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Industry Experts and Pro Bloggers Come Together to Inspire, Teach, and Help You (and Your Site) Succeed

Tuesday, July 28th, 2020

At a Official WordPress.com Growth Summit, a two-day practical discussion regulating twice from Aug 11-13, you’ll have entrance to about 50 speakers and presenters opposite 90+ dermatitis sessions and keynote conversations. The sundry lineup will interest to new and determined bloggers; professionals in tech, media, and marketing; and anyone prepared to build or enhance their participation on a web.

Event highlights embody a pronounce from Smitten Kitchen creator and cookbook author Deb Perelman; panels with Newspack owner Kinsey Wilson on a state of eccentric and internal broadcasting amid a struggling media landscape and in a age of COVID-19; and sessions with founders and member from companies and organizations like Xbox, Google, Sandwich, African Queer Youth Initiative, Out in Tech, Looka, and more.

Wondering what to expect? Here are 10 entrepreneurs, founders, bloggers, and developers scheduled to pronounce during a summit.

Jason Snell

Jason is a owner and editor-in-chief of Six Colors, a site that covers Apple, technology, and a intersection of tech and culture. Previously, as a lead editor for Macworld, he lonesome each vital Apple product recover for some-more than a decade.

In a dermatitis eventuality on calm and village with web engineer and A List Apart owner Jeffrey Zeldman, they’ll share blogging and podcasting tips, recommendation on flourishing your audience, and origination income with paywalls, stores, advertising, and more. “Membership programs can build faithfulness and yield a many eager portions of your assembly with some-more of what they love,” says Jason. “I switched to WordPress in sequence to build a richer — and some-more commercial — membership program, and a formula have been excellent.”

Tina Wells

“The 4Ps of selling — product, place, promotion, and cost — have altered dramatically,” says Tina Wells, a owner of Elevation Tribe, a village and lifestyle announcement focused on assisting women of tone launch, grow, and lead their businesses. In her dermatitis session, Tina will pronounce about formulating a selling devise for beginners and little businesses. “We’ll go behind to basis and learn how we can make a right changes to assistance your business not usually survive, though thrive.”

A business strategist and ardent entrepreneur, Tina believes in a energy of an effective online presence. “Your website is your initial storefront, and it tells a story of your brand,” she says, observant that a clever visible temperament and uninformed pattern are critical. You can see both in movement during Elevation Tribe and on Tina’s website.

Kristin Smith

“My flawlessness is what allows me to share my code with others. Being yourself — and pure — is what people see and keeps them entrance back. There’s usually one of you, and that alone is enough,” says Kristin Smith, food blogger at Krisp X Kristin and podcast co-host of At a Bar.

In Kristin’s dermatitis session, you’ll find out how she incited her passion for cooking into a renouned blog and podcast. She’ll share what she’s learned, giving we a set of actionable stairs to enthuse we to overcome your fears and get started on your website.

“Sometimes in a commencement it’s tough to see a finish line. But, keep your conduct down and keep working. Throw yourself into it, network with other likeminded people, and continue to learn,” says Kristin. “It all will compensate off in a end.”

Paul Bakaus

“The web used to be a best height for calm creation, distribution, and consumption,” says Paul Bakaus, a comparison staff growth disciple during Google. “But currently a walled garden — sealed amicable apps and platforms — are celebration a milkshake. we contend it’s time we stop vouchsafing them! We need to, as a community, work on origination a web some-more visual, frictionless, and bite-sized. Web Stories are a proceed to assistance with that, and we can’t wait for we to join us.”

In his dermatitis session, Telling Web Stories with WordPress, Paul will deliver we to Web Stories — a mobile-first apparatus that allows storytellers to emanate visible narratives with enchanting animations and tappable interactions — and uncover how we can use them on your website with a Web Stories for WordPress plugin.

Anton Diaz

“We wish to minister to an overwhelming post-COVID-19 world,” says Anton Diaz, traveler, founder, and creator of Our Awesome Planet. “We’re assisting food businesses to bond with foodies and transport destinations to rivet with travelers.”

In his dermatitis session, Anton will share a beliefs that have guided his food and transport blog for 15 years. “There are core beliefs that have helped Our Awesome Planet mount out,” says Anton. “We make certain that all a food and transport practice we underline are formed on first-hand experience, grounded on a strange vision: documenting a food and transport adventures of a family as a 4 sons — Aidan, Joshua, Raphael, and Yugi — have grown.”

Deb Perelman

Deb Perelman, a longtime food blogger during Smitten Kitchen, is a WordPress.com village favorite. What started as a food blog and side plan in her little New York City kitchen has grown into one of a many renouned food blogs on a internet, as good as a array of best-selling cookbooks.

“I only really, unequivocally suffer blogging,” Deb pronounced in an talk with WordPress.com several years ago. “I adore carrying a place where we can share what I’m operative on in an evident approach and have a review with people who are equally vehement about it, and who inspire me to try some-more things that scares me in a kitchen.” At a conference, Deb will share her story and a tour of Smitten Kitchen, from start to present.

Kim Newton

Kim Newton, a tellurian selling executive with over 20 years of knowledge operative with companies and brands, is a creator of The Intentional Pause, a plan that empowers women to follow their dreams regulating a energy of pause. “I give each lady accede — yes permission — to only stop and think,” she writes on her website. “I wish to assistance women to welcome pausing as a absolute approach forward, with intention, to grasp their dreams.”

Kim has had many successes in consumer marketing, corporate strategy, and business development, and will share her insights on selling and PR during a summit.

Chris Coyier

Chris Coyier, a co-founder of CodePen, is a front-end developer and designer. He’s also a creator of CSS-Tricks, a apparatus that’s all about building websites, mostly from a front-end perspective, and was built on WordPress given day one. “I’m a solo developer for a many partial on CSS-Tricks. Just me over here. we don’t have a bill for a imagination growth team. But we still wish to feel absolute and productive. That’s one of a things that WordPress has given to me. we feel like we can build only about anything on WordPress, and do it in a approach that doesn’t feel like a towering of technical debt that we would onslaught to maintain.”

In his dermatitis eventuality — Putting WordPress to Work — Chris will take us behind a scenes during CSS-Tricks, pity “just how absolute WordPress can be as a height to run a edition business on.”

Amy Chan

For Amy Chan, blogging supposing a trail to a edition career. Amy is a owner of Renew Breakup Bootcamp, a world’s initial dissection bootcamp, and a author of Breakup Bootcamp: The Science of Rewiring Your Heart. “Heartbreak is something that affects everyone, so people were means to bond fast with a company’s offering,” says Amy.

In Amy’s dermatitis eventuality — How we Accidentally Became a Thought Leader By Blogging — she shares her possess story, and how we can renovate your side gig into something bigger. To start, Amy says to only do it: “Stop hiding. Stop waiting. Stop perfecting. Perfection is interference in disguise,” she says. “Start a blog, launch a event, put your origination out in a world. Whatever it is, only get in a mindset of holding action. Create as a approach of being. Launch it now and rise it later.”

Danica Kombol

Danica Kombol founded Everywhere Agency to assistance brands tell improved stories by amicable media and influencer marketing. As CEO, she leads a group that works with brands to launch content-driven campaigns and to emanate suggestive conversations with supporters in powerful, quantifiable ways.

Danica also launched Everywhere Society, a network of about 5,000 determined influencers and bloggers, that powers a agency’s influencer campaigns and code ambassadorships. Her eventuality will cover blogging for purpose and profit.

Browse a bulletin for all sessions, demos, and talks. Buy your sheet now for early bird pricing of $79, that expires after Jul 31!

Does Your Project Need a Great Name? Try Our New Business Name Generator

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2020

Are we starting a new online store? A brick-and-mortar salon? A freelance conference service? The new business name generator by WordPress.com is a one-stop apparatus to get we started with your subsequent large idea.

Choosing a compelling, familiar name is a essential step in any new project. That’s because we’ve launched a absolute apparatus that generates dozens of artistic options for your business, store, or any other venture.

The business name generator is giveaway and easy to use. Just enter one or some-more keywords, and it will beget dozens of intensity names for you. 

When we find a name we like, we can now take a subsequent step and buy a tradition domain — a web residence — that uses it. Ready to start a glossy new website for your business? You can do that with a few clicks, all but withdrawal WordPress.com.

Ready to take a business name generator for a spin?

The First-Ever WordPress.com Growth Summit Is Coming, and You Won’t Want to Miss It

Tuesday, July 21st, 2020

Join us for The Official WordPress.com Growth Summit on Aug 11-13! At a first-ever practical discussion we will learn how to build and grow your site, from start to scale. Are we a blogger looking for ways to expostulate trade and get some-more visitors? Are we a tiny business that would like to start offered some-more products and services on your site? Are we an artist or creator who would like to learn how to share your work? The WordPress.com Growth Summit will cover these topics (and many more) and yield indispensable recommendation to assistance we succeed.

The idea of this eventuality is to inspire, bond we with a collection we need, and assistance we build your community. Sessions will take place opposite 3 tracks: blogging, business, and creative. You can take sessions on any or all tracks, and they’ll concentration on 4 categorical subject areas: 

  • Site Structure Design: Make your website demeanour a best.
  • Content: Create good calm to assistance your website grow.
  • Marketing: Grow your assembly and reach.
  • Making Money: Monetize and scale your website.

Each day includes sessions with attention and business leaders, successful bloggers, and creatives, who will join WordPress.com experts for enchanting talks and hands-on demonstrations to assistance your site grow. Hear from speakers like…

You’ll also have a eventuality to bond directly with a Happiness Engineers to ask your many dire support questions. 

To stay permitted to a tellurian audience, we’ll reason a eventuality twice, with live sessions in all regions:

Americas, Europe, Middle East, and Africa — Aug 11-12, 2020

Asia Pacific — Aug 12-13, 2020

Want to learn some-more about a eventuality and to take advantage of a early-bird pricing (available by Jul 31)?

The WordPress.com Referral Program: Encourage Others to Start a Website

Saturday, July 18th, 2020

All of us know engaging people with singular talents. Some have business ideas. Others write pleasing poetry. Some are desirous to make a universe a improved place. 

If they’re not online, they should be. If you’ve ever speedy a crony or family member to emanate a blog, launch a podcast, or sell what they make online, a WordPress.com Refer-a-Friend program is your possibility to assistance them get started.

How a mention module works

With a Refer-a-Friend program, we and people in your network can acquire credits for your WordPress.com websites. When we entice friends, family, and colleagues — or even your possess site visitors — to build a website, they’ll accept a US$25 credit toward a WordPress.com plan. (Note: referrals need to be new WordPress.com customers.)

Every time someone we impute purchases a plan, you accept a US$25 credit, too! The credit will be practical within dual months after your mention signs adult and creates an eligible purchase.

Under stream pricing, a $25 credit offers some-more than 50% off a initial year of a Personal devise and some-more than 25% off a cost of a Premium plan. Plus, your referrals also accept a giveaway custom domain name for their initial year.

Here’s how to start:

  1. Log in to your WordPress.com comment and go to Tools → Earn.
  2. Locate your singular mention couple in a Refer-a-Friend section.
  3. Copy a couple and share it around email, amicable media, or content message.

Not certain what to say? When reaching out to a referral, tell them because you use WordPress.com and how we trust it will assistance them, too.

Want to send along some inspiration? Check out a websites and patron stories featured on Discover!

Unroll Your Twitter Threads Into WordPress

Friday, July 17th, 2020

Have we ever created a Twitter thread, and afterwards wished we could spin it into a blog post? You can now do it in seconds.

Writing Twitter threads, also famous as tweetstorms, can be a good approach to explain your thoughts: gripping any divide underneath 280 characters army we to concentration on your message.

Threads are good for rendezvous and remarkable bursts of inspiration. But when a thread is done, wouldn’t it be good to have a discerning approach to constraint a full review in one place — one page to read, one couple to share, all your thoughts prisoner on a website we own?

Now, when we embed a tweet that’s partial of a incomparable thread, you’ll see a new “Unroll” symbol on a retard toolbar. Click or daub it to import a whole thread into your post.

Publish a whole thread as one easy-to-read post — and given WordPress has no impression limit, supplement any additional thoughts that have popped adult in a meantime!

Originally tweeted by WordPress.com (@wordpressdotcom) on July 17, 2020.

We wish we suffer this new way to make your WordPress site a authorized place for all we tell — leave a criticism if we have any questions, suggestions for how we can make it easier for we to share calm between your site and other platforms, or if you’d like to share a couple to a post that started as a Twitter thread!

Expert Advice: Learn How to Podcast on WordPress.com

Wednesday, July 15th, 2020

Podcasting isn’t only for maestro broadcasters or celebrities. If we have a passion for a subject — no matter how niche — and wish to try your options over blogging and tweeting, cruise rising a podcast! All we need to get started is a decent microphone and headset, an internet tie — and a subsequent giveaway webinar to learn a basics.

Date: Thursday, Jul 23, 2020
Cost: FREE
Time: 8:00 am PDT | 9:00 am MDT | 10:00 am CDT | 11:00 am EDT | 15:00 UTC
Registration linkhttps://zoom.us/webinar/register/5115944218471/WN_DEIBungPRlSs4hIKhN6ezA
Who’s invited: Bloggers, business owners, and anyone else meddlesome in starting a podcast.

Your hosts, consultant podcasters and Happiness Engineers Richard and Damianne, have years of knowledge in podcasting, radio journalism, and of course, assisting a users get a many out of their WordPress.com sites. They’ll travel we by a basis of hosting your podcast on WordPress.com and adding it to a many renouned podcast directories. They’ll also share some tips and best practices on crafting a successful podcast.

Please note that to horde audio files on a WordPress.com site, your site contingency be on a Premium, Business, or eCommerce plan.

The one-hour webinar will embody a 45-minute display and 15 mins of live QA. Dustin, one of a maestro Happiness Engineers and another longtime podcaster, will also be on palm to answer questions over Zoom discuss during a webinar.

Seats are limited, so register now to save your seat. We demeanour brazen to saying we then!

Celebrating Pride Month: Perspectives on Identity, Diversity, Communication, and Change

Tuesday, June 30th, 2020

Throughout June, we’ve published a array of QAs during WordPress Discover featuring members of a Automattic team. These conversations try personal journeys; reflections on identity; and farrago and inclusion in tech, design, and a workplace. Here are highlights from these interviews.

“In a World That Wants You to Apologize or Minimize Who You Are, Don’t.”

Gina Gowins is an HR operations magician on a Human League, a tellurian tellurian resources team. In this interview, Gina examines temperament and language; communication and trust-building in a distributed, mostly text-based environment; and how her life practice have sensitive her work.

I am quite trustworthy to a tenure odd as a repurposing of a word that was once used to besiege and disempower people — it was used to call people out as problematically opposite and other. From my perspective, there is no normal and no other; instead, we are all particular and unique. Identifying as odd allows me to take honour in my possess individuality.

Language changes over time, and how we use denunciation shapes a values and thinking. In a enlightenment that is aggressively governed by heteronormative values and where it can still be dangerous and waste to be LGBTQIA+ — such as a United States, where we live — defining myself as odd is also my tiny act of defiance. It is a sign of a unchanging quarrel for acceptance, inclusion, and probity that so many people face, and a fundamental value and effect as humans.

“Reflect What Is Given, and In So Doing Change It a Little”

Echo Gregor is a program engineer on Jetpack’s Voyager team, operative on new facilities that “expand Jetpack’s frontiers.” In this conversation, Echo talks about gender identity, pronouns, and names; and how xer temperament and practice have impacted xer proceed to growth and work in general.

Earlier in my transition, we called myself “E” arrange of as a placeholder while we pondered name things. One late night, on a approach home from a party, we had a crony ask if they could call me Echo, as it was a callsign homogeneous for “E.” we immediately fell in adore with a name, and gradually started regulating it some-more and more, until we done it my authorised name.

I like that it’s elementary and doesn’t have many gendered connotations in a complicated world. we also conclude it’s imaginary origin! In a myth, Echo was a towering sprite accursed by a enchantress Hera — to be incompetent to speak, and usually repeat a final difference pronounced to her.

I consider there’s a lot of parallels in a universe to that idea. We’re partial of systems that are so many bigger than us that it’s singular any one of us can be shrill adequate to move suggestive change, to pronounce new words. But echoes don’t ideally repeat things. They simulate what is given, and in so doing change it a little. we like to try and live adult to that by bringing a bit of change to a world, not by being a loudest, yet by reflecting things behind in my possess way.

“Living My Life Freely and Authentically”

Mel Choyce-Dwan is a product engineer on a thesis team. In this QA, Mel tells us how she got concerned with a WordPress village by a prior WordCamp, about her observations of tech events as a odd designer, and about a significance of thorough design.

Show a lot of opposite kinds of people in your essay and your imagery, and don’t make assumptions. Talk to people from a communities you’re representing if we can, or review about their possess practice from their perspectives. Don’t assume we know improved than someone else’s lived experience. When in doubt, speak to people.

And don’t only speak to people about how your product should work, speak about how it shouldn’t work. Talk about how people consider others could mistreat them regulating your product. People of marginalized identities mostly have stories of being harassed, stalked, or abused on a web. We need to consider about how a products can be used for mistreat before — not after — a harassment.

“Every Person and Voice Has a Opportunity to Be Heard”

Niesha Sweet, a people knowledge wrangler on a Human League, says she feels like she was unfailing to work during Automattic. In this final interview, Niesha reflects on her Pride Month traditions and what she finds many rewarding about her HR work.

I would contend that we all have to request an additional turn of empathy, understanding, and honesty when operative together. Just with communication alone — English is not a initial denunciation for some Automatticians, and some cultures’ communication character is direct. Assuming certain vigilant and carrying an additional turn of consolation for one another allows us to effectively promulgate with any other, while also appreciating a differences. 

The prerogative that comes with a opposite workforce is that each chairman and voice has a event to be heard. Impostor syndrome is real, so some Automatticians might not feel as yet they can share their ideas with anyone during a company, yet we truly can. Our turn of farrago is truly outward of what a standard association is aiming to achieve. That’s not to contend we’re not looking to hire some-more opposite Automatticians, or boost a workforce with non-US hires, yet we’re not singular by age, passionate orientation, race, and gender identity. Diversity has a opposite definition in a lot of a countries where we have Automatticians, and that alone is rewarding. 

Learn some-more about diversity and inclusion during Automattic. We’re now employing — apply to work with us!

Editing and Enhancing Images in a WordPress Apps

Monday, June 29th, 2020

The WordPress app on your Android or iOS device is your messenger wherever we go. Manage your site, write and publish, and even supplement images to your posts — from anywhere we are. Oftentimes, a many enchanting posts embody visuals, like a photos we take on a go: cinema from final week’s walk, snapshots of your afternoon picnic, or portraits of a family with your puppy.

Have we ever indispensable to revise your images on your phone? Maybe a lighting wasn’t utterly right, or a framing and combination were off. You can now make tiny retouches right in a WordPress app, like cropping, rotating, and even adding a filter to change a mood of your photos.

Editing photos

You now have a choice to revise an image. If your print is already in a post, daub it, afterwards daub a idol in a tip right dilemma and name Edit. When you’re finished modifying a image, daub Done and a prior picture will be transposed with a new one.

If you’re adding a new image, we can revise it before inserting it into a post. For example, supplement a Gallery Block, daub Add Media, and name Choose from your device. Select one or mixed photos, afterwards in a bottom left corner, daub Edit. Edit your image, daub Insert, and that’s it!

If you’re offline, we can still add, edit, and insert new images to a post. 

Making tiny adjustments

Need to adjust or raise an image? You can now stagger a print or stand a borders:

Adding a filter or sketch over an image

If you’re regulating a iOS app, we can request a filter to your picture:

And if we have iOS 13 or later, we can also pull over an image, possibly with your finger or with your Apple Pencil:

We’re anxious about these new updates to a Media Editor! Let us know what you’d like to see in arriving versions. We’d adore to hear your feedback.

Expert Advice: Manage Your Site on a Go Using a WordPress Mobile Apps

Friday, June 19th, 2020

For many people, a go-to apparatus for updating a website is a laptop or desktop computer. Did we know, though, that a mechanism we lift around in your slot has as many energy as a one on your desk? The WordPress mobile apps are packaged with facilities that make it probable to conduct your site no matter where we are.

Want to turn a WordPress app pro? Register for a subsequent webinar, “WordPress Mobile: Your site. Your inspiration. Anywhere.” We’ll be pity bite-sized tips that will renovate a approach we conduct your site and bond with your audience. 

Some of a topics we’ll cover include:

  • How to emanate a site from your phone.
  • Using stats on a mobile app for a low dive into your site’s performance. 
  • Leveraging a activity record to keep an eye on what’s going on around your site.
  • The recently introduced WordPress editor and a ways it has revolutionized mobile calm creation. 
  • Starter page templates and how they can jump-start your page designs.
  • How to use a WordPress.com Reader to find new calm and enhance your site’s audience. 
  • Making a many of real-time notifications and alerts.

Date: Wednesday, Jun 24, 2020
Time: 10:00 a.m. PDT | 11:00 a.m. MDT | 12:00 p.m. CDT | 1:00 p.m. EDT | 17:00 UTC
Cost: Free
Registration link

Eli Budelli and we will be your hosts — we work on a WordPress mobile apps, so you’ll be training and pity with a people who are crafting your mobile experiences. No prior believe regulating a mobile apps is necessary, though we suggest a simple laxity with WordPress.com and installing a WordPress app to safeguard we can make a many from a webinar. The eventuality will cover both iOS and Android, final about 40 minutes, and interpretation with a QA eventuality (15-20 minutes), so start essay down any questions we might have, and move them with we to a webinar.

Attendee slots are limited, so be certain to register early to save your seat! But if we can’t make it, we’ve got your back. A recording of a webinar will be uploaded to a YouTube channel a few days after a event.

See we then!

Enjoy a Smoother Experience with a Updated Block Editor

Thursday, June 18th, 2020

Little sum make a large difference. The latest retard editor improvements incorporate some common feedback you’ve common with us and make a modifying knowledge even some-more discerning than before.

We’ve also updated a categories we use to classify blocks, so we can find accurately what we need, fast. Read on to learn about new changes you’ll notice subsequent time we open a editor.

Move on fast after citations and captions

Have we ever felt as if we were stranded inside a retard after adding a citation? Now, when we strike Enter or Return during a finish of a citation, you’ll be prepared to start typing in a new content block.

Quotes were a bit sticky…

Much smoother now!

Quotes, images, embeds, and other blocks now offer this smoother experience. It’s a tiny change that will save we a small bit of time, though those seconds supplement up, and reduction disappointment is priceless.

Streamlined streamer selection

Another subtle-yet-helpful change we’ve introduced is simplified streamer levels. Before, a retard toolbar enclosed a few singular options with additional ones in a sidebar. Now, we can find all accessible streamer levels right in a retard toolbar, and adjust a streamer directly from a retard you’re operative on. (For even some-more simplicity, we’ve also private a dropdown in a sidebar.)

Select a primogenitor retard with ease

Working with nested blocks to emanate modernized page layouts is now extremely smoother. Some users told us it was too formidable to name a primogenitor block, se we’ve combined an easier approach to find it right from a toolbar. Now it’s a zephyr to make picture-perfect layouts!

Filter your latest posts by author

Sites and blogs with mixed authors will adore this update: we can now name a specific author to underline in a Latest Posts block.

To prominence new articles from a sold writer, only name their name in a block’s settings.

Renamed retard categories

Finally, a subsequent time we click a + pitch to supplement a new block, you’ll notice new, discerning retard categories that make it both easier and faster to find only a retard you’re looking for.

What’s new:

  • Text
  • Media
  • Design

What’s gone:

  • Common
  • Formatting
  • Layout

You keep building, we’ll keep improving

Thank we for all your submit on how a retard editor can be better! We’re listening. If we have some-more ideas, leave a criticism below.

👋 Happy editing!