. So squeeze your running/walking/yoga boots and join us as we revive a historic #wwwp5K and applaud reaching a 2020 finish line! As an combined inducement and in a suggestion of a season, we’ve also combined a special wwwp5K Givz page, where participants can make a concession to 3 of a favorite charities: Black Girls Code, Internet Archive, and a WordPress Foundation. Automattic will compare each dollar donated to any classification by a Givz page, adult to $50,000.

What’s a 5K?

A 5K is a homogeneous of about 3.1 miles. The practical run will work on a respect system, though if we wish to be accurate, apps like Strava, Garmin Connect, Runkeeper, Fitbit, and many others can assistance we magnitude a right distance.

Sounds awesome! How do we participate?

The practical wwwp5K strictly kicks off tomorrow, Dec 1, and will be open by Dec 31st. You can run, skip, walk, hop, travel backwards, or even float a homogeneous stretch in an indoor pool — as prolonged as you’re practicing suitable reserve precautions given internal conditions and staying healthy, your activity counts.

Everyone is welcome! WordPress fans, friends, and family, as good as Automatticians around a world.

When you’re done, don’t forget to post a selfie on your WordPress site and tab it with “wwwp5k” so that we can share a adore and others can review about your experience. Of course, we can also blog about your tour scheming for a wwwp5K, though many of all, we’d adore to see your smiling face and happy boots as we finish a 5K.

Is there swag?

What would a practical run be but swag with a tradition logo? To commemorate a 2020 run, we’ve combined a limited book technical shirt featuring a central wwwp5K Wapuu!

They’ll be accessible for squeeze in a WordPress Swag Store starting tomorrow until reserve last, so don’t forget to place your order.

Will we be fasten us? Let us know in a comments!

Join Us in Honoring Transgender Day of Remembrance

Friday, November 20th, 2020

Today, Nov 20th, people around a universe postponement to bear declare to Transgender Day of Remembrance, a day dedicated to honoring a memory of those murdered given of anti-transgender prejudice. Transgender Day of Remembrance reminds us to quarrel against forces that amalgamate transgender lives any day. To move recognition to this critical day, we wish to postponement to share a few stories of transgender people who have found their voice on WordPress.com. We acted a question: “What does Transgender Day of Remembrance meant to you?” Below, we’ve common a few responses from creators on a platform.

We acquire we to share your possess response on your site. In a meantime, review solemnly and soak in a hard-fought difference of a dauntless voices who are peaceful to share their experiences. 

Dr. SA Smythe (They/Them) of essaysmythe.com:

Some of us have been counted, though many of us are counted out—unthought and unthinkable. And so we do it ourselves. We comment for Tony McDade. We are accountable to Muhlaysia Booker. We remember Riah Milton. We review a extreme life of one of a biggest contemporary remembrancers, a trans griot Monica Roberts. We name a nonbinary people who continue to be treated as unnameable as we trip by a pattern of binary gender. The competing racialized pandemics of a time continues to be clever for trans people, generally Black trans women, in this year as with any other. We live with that existence and direct non-trans people do a same given a resilience is zero though their tab for a assault they concede to continue opposite us. Trans Day of Remembrance is not usually about how trans people have been stolen from us too soon, though how we continue to tarry and flower and insist opposite all odds. Has there ever been anything as pleasing as that?

Read more

Laura Kate Dale (She/Her) of laurakbuzz.com:

Going and spending some time in a association of other trans people was wonderful. we got to see trans people from a accumulation of backgrounds, some who had grown aged and found love, and see explanation that we could live a prolonged and happy life as a trans woman. But a tinge of a dusk was contrasted by sitting with a believe of since we were all gathered, a believe of distant too many lives cut distant too short. we was surrounded by a trans people who had survived and thrived, as good as a memories of those who had not.

Read more

Nicole Eldridge (She/Her) of transgendersupport.org:

My name is Nicole Eldridge. I’ve been transgender given third grade. As we started to transition, we would review stories online about transgender people dying. This is positively terrifying if we wish to do what they did. we never gave adult and transitioned. Transgender Day of Remembrance means to me that we remember a transgender people that have died and lift out their idea of an equal destiny for all transgender people. Every time we listen to a Transgender Day of Remembrance speech, it brings me behind to Martin Luther King’s speech, “I Have a Dream.” What King pronounced about everybody being equal and carrying equal opportunities is so loyal when we hear a transgender people’s names who have died. It breaks my heart to hear all of a transgender people that died for a year. In annoy of a loathing toward transgender people, we arise above it all and assistance transgender people all over a universe with my website transgendersupport.org. This is what Transgender Day of Remembrance means to me.

Tallulah Ker-Oldfield (She/Her) of transrites.wordpress.com

Trans people are zero new. Gender and a expressions have been changing via cultures, and trans people have existed via story with important examples in a many ancient pantheons, including deities. There’s zero new to consider, no trans doubt – we’ve been here all along, and a usually terrible things that happened given of it happened to us


And so I’m remembering trans lives mislaid this year, and trans lives filled with trauma, and all that trans people have to do to simply… be. If we ever suspicion this year was scary, oppressive, isolating, severe to get by and potentially deadly to be around people… you’ve been vital a lot of a misfortune tools of a trans experience. Yet I’m remembering a absolute fun of my community, how a holds by a pestilence have been strong, how good accustomed we immediately became to 2020, carrying lived a possess chronicle of it for many of a lives, formulating found families, love, laughter, bargain and infrequently rainbows out of a revengeful tender element of compromise.

Read more

To review some-more essay by transgender people, try these sites on WordPress.com:

We honour ourselves on being a height where anyone can share their perspective, and we’re respected to be means to emanate a space for a personal stories of transgender-identifying individuals. Take a time to review their difference and remember that it’s not adequate to respect transgender people only one day any year. What we do matters any day. Follow these sites and others we come on and, as a result, uncover your support in a days to come. 

Learn from a experts: Create a successful blog with the code new course

Wednesday, November 11th, 2020

WordPress.com is vehement to announce a newest offering: a course only for commencement bloggers where you’ll learn all we need to know about blogging from a many devoted experts in a industry. We have helped millions of blogs get adult and running, we know what works, and we wish we to to know all we know. This march provides all a elemental skills and impulse we need to get your blog started, an interactive village forum, and calm updated annually. 

How it works: Upon registering, we will accept entrance to examination a lessons during your possess pace. Our curriculum includes:

  • Foundations of blogging
  • Getting started with retard basics
  • Building your blog
  • Understanding audiences 
  • Designing your blog
  • Writing for a internet
  • Branding and flourishing your blog
  • Earning income with your blog 

You’ll also be means to bond with WordPress.com experts and other determined bloggers, who will emanate calm alongside you. Beyond a modules, this march provides: 

  • Monthly bureau hours with WordPress experts to answer your questions 
  • A certificate of completion
  • Access to a private blogging village online
  • Virtual meetups scheduled quarterly

Cost: A $49 annual subscription gives we entrance to all of these on-demand blogging resources, village events, and march updates. That way, we won’t have to rubbish time looking for answers all over a web—you’ll be means to get started right away.

Join by Thursday, Dec 10th and suffer 50% off with code WPCOURSES50.

We are looking brazen to reading your new blogs soon!

The Spearhead Theme: A Minimal Design and Clean Slate for All Content Creators

Thursday, October 29th, 2020

When AngelList and Venture Hacks co-founder Babak Nivi came to us and wanted to present a theme, a group was vehement to work on a pattern to make it accessible to everybody on WordPress.com for free. Designed by Cece Yu and creatively grown for a Spearhead podcast, a new Spearhead thesis is entirely block-powered and a initial among a themes to support dim mode.

Spearhead works seamlessly with a retard editor, ancillary a far-reaching operation of blocks — Audio, Video, Image, TikTok, Loom, and many some-more — so we can customize posts and pages as we like and showcase several forms of content, from podcast episodes to video tutorials and more. And while Spearhead shines as a thesis for media, a meagre pattern also displays long-form essay and calm and images beautifully.

Spearhead comes with some block patterns, or collections of predefined blocks, to give we a boost as we start building your site. There are a integrate of patterns we can use to uncover a list of places where people can listen to your podcast, as good as a tradition repository page.

Being a initial thesis on WordPress.com to support dim mode, Spearhead’s default tone intrigue has a white background, though if your handling complement shifts into dim mode, a thesis will change and arrangement a dim credentials with light text.

Our group generally loves a theme’s purify design, that lets a calm we emanate gleam through. Your listeners and readers can lay behind with their crater of coffee — headphones on — and suffer your latest part and review along with a transcript!

Explore a Spearhead demo site to see a pattern in action, and afterwards revisit a Spearhead page to activate a theme.

Expert Advice: How to Improve Remote Education Collaboration

Wednesday, October 28th, 2020

As we’re witnessing with schools and training communities around a world, preparation is changeable dramatically. With a right set of tools, your class, team, or organisation can learn to promulgate and combine some-more well online. Since a association was founded over fifteen years ago, a people behind a scenes during WordPress.com have worked from home — or from anywhere they select in a universe — and have schooled a lot along a way.

A apparatus we call P2 has been indispensable to us, and to a flourishing series of educators. Want to learn a tips and tricks? Join us for a giveaway webinar on Thursday, Nov 5, so we and your organisation can learn to make a many of this apparatus for remote collaboration. You can also pointer adult for the giveaway beta chronicle of P2 that is now available.

  • Date: Thursday, Nov 5, 2020
  • Time: 10:00 am PT | 12:00 pm CT | 1:00 pm ET | 18:00 UTC
  • Registration link: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/4016033198190/WN_WjX8jQhIQ0iZVPpfGAklhQ
  • Who’s invited: Anyone looking to urge inner organisation partnership or build a open forum with P2 are welcome, though this webinar is specifically designed for educators and teachers.

Register for a webinar today! We demeanour brazen to saying you.

Introducing Patterns: Prebuilt Blocks for Beautifully Designed Websites

Wednesday, October 28th, 2020

The WordPress Editor is a absolute apparatus that can assistance move your pattern ideas to life though one of a best tools is, we don’t have to start from scratch. Building worldly designs can be as easy as picking Patterns from a flourishing library, and gnawing them together to emanate beautiful-looking posts and pages. As of today, we’re now charity over 100 particular Patterns — with some-more being combined all a time!

If you’ve never used Patterns before we’ve got an introduction to assistance we get started and also prominence some new features.

The best approach to deliver Patterns is to use them. Here’s how we can supplement them to a post or a page on WordPress.com.

  1. Head to the WordPress Editor and click a + idol to supplement a new block.
  2. Click on a Patterns tab.
  3. Click on a Pattern you’d like to see in your request and it’ll be extrinsic during a plcae of your cursor.

Here’s a discerning demo that shows how to supplement an picture gallery. 

If you’re informed with a Block Editor, a routine will demeanour similar. Once you’ve extrinsic a Pattern into a post or a page, you’ll be means to see how we can customize and revise a Pattern by clicking on opposite areas. The picture next reveals a modifying options that seem with a example. 

Each Pattern is a collection of opposite blocks delicately put together to assistance we furnish good looking blog posts and pages in a Editor. In a instance above, it’s a collection of Image, Paragraph, Spacer, and Column Blocks. All pre-arranged into a elementary though superb Pattern for displaying images. Using Patterns in a Editor is kind of like carrying a WordPress web engineer right there with we building adult a pattern component by element.

The thought is that, once you’ve extrinsic a Pattern, we can start customizing it to make it yours.

For even some-more customization options with Patterns, try mixing them with a updated fonts on WordPress.com.

Over 100 Patterns to Choose From

This is where a series of Patterns gets exciting. Think of it like carrying over 100 templates we can supplement to your posts and pages. You can crop by difficulty to see all a accessible Pattern options.

Taking a demeanour during a few all together competence be helpful. Here are some of my new favorites. 

They’re not favorites since they demeanour great, though instead since these Patterns use so many opposite Blocks to furnish a singular and useful design. Take a core Registration Form Pattern, for example. It combines a Heading Block, Paragraph Blocks, a Form Block, and a Columns Block into one Pattern that together, can make adult an whole page.

More Patterns are on a Way

We’re only removing started formulating new Patterns for you. What form of Pattern would make it easier to emanate Posts and Pages on your site? More are on a approach and we’d adore to hear your ideas and feedback so we can make your edition and site-building experience even better.

And if we have anything to share that you’ve done with a Pattern or with a Editor let us know! We’d adore to see and hear how you’re regulating Patterns on WordPress.com.

Automattic Awarded Coveted Spot on Forbes Cloud 100 List

Wednesday, October 14th, 2020

Automattic — a personality in edition and e-commerce program and a primogenitor association behind a industry-leading brands WordPress.com, WooCommerce, WordPress VIP, Jetpack, Tumblr, and some-more — was awarded a desired mark on a prestigious Forbes Cloud 100 list, a annual ranking of a world’s tip private cloud companies. In partnership with Bessemer Venture Partners and Salesforce Ventures, a Forbes Cloud 100 recognizes standouts in tech’s hottest categories from disruptive startups to internet giants.

A colonize in democratizing edition and e-commerce, WordPress powers 38 percent of all websites globally, has 10x a calm government marketplace share of a nearest competitor, and is a height of choice for tens of millions of websites around a world. 

WooCommerce, Automattic’s e-commerce solution, powers 30 percent of a tip one million tellurian e-commerce websites — permitting anyone to sell anything from anywhere. With WooCommerce, people can build accurately a business they want, with all they need to run their store on a singular platform. 

Automattic’s record also powers a largest brands on a web. The WordPress VIP Platform is used by some-more than 250 enterprises, including Salesforce.com, Facebook, Microsoft, New York Times, Spotify, and CNN, to tell calm to hundreds of millions of readers and users.  VIP’s purpose-built infrastructure delivers flexibility, security, and control with unequaled opening and free scaling.

Automattic’s creation is also attracting a flourishing and different array of height interactions  —  e.g. 1.7 million new users induction any month opposite a Automattic ecosystem, 1.2 billion monthly singular visitors on WordPress.com, and 9 billion monthly page views on Tumblr. 

“We are impossibly unapproachable to be enclosed in a Forbes Cloud 100 list — for a fifth year in a quarrel — among so many other notable companies,” pronounced Matt Mullenweg, CEO, Automattic. “Our passion is creation a web a improved place, and we credit a unusual formula over a years to a gifted and smashing people — both inside and outward a classification — who move a Automattic prophesy to life each day.”