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Make Your Business More Accessible with New Blocks

Thursday, April 2nd, 2020

From a support sessions with business any month, we know that flourishing your formula or business is a tip website goal. And in this rare time in that some-more people around a universe are staying during home, it’s critical to foster your products and services online to strech a wider assembly and bond with some-more people.

Our organisation has been tough during work improving a retard editor experience. We’ve launched 6 new blocks that confederate WordPress.com and Jetpack-enabled sites with renouned services — Eventbrite, Calendly, Pinterest, Mapbox, Google Calendar, and OpenTable — enabling we to hide abounding calm and yield engagement and scheduling options right on your blog or website.

Whether you’re an online boutique, a pilates studio, an eccentric consultant, or a internal restaurant, these blocks offer we some-more ways to foster your formula or business. Take a demeanour during any retard — or simply burst to a specific one below.

Promote online events with a Eventbrite block

Looking for a approach to foster an online eventuality (like your museum’s practical curator speak or your company’s webinar on remote work), or even an at-home livestream opening for your fans and followers? Offering pivotal facilities of a renouned eventuality registration platform, a Eventbrite block embeds events on posts and pages so your visitors can register and squeeze tickets right from your site.

Quick-start guide:

  • To use this block, we need an Eventbrite account. If we don’t have one, sign adult during Eventbrite for free.
  • In a retard editor, click the Add Block (+) symbol and hunt for and name a Eventbrite Checkout block.
  • Enter a URL of your Eventbrite event. Read these stairs from Eventbrite if we need help.
  • Select from dual options: an In-page Embed shows a eventuality sum and registration options directly on your site. The Button Modal choice shows usually a button; when clicked, a eventuality sum will cocktail adult so your caller can register.

Learn some-more on a Eventbrite retard support page.

Schedule sessions with a Calendly block

Want to make it easier for people to book private imagining sessions or denunciation lessons with you? The Calendly block, featured recently in a beam on relocating your classes online, is a accessible approach for your clients and students to book a event directly on your site — expelling a time spent coordinating schedules. You can also use a Calendly retard to report organisation meetings or organisation events.

Quick-start guide:

Learn some-more on a Calendly retard support page.

Up your visible diversion with a Pinterest block

Strong visuals assistance to yield inspiration, tell your stories, and sell your products and services. Pinterest is an enchanting approach for bloggers, influencers, and tiny business owners to raise their site calm and enhance their following. With a Pinterest block, we can hide and share pins, boards, and profiles on your site.

Quick-start guide:

  • In a retard editor, click the Add Block (+) symbol and hunt for and name a Pinterest block.
  • Paste a URL of a pin, board, or form you’d like to arrangement and click Embed. Note that we can usually hide open boards.
  • Pro tip: in a retard editor, go to Layout Elements and name Layout Grid to emanate a visually distinguished blueprint with pins, boards, and profiles, as shown above.

Display locations with a Map block

A map on your site is a discerning visible approach to arrangement a location, like your restaurant’s takeout window or a drop-off mark for donations to a internal food bank. Powered by mapping tallness Mapbox, a Map block embeds a customized map on your site. Show a plcae of your business, a sequence of boutique hotels, a assembly spots for your nonprofit’s volunteers, and more.

Quick-start guide:

  • In a retard editor, click the Add Block (+) symbol and hunt for and name a Map block.
  • In a content field, form a plcae we wish to arrangement and name a scold plcae from among a formula that appear.
  • Click on a red pen to revise a pretension and heading of a marker.
  • Explore a toolbar for block-specific settings. Add some-more markers, for example, by clicking a Add a marker button.
  • In a sidebar, customize your map’s coming (including colors, height, and wizz level).

Explore some-more settings on a Map retard support page.

Share your calendar with a Google Calendar block

Are we an author formulation a book debate (or a array of online readings)? A digital selling consultant hosting amicable media workshops? A area pop-up bakery? With a Google Calendar block, we can arrangement a calendar of arriving events or your hours of operation.

Quick-start guide:

  • In Google Calendar, click a 3 dots subsequent to your calendar name and select Settings and sharing.
  • Under Access Permissions, safeguard Make accessible to public is checked.
  • Click on Integrate calendar on a left and duplicate a formula underneath Embed code.
  • In a retard editor, click the Add Block (+) button, hunt for and name a Custom HTML block, and pulp a formula we copied in Google Calendar.
  • Publish your post or page. The subsequent time we revise this post or page, you’ll see a formula has been converted to shortcode.

Explore some-more settings on a Google Calendar retard support page.

Streamline reservations with a OpenTable block

If you’re a grill or cafeteria owner, a primary idea of your site is to boost a series of bookings. Sure, people aren’t dining out right now, though we can be prepared to take reservations in a future. With the OpenTable block, people can haven a list directly from a post or page instead of job or engagement by a opposite reservation service.

Quick-start guide:

  • To use this block, your grill contingency be listed on OpenTable. Create an OpenTable inventory now.
  • In a retard editor, click the Add Block (+) symbol and hunt for and name a OpenTable block.
  • Enter your OpenTable Reservation Widget hide code. Check this OpenTable guide if we need help.
  • Explore a block’s toolbar and sidebar settings. For example, select from 4 opposite hide styles: Standard, Tall, Wide, and Button.
  • This retard is now accessible to sites on the WordPress.com Premium, Business, or eCommerce plans. It’s giveaway on Jetpack sites.

Learn some-more on a OpenTable retard support page.

Which blocks are we many vehement about?

Stay tuned for some-more new blocks soon!

How to Move Your Classes Online — and Charge for Them

Friday, March 27th, 2020

We are unapproachable to horde many websites for denunciation tutors, yoga schools, and personal aptness coaches around a world.

It’s sparkling to see how educators and consultants opposite opposite industries are removing artistic with their online offerings: denunciation teachers control 1:1 sessions to assistance students file pronunciation, yoga studios livestream organisation sessions, and instructors lead essay foot camps around Zoom dermatitis rooms. Even my possess strength manager is monitoring my workouts — we launch a camera on my phone, place it opposite a wall, and do deadlifts while he supervises.

Last year we launched Recurring Payments to support creators, consultants, tiny businesses, and other professionals in substantiating constant income streams. We were really gratified to learn that online educators regulating this underline are abounding as well!

Marta, for example, runs Spanish Teacher Barcelona, a Spanish denunciation propagandize located in — we guessed it! — Barcelona. She offers 1:1 sessions and classes in a coworking space in a city’s Gracia neighborhood. For business that can't accommodate in person, she hosts private lessons online, accessible with a subscription. She offers 3 subscription skeleton to accommodate a accumulation of needs of her students.

Ready to set adult your possess subscription-based use or pierce your existent classes online? Here’s a discerning beam to get we set adult with a right tools, so we can concentration instead on providing a best educational sourroundings possible. 

Set adult your online category today

Below, we’ll cover a stairs we can take to get your classes or private lessons adult and regulating with a Recurring Payments feature. We’ll also suggest collection to make scheduling 1:1 sessions and handling your classes easier, like a Calendly retard and several video conferencing tools. 

1. Create a “Subscribe” page to foster your category or service

You need to remonstrate your business that your subscription is value profitable for. A standard approach to do this is with a “Subscribe” page where we explain a advantages of your services.

Take a demeanour during a “Join” page on Longreads.com, an online announcement that publishes and curates nonfiction storytelling on a web and supports stories with memberships:

A few tips to make your offer irresistible:

  • Focus on a advantages for a customer.
  • Provide a few subscription options, such as classes during opposite frequencies and during opposite cost points.
  • Add testimonials if we can — people adore to review reviews.

Create this page by going to My Sites → Pages → Add New.

2. Add a subscription with a Recurring Payments feature

Recurring Payments allows we to emanate renewable payments. Your subscribers will enter their credit label details, and will afterwards be charged automatically each month or each year.

Recurring Payments is now accessible on any of a paid plans. To get started, you’ll need to emanate a Stripe account, that is a tellurian income send service. We partner with Stripe to make certain payments finish adult safely in your bank account.

You can start collecting Recurring Payments in 5 minutes.

On a “Subscribe” page we combined above, hunt for a “Recurring Payments” block:

After clicking “Connect to Stripe,” you’ll be means to bond your existent Stripe comment or emanate a new one.

Now we can emanate your initial subscription.

Set a price, magnitude (we suggest monthly for start), and a pretension of your subscription, like Writing Bootcamp, 3 dermatitis sessions/month or Conversational French for Beginners, 4 classes/month.

That’s it! Your subscription is now created. Once we tell a page and activate your Stripe account, your business will be means to allow to this service.

Subscriptions are dependable: your subscribers will be automatically charged during a commencement of a subsequent renovation duration (in a month or a year). You don’t have to remind or poke them, and they also don’t have to remember to compensate we — all is handled.

For some-more details, greatfully review this Recurring Payments support article.

Would we rather sell entrance to your services as a one-time purchase? Check out a Simple Payments feature.

3. Schedule your lessons

Your subscribers can set adult a time for their lessons regulating a use like Calendly, a accessible apparatus that allows them to name a giveaway container in your schedule. We recently combined a Calendly block to move some of a service’s pivotal facilities to you. While modifying your page, hunt for a “Calendly” block.

Remember to check if a subscription is active

Before hopping on an online meeting, we need to endorse that a chairman scheduling a call is indeed a profitable subscriber. Check a list of your active Recurring Payments subscribers located in your WordPress.com dashboard underneath My Sites Earn Payments.

Read some-more about handling your list of subscribers.

4. Select a apparatus to horde your class

Video conferencing collection are really useful for teaching. Apart from saying a other person, we can share your screen, send files, or even horde a event for mixed people, lecture-style.

You can use Google Hangouts, Skype, or Zoom (which is what we use for a meetings here during WordPress.com). Zoom has put together a handy educational for teachers.

If you’d like additional setup tips on selecting a thesis for your website, adding calm and media, and adding students as viewers or contributors, review our support educational on building a practical classroom.

What extraordinary category are you going to launch?

Create With Confidence — and Better Blocks

Friday, March 27th, 2020

In a final few years, a teams operative on a retard editor have schooled a lot about how people build sites now and how they wish to build sites in a future.

The latest version represents a perfection of these discoveries, and a subsequent theatre in a editor’s evolution.

With improved visuals and some-more modernized features, it’ll keep designers, developers, writers, and editors prolific and happy, and — tension-building drumroll — it’s in your editor right now!

What’s new

With a extensive visible refresh, a engorgement of new features, and dozens of bug fixes, a new retard editor comes with a lot to unpack.

What follows is usually a tiny (but delectable) representation of a many ways we’ve upgraded your modifying experience. (You can get a full list of goodies in a recover notes.)

We wish we enjoy.

A revamped editor UI

The initial thing you’ll notice is a sharp UI. Buttons, icons, text, and dropdowns are all sporting a contrariety boost, with bolder colors and some-more whitespace between buttons, calm labels, and menu items.

The new retard editor’s UI

As we navigate by a editor’s menus, particular equipment are clearly highlighted, permitting we to fast brand what you’ve selected.

Active menu equipment have graphic highlights

The retard toolbars are now simpler, displaying a many commonly-used features. For example, divide blocks uncover usually bold, italic, and couple formatting buttons. You’ll find all a additional options in a dropdown menu.

The retard toolbar options are easier and uncluttered

What’s more, instead of inventory blocks within a fixed-height container, a retard inserter now spans a tallness of a window. You’ll now see some-more blocks and retard categories during once with reduction scrolling.

The retard inserter spans a full tallness of your screen

Introducing retard patterns

With a retard editor as your board we can settlement roughly any blueprint we can suppose – though building perplexing page structures should never get in a approach of your artistic process.

Here’s where a blocks unequivocally shine: along with particular blocks, a editor now includes retard patterns, a library of predefined and reusable retard layouts, that we use on any page or post.

To check out a list of accessible patterns, click on a retard settlement idol (on a tip right) to exhibit a collection of pre-built layouts:

Block patterns are groups of particular blocks total to emanate superb layouts

Pick a settlement we wish to use, and it will seem in your editor prepared for we to customize with your possess content.

Right now, you’ll find a few rudimentary patterns – Two Columns of Text, Two Buttons, Cover, and Two Images Side by Side – but we’ll be adding some-more and some-more patterns as they’re available. When a retard patterns API opens adult to third-party authors, you’ll also be means to rise and share your own.

(Have an thought for a good pattern? The retard editor developer village is actively seeking ideas. The some-more ideas they receive, a improved your editor will be!)

Colors, colors everywhere

When it comes to difference and columns, websites aren’t newspapers: things don’t have to be black and white.

Use a new Text Color selector apparatus to change a tone of sentences, and even particular difference and letters. Highlight a calm you’d like to change, afterwards click on a arrow dropdown and name “Text Color.”

Select “Text Color” from a options
Pick a tone of your word or character


To change a credentials colors of your columns, name a mainstay and conduct to the sidebar, to Color settings.

Columns get credentials colors too!

The highway forward is paved with blocks

There’s still a prolonged approach to go, and a editor’s village of contributors hasn’t given a common keyboards a moment’s rest. Work on polishing UI elements like a sidebar and dropdowns continues along with advancements to retard patterns and other sparkling features.

Are there ways we could urge a site modifying knowledge even more? Please let us know! We’re always penetrating to hear how we can make a web a improved place for everyone.

Expert Advice: How to Make a Great Website for Your Small Business – Webinar

Thursday, March 26th, 2020

Whether we already possess a tiny business or are exploring a thought of starting one, you’ll come divided from this free, 60-minute live webinar with a resources of actionable recommendation on how to maximize your digital presence.

Date: Thursday, Apr 2, 2020
Time: 11:00 am PDT | 1:00 pm CDT | 2:00 pm EDT | 18:00 UTC
Registration link: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/4215849773038/WN_at0PB64eTo2I0zJx-74g2Q
Who’s invited: Business owners, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and anyone engaging in starting a tiny business or side gig.

Hosts Steve Dixon and Kathryn Presner, WordPress.com Happiness Engineers, have many total years of knowledge assisting small-business owners emanate and launch successful websites. They’ll give we tips on site design, hunt engine optimization (SEO), monetization, and mobile optimization. You’ll be means to contention questions beforehand—in a registration form—and during a live webinar.

Everyone is welcome, even if we already have a site, and even if your site wasn’t built on WordPress.com. We know you’re busy, so if we can’t make a live event, you’ll be means to watch a recording of a webinar on our YouTube channel.

Live assemblage is limited, so be certain to register early. We demeanour brazen to saying we on a webinar!

On Working Remotely: An Automattic Reader

Friday, March 20th, 2020

How does a distributed association — a organisation of people with common business goals though widespread out around a world, representing opposite cultures, family settings, and internal health considerations — hang together during a vital health predicament like a COVID-19 pandemic?

We don’t intend to make it sound easy. And we are wakeful — from a families, a communities, a businesses we support, and a business — that many, if not most companies can't indeed work 100 percent remotely given of a inlet of their business.

For those who can transition to distributed work in a arise of this elaborating crisis, we wanted to advise ideas that competence assistance colleagues work good together even when you’re no longer all pity a same earthy space.

We’re propitious that many Automatticians have common recommendation and best practices formed on their many years of operative from home — and we’ve gathered some of these resources next to commission others to listen to and support their coworkers during a formidable and disruptive time.

Of course, from his initial post on remote work to his most new one reflecting on a COVID-19 pandemic, to his Distributed podcast and beyond, owner and CEO Matt Mullenweg is a distinguished voice on remote work and distributed culture. To send we off on a lighter note, Matt published his initial “What’s In My Bag” post in 2014 and has finished it again several times since.

We wish these resources are useful to we during these perplexing times, and that we and everybody in your communities stay safe.

WPBlockTalk: A Free Online Event Focused on a Block Editor

Wednesday, March 18th, 2020

Ready to try a possibilities with a retard editor? WPBlockTalk is a giveaway and live practical eventuality that will move together designers, developers, and other WordPress enthusiasts from opposite a WordPress community.

Topics to expect:

  • Building a retard editor: what it takes to rise a retard editor, what facilities are on a roadmap, and how we can contribute
  • Developing blocks: impulse and ideas for building your possess tradition blocks
  • Designing with blocks: learn some-more about regulating blocks to make absolute and versatile layouts and templates

If you’re ardent and extraordinary about a destiny of WordPress, afterwards this Apr 2 eventuality is for you!

If you’re bustling that day, don’t worry — all a talks will also be published on WordPress.tv for we to watch (and re-watch) whenever we like.

In a meantime, join a WPBlockTalk email list for registration details, orator and report updates, and more. We demeanour brazen to saying we online!

Announcing a New Scholarship for LGBTQ+ WordPress Community Members

Wednesday, March 11th, 2020

The Queeromattic Employee Resource Group, Automattic’s LGBTQ+ inner organization, is unapproachable to announce a grant for LGBTQ+ WordPress Community members who need financial support to attend a WordCamp flagship eventuality for a initial time. 

For those unknown with WordCamps, they are informal, community-organized events that are put together by WordPress users like you. Everyone from infrequent users to core developers participate, share ideas, and get to know any other. There are now 4 flagship events any year: WordCamp Europe, WordCamp Asia, WordCamp US, and WordCamp Latin America. We’re going to unite one member of a LGBTQ+ village to attend any of these events!

Our wish in sponsoring folks to attend an initial WordCamp flagship eventuality is that it will yield a career-enhancing event for folks to bond some-more deeply with members of a WordPress village and turn adult their possess WordPress skills to take behind into their bland life. Many of us during Automattic found a approach here by a wider WordPress village and we’re unequivocally vehement to share that possibility with folks from a LGBTQ+ village who competence not have a event otherwise. 

Right now, we’re usurpation applications to WordCamp US 2020. If you’re a member of a LGBTQ+ village and a WordPress user, we inspire we to apply: https://automattic.com/scholarships/queeromattic/  To be considered, greatfully request no after than Sunday, May 31, 2020 during 12 a.m. Pacific Time.

If we know someone who would be ideal for an event like this, greatfully share it with them! We wish folks from all over a universe to have a possibility to advantage from this new scholarship.

Power Users Rejoice: You’ve Got SFTP and Database Access

Tuesday, March 10th, 2020

Three new hosting government collection give we approach entrance to your site’s files and data.

Have a site on a Business or eCommerce plan? Now we have 3 new ways to customize your WordPress.com site: SFTP access, database access, and PHP chronicle switching give we behind-the-scenes entrance to a nuts and bolts of your site, that means some-more leisure and coherence than ever before. If you’ve ever gotten stranded perplexing to cgange your WordPress.com site since we couldn’t manually upload record changes or undo something from your database, website government is about to get a lot easier.

You’ll find all these facilities in a new territory of your dashboard: Manage Hosting Configuration.

The Hosting Configuration Screen

SFTP is a secure approach to entrance a files and folders on your WordPress.com site regulating a module on your internal mechanism like Filezilla. Some tradition plugins and themes ask we to emanate specific folders or supplement files around SFTP. While many of those tasks can be achieved with collection already built into your WordPress.com dashboard, folks who like regulating SFTP can now have SFTP entrance so they can make these changes directly. Check out a step-by-step guide to get started.

At WordPress.com, we frequently optimize your database so we don’t have to, though there competence still be times when we need an fit approach to cgange data, like cleansing all a tables combined by a plugin you’ve motionless to delete. Accessing your site’s database is an effective approach to do this. 

Database entrance is a absolute tool, so if you’re during all uncertain about operative with a database, strech out to our Happiness Engineers! If you’re unknown with databases, we can also find information on removing started in a help documentation.

PHP is still one of a pivotal languages used to build a web, and a new version, PHP 7.4, was recently released. WordPress.com sites now run PHP 7.3, that has been tested extensively opposite all of WordPress.com, though sites on Business or eCommerce skeleton can switch to chronicle 7.4 immediately. Learn more.

Since these new collection let we puncture into some of a formula and information a powers your site, you’ll find a couple for a support group right from a dashboard so we can get assistance if we need it. Have fun removing underneath a hood, energy users!

Turning a Page with Page Layouts

Monday, March 9th, 2020

Need to supplement a new page to your site though don’t know where to start? Making a code new site on WordPress.com and wish to pattern a homepage quickly? There’s a new further to a WordPress knowledge that’ll assistance with accurately that.

Let’s take a demeanour during Page Layouts! They’re pre-designed pages we can dump calm into, but wanting to confirm what to put where.

To supplement a Page Layout to your site, conduct to My Sites Site Pages and click a “Add New Page” symbol — it’s a pinkish one:

Next, we’ll uncover we a preference of layouts we can select from — there are layouts accessible for

  • About pages
  • Contact pages
  • Services pages
  • Portfolio pages
  • Restaurant Menu, Team, and Blog pages
  • and even starting points for Home pages

Here’s one of a accessible Portfolio Page Layouts, for example.

These layouts are all done regulating blocks in a block editor, that means we can revise a images, content, and blueprint all in one place. Start by replacing a default images and text, and you’ll be on your way!

You can use Page Layouts to make great-looking pages with usually a few clicks. For inspiration, here are a preference of layouts regulating a accumulation of WordPress.com themes.

What other forms of pages and designs would be useful for your site? Let us know what you’d like to see — we’d adore to hear from you!

A Crash Course in Remote Management

Friday, March 6th, 2020

Remote work is a distinguished subject lately, as people around a universe are doing their best to live their lives and keep themselves and their families protected and prepared during a COVID-19 outbreak. The impact of this conflict is felt opposite societies and cultures as good as in a workplace.  

Automattic, a association behind WordPress.com, is a essentially distributed association with some-more than 1,000 employees opposite 76 countries. I’m an engineering lead, now operative on a Developer Experience team. As Automattic has grown, we’ve schooled a lot about operative remotely and opposite time zones, and have common insights on what we see as a destiny of work on a Distributed podcast, hosted by a CEO, Matt Mullenweg. 

This week, Nicole Sanchez, a owner of Vaya Consulting and an consultant on workplace culture, and we had an event to co-present a Crash Course in Remote Management, a giveaway one-hour webinar hosted on Zoom. Nicole has formerly hold amicable impact and care roles during GitHub and a Kapor Center for Social Impact.

Nicole and we walked an intent assembly by proven practices and what they’ve schooled about leading, communicating with, and measuring a success of remote teams. Participants offering judicious questions, heading to sharp-witted discussions around:

  • Collaboration and relationship-building.
  • The cost, benefit, and ideal magnitude of bringing teams together for face-to-face communication (in general, if not as ordinarily right now).
  • Communicating and prioritizing messages opposite a accumulation of channels. 
  • Encouraging people to go outside, exercise, spend time with family, or differently step divided from a mechanism (also famous as being “AFK,” or “Away From Keyboard”) but a fear of being judged or stress over being reduction productive.

Some companies are enlivening employees to examination with operative from home, that can feel really opposite from in-person and bureau work. If you’re meddlesome in training more, please check out a full video recording of a course:

Matt’s latest blog post, “Coronavirus and a Remote Work Experiment No One Asked For,” is also value a read. For some-more information and recommendation on COVID-19, greatfully revisit resources from a CDC, World Health Organization, and other health authorities.