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Archive for September 24th, 2020

Hyundai and LG suppose an Ioniq interior that serves drinks and cleans itself

Thursday, September 24th, 2020

With space-saving electric powertrains apropos some-more common, and a awaiting of unconstrained pushing ostensible some-more possible, many automakers have been deliberation what a automobile interior might be like in a future. A common thought is to make it like a vital room or like your house, and that’s a take Hyundai and LG Electronics have selected for this Ioniq interior.

The companies privately stress how this interior is finished probable by electric powertrains that offer some-more wrapping flexibility. This is also because it has been branded as an Ioniq interior, given Ioniq will be Hyundai’s EV brand. The interior is atmospheric and airy, in partial interjection to a light colors and vast windows. The pattern is rather nifty with a timber building and ambient lighting, though it’s a gizmos that unequivocally set it apart.

Immediately apparent is a TV in a ceiling. It’s a 77-inch stretchable OLED LG screen, and it can change a bend and position for improved viewing. This is finished around gesticulate controls. The shade can also arrangement dual opposite things for any passenger. The core console houses a single-serving coffee builder between a seats, and closer to a building is a slip out fridge drawer for drinks and snacks. On possibly side of a fridge are compartments for clothes. One is for boots that helps dry them out and freshen them, and a other is for dress shirts and pants and a cell can apparently assistance mislay wrinkles. Finally, when a passengers leave, an programmed sweeper row slides opposite a building to mislay spills and crumbs, and UV lights irradiate to purify cabin surfaces.

While a companies didn’t discuss anything about autonomy, it’s apparent this would be a good cabin for an autonomous car, given it would yield copiousness of party for occupants that don’t need to watch a road. Of course, it would also be good for chauffeured car. And a cleaning apparatus would make loads of clarity of vehicles used in car sharing or float pity services, given it would assistance safeguard a pretty pleasing place for a subsequent users or riders.

Hyundai says it will “offer such value-added practice starting with Ioniq 5,” in anxiety to this judgment interior’s features. We somehow doubt many of these facilities will indeed be available, solely maybe some kind of cooler or mini-fridge option, generally given a Ioniq 5 will be a brand’s entry-level automobile based on a Hyundai 45 concept. But, Hyundai could infer us wrong. We’ll know for certain when a automobile launches early subsequent year.

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It’s Your Last Chance to Enter to Win a Ultimate Show & Tow Package from Dream Giveaway

Thursday, September 24th, 2020

Love classical American flesh cars? How about fully-loaded 4x4s? Then you’re going to wish to listen up, since we’ve got an sparkling esteem package we could win, pleasantness of Dream Giveaway.

Here’s how it works: each concession we make by Dream Giveaway not usually goes to advantage children’s and veterans’ charities, it also earns we mixed giveaway entries. Plus, when we enter regulating a disdainful promo formula AUTOGUIDE during checkout, you’ll accept dual times a entries for donations of $25 or more, effectively doubling your chances of winning!

But don’t check – there are usually a few days left to enter. The sweepstakes closes on September 29th. Enter now to get your tickets before it’s too late.

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Show Tow Prize Package Details

Here’s what you’ll get if you’re a leader of a Dream Giveaway Show Tow grand prize: a fully-restored 1970 Plymouth ‘Cuda, mint 2019 Ram Power Wagon, top-of-the-line Futura Pro Car Trailer, and $10,000 in Eastwood products.

It’s all to applaud a 50th anniversary of Plymouth’s entrance into SCCA Trans-Am racing, highlighted by that selected 1970 AAR ‘Cuda. This single-production-year Plymouth is a loyal gourmet car, one of usually 2,724 ever constructed – and is approved genuine by MMC Detroit, a heading Mopar authentication expert. Featuring a verified, numbers-matching, 340 cubic inch/6-pack V-8 engine and three-speed involuntary transmission, this professionally-restored flesh automobile boasts usually 58,000 miles on a odometer, and a singular All-American Racer Package, celebrating Dan Gurney’s mythological ‘Cuda.

The 2019 Ram Power Wagon, meanwhile, comes fully-loaded with all you’ll need to transport your new ‘Cuda: a heavy-duty 6.4L HEMI engine, eight-speed involuntary transmission, a All-American Hauler package, and a brood of additional cost options. (Click here for a full rundown.)

The Dream Giveaway Show Tow Package also includes a Futura Trailers Tandem Axle Pro Low Loader supposing by CompleteTrailers.com. With a super prolonged 19’8” rug and lightweight aluminum construction, it’ll take we and your cherished ‘Cuda anywhere we wish to go to uncover it off.

And, as they say, that’s not all – you’re also removing $10,000 value of rigging from Eastwood’s online store, a go-to source for DIY collection and reserve for automotive enthusiasts. Plus, if you’re a grand-prize winner, Dream Giveaway will fly we to Clearwater, Florida to accept a esteem and compensate $45,000 toward a taxes.

So be certain to enter now for your possibility to win!

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About Dream Giveaway

Since 2008, a Dream Giveaway® formula has been protected by a accumulation of 501(c)(3) free organizations for a purpose of conducting sponsored fundraising promotions. Since that time, donations perceived from millions of particular donors to these sponsored Dream Giveaway promotions have delivered millions of dollars in unlimited supports to a particular unite charities and a accumulation of extend recipients. These supports have helped yield critical assistance to veterans, hospitalized children, cancer victims, a homeless, victims of healthy disasters, and other inestimable causes.

Your concession to win a Dream Giveaway esteem to New Beginning Children’s Homes a 501(c)(3) classification (Federal ID# 27-5011514) is 100% tax-deductible to a fullest border of a law. To learn more, click here.

Your support goes a prolonged way, so enter now to present to a good cause, and secure your possibility to win this good esteem package!

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We are committed to finding, researching, and recommending a best products. We acquire commissions from purchases we make regulating a sell links in a product reviews. Learn some-more about how this works.

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2021 Volkswagen ID.4 Revealed: 250-Mile Range EV SUV Starts during $39,995

Thursday, September 24th, 2020

Tiguan-sized electric SUV will launch with 201-horsepower, rear-drive model: 302-hp AWD ID.4 arrives subsequent year.

It’s official, after roughly dual years of view pics and gossip mills operative in overdrive, Volkswagen currently pulled a wraps off a many expected launch in years, a 2021 Volkswagen ID.4 compress SUV. The all-electric VW crossover will start from $39,995 before sovereign rebates and state-level exemptions. In a state of New York a ID.4 will cost reduction than $33,000 and opposite a Hudson in New Jersey we could get a Volkswagen ID.4 for reduction than $30,000. 

Volkswagen is also charity a really assertive franchise choice with a ID.4 as well. Highly competent business can get a ID.4 for a monthly franchise remuneration of usually $379 on a 36-month franchise with 10,000 miles per year, and $3,579 down.


Volkswagen is job a ID.4 a kind of a devout inheritor to a Beetle. It does for EVs what a Beetle did for a ICE, move mobility to a masses. Also, usually like a Beetle, a ID.4 is RWD. At launch VW will offer a ID.4 with an 82 kWh battery bending adult to a 201 hp AC engine that creates 228 lb-ft of rise torque and boasts of a operation of 250 miles on a full charge.

Later in 2021, Volkswagen will also offer an AWD chronicle with a two-motor setup pulling out 302 hp.

The ID.4 will also come with 125 kW fast-charging capabilities, that can extract adult a battery from 5 to 80 percent in usually 38 minutes. A unchanging Level 2 home horse should be means to entirely tip a battery in 7.5 hours. Apart from that VW is also charity 3 years value of total quick charging during all Electrify America/Canada charging stations opposite both countries. 


Volkswagen has left for a minimalistic pattern for a cabin of a ID.4. The instrument cluster is a 5.3-inch all-digital section that wouldn’t demeanour out of place on a motorcycle. Although a tad small, it does fit a altogether minimalist pattern of a cabin utterly well.  A rocker switch to a right of a arrangement replaces a rigging push while a lights are operated by a control row to a left of a leather-wrapped, exhilarated steering wheel. 

In a bottom indication a ID.4 comes with a 10-inch hold shade infotainment screen. If we opt for a Statement package you’ll get a 12.0-inch shade along with a bound breathtaking roof, 12-way electrically tractable front seats with lumbar massage and memory function. The incomparable shade is hold and gesticulate tranquil while customary facilities embody a dual-zone meridian control, auto-dimming mirrors and exhilarated pitch mirrors and washer nozzles. 

Features like a powered tailgate, wireless charging and in-car Wi-Fi, are accessible with a Statement package only. 

As for space, there is copiousness of it. The all-electric crossover boasts of 99.9 cu-ft of interior space that according to VW is on standard with a Tiguan notwithstanding a ID’s smaller footprint. It also boasts 30.4 cu-ft of load space that can be extended to 64.2 with a seats folded down.  

Driver Assistance 

The ID.4 will come with VW’s new IQ Drive that includes Forward collision warning with walking showing and involuntary puncture braking. Also, detached from blind-spot monitoring, lane-keeping support and adaptive tour control, a ID.4 also comes with highway pointer monitoring and automobile high beams as well. 


As we mentioned before, a ID.4 will start during $39,995 before taxation credits for a ID.4 Pro trim. VW is however, is commencement a ID.4 tour in a States with a 1st Edition that is labelled during $43,995 before benefits. This is radically a Pro indication with a Statement ($4,500) and Gradient ($1,500) packages combined to it. 

Come open 2021, VW also supplement a ID.4 AWD Pro trim to a lineup as well. Prices will start from $43,695. The travel in cost will essentially be for a 302 hp two-motor setup, a Statement and Gradient packages will be discretionary extras. 

For a initial time ever, business can book their VW automobile online. It is a six-step engagement routine that will concede we to book your ID.4, in one of 6 accessible colors, for $100. Volkswagen also intends to focus prolongation of a ID.4 during a Chattanooga plant by 2022 and subsequently deliver a chronicle of a ID.4 that costs around $35,000. 

Discuss this story during a VW ID.4 Forum.

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Brembo Goes Digital, Reveals New Greentive Discs and More Efficient Caliper

Thursday, September 24th, 2020

Brembo, one of a world’s heading stop manufacturers and presumably a many iconic has announced a joining to a greener future.

The association has denounced dual new products. The initial of that is a Greentive front brake.

The name itself is a mashup of Green and Distinctive. Brembo has used something called “High-Velocity-Oxy-Fuel” (HVOF) record to give a ring of a front a new aspect coating. This new coating, according to Brembo, ensures really low wear of a front and also produces a really low volume of stop dirt thereby shortening stop emissions.

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Brembo has targeted a Greentive discs towards reward and oppulance cars, as a revoke stop dirt prolongation will assistance keep a rims cleaner. Since it is rarely corrosion-resistant, it’s also a good fit for electric cars. The Greentive discs competition a glossy counterpart finish that lend these discs a reward aesthetic. 

A front stop complement would be deficient though a caliper and a new, some-more fit front would perform improved when interconnected with an equally fit caliper. So to span with a Greentive disc, Brambo has also introduced a Enesys Energy Saving System. It’s a new braking resolution by Brembo that helps revoke stop emissions. Brembo has come adult with a new open pattern for a calipers that “reduces probable residual contacts between pads and discs while a motorist is not braking.”According to Brembo this new open helps revoke both emissions and appetite rubbish that hence helps boost performance. The Enesys complement also boundary pad and front wear thereby shortening wear and rip and also prolonging a life of a brakes. 

Along with rising dual new products Brembo also announced that that it will be relocating to a digital space as well. The Italian association has debuted a possess digital platform, called Brembo Next, in a bid to turn a solutions provider by “smart, tolerable and digital products and services.”

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Brembo CEO Daniele Schillaci had this to contend about a announcement:

“We entered into a new era, done of synthetic comprehension and large data. Our new prophesy reflects a changing times and ignites a destiny of Brembo. Our devise is to turn a truly digital company, delivering digital solutions. In that regard, we will serve strengthen a origination capabilities on a tellurian scale by a origination of RD centers of value in a categorical regions. We wish to interpose a solutions with AI and tolerable technologies, to turn an aspirational cold code for a generations to come.

We are on a goal to expect a impact of a mega trends that are moulding a automotive attention and to warn a partners by charity them solutions that are during a slicing corner of innovation.”

How Brembo intends to go about digitizing a stop investigate and growth is not transparent during a impulse though we consider a association intends to collect information from a cars using a brakes to brand areas of alleviation and innovation. 

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