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Archive for September 15th, 2020

Maserati’s "Brand-New" V-6 Engine Is Actually Based on a Ferrari V-8

Tuesday, September 15th, 2020

Maserati’s Nettuno V-6 is by no means unique

As forked out by a folks over during Road and Track, we can tell that a Nettuno isn’t a singular indent simply by looking during a central photos of a engine. First, it seems that a bottom right dilemma of a behind cover has a same shaft settlement and flanges as a Ferrari F154 engine, that powers all existent twin-turbo V-8 models. They also share a oil filter housing and ascent pattern, as good as a crankshaft pulley.

Then there are a specs. Maserati’s piece lists a 90-degree angle, that matches a blueprint of a Ferrari F154 engine. The 88mm gimlet and 82mm cadence are also matching to a V-8 that Ferrari offers in a SF90 hybrid. The banishment sequence of a Nettuno, quoted during 1-6-3-4-2-5, is a same as a banishment sequence of Alfa Romeo’s high-performance V-6 engine, also subsequent from a Ferrari F154.

The Denso alternator is used opposite a Alfa Romeo lineup, while a A/C compressor is taken from a Quadrifoglio models. The indent will also be fabricated by FCA instead of Ferrari, as it used to occur with Ferrari-developed Maserati engines in a past.

What is a Ferrari F154 engine?

The Maranello-based association introduced a F154 engine behind in 2014. The twin-turbo, 3.9-liter indent pennyless cover in a Ferrari California T, and a somewhat revised chronicle found a approach into a 488 GTB in 2015. The California engine was after used in 3 some-more cars, a GTC4 Lusso T, Portofino, and a Roma, in all cases with opposite energy outputs. The chronicle used in a 488 GTB was upgraded for a 488 Pista in 2018 and afterwards found a approach into a F8 Tributo in 2019. Finally, a incomparable 4.0-liter various was grown for a SF90 Stradale hybrid for 2020.

While a initial chronicle of a Ferrari F154 V-8 was rated during 552 horsepower, a engine was uprated to 661 horsepower for a 488 GTB and to 710 horses for a F8 Tributo. The largest iteration, a 4.0-liter in a SF90 Stradale, comes with an considerable 769 horsepower on tap.

The F154 engine also motivates twin versions of a Maserati Levante SUV and a Quattroporte GTS opening sedan. All these vehicles are offering with a 3.8-liter chronicle of a F154 engine. The Quattroporte GTS and a Euro-spec Levante GTS come with 523 horsepower, while a U.S. various of a Levante GTS is rated during 550 horses. The Levante Trofeo advantages from a many absolute chronicle of this engine, rated during 572 horses in a European indication and 590 horsepower in a U.S. variant.

This twin-turbo V-6 displaces 2.9-liters and powers Quadrifoglio versions of a Giulia and a Stelvio. Both are rated during 503 horsepower, though a Giulia GTA boasts 533 hoses.

The Nettuno V-6 has a few singular features

It now runs an 11:1 application ratio and facilities singular heads grown in-house. They underline twin hint plugs and a tiny explosion cover that is connected to a normal explosion cover by a array of designed holes, formed on record borrowed from Formula One.

Is Maserati fibbing about a Nettuno engine?

Not really. We could stay that it attempted a PR stunt. Sure, a Nettuno engine’s roots distortion in a Ferrari F154 V-8, though Maserati has finished poignant growth in-house for this powerplant and combined record that Ferrari doesn’t use during this point. But Maserati only pushed things a bit too distant with a “100% Maserati.” This matter should meant that a association designed and built an engine from a purify sheet, though there’s explanation that it didn’t. This doesn’t meant that a Nettuno V-6 isn’t a good engine. On a contrary. The fact that it is formed on a tried-and-true Ferrari engine creates it that most some-more arguable and desirable. It’s only that Maserati could have been honest about it.

Source: Road and Track

Nissan Continues Teasing New Z Sports Car, Official Reveal Sep 15

Tuesday, September 15th, 2020

Retro styling with a primer gearbox? Yes please.

Nissan has expelled another teaser video for a new Nissan Z sports car—which we consider is a 400Z. The new Z will entrance on Sep 15 and according to a video draws a pattern cues from a whole chronological Z lineup. We’ve pointed out earlier that in form it will be really identical to a strange Fairlady Z from a ’60s. It will underline a tilted fastback roofline joined with a prolonged hood and a rather brief cabin.

The new teaser also highlights that it will underline a retro trademark on a C-pillar from a strange Fairlady. The headlamps too will be an expansion of a strange design. We think that a front grille will relate a pattern of a strange Z. Lastly–design-wise during least–it will competition tail lamps desirous by those found on a 300ZX. 

But what we think is a biggest exhibit comes towards a finish of a video. It shows a palm grabbing a rigging lever. This signifies dual things: one, it will have a rigging push and not a dial. Second, and we will go out on a prong here, it will many really come with a primer gearbox, expected a six-speed unit.

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In a prior story, we mentioned that a new Z will substantially share a height and engine with a Infiniti Q60. The 3.0-liter V6 creates 300 hp in a low-pressure turbo chronicle and 400 hp in tip trims. Given that a new Z will go adult opposite a Supra, Nissan will wish to offer a latter, yet a low-pressure turbo could work as a Supra four-cylinder fighter. Also, a Supra doesn’t offer a primer gearbox that if accessible on a Z will be another indicate for Nissan. let’s keep a fingers crossed and wait for Sep 15.

Discuss this story during a Nissan 400Z Forum.

2022 Hyundai Tucson debuts with distinguished styling inside and out

Tuesday, September 15th, 2020

Hyundai probably pulled a covers off a mint 2022 Tucson currently in Korea, display off a radically redesigned compress crossover that will be sole in certain markets in dual opposite wheelbase lengths and a choice of hybrid and plug-in hybrid powertrains. Here in a States, we’ll usually get a long-wheelbase chronicle when a subsequent Tucson goes on sale in a initial half of 2021. An N Line book will be launched during a after date.

The Tucson is Hyundai’s best-selling indication globally, though it’s not personification it protected when it comes to a fourth-generation crossover’s design. Hyundai calls a latest pattern denunciation Sensuous Sportiness (yes, really), adding a terms ‘parametric dynamics’ and ‘kinetic jewel’ to a aspect detailing. There are lots of engaging lines hammered into a Tucson’s sheetmetal, arcing over a front wheels into a pontoon-like indicate that leads to a double that clearly delineates a vehicle’s back shoulder. The geometric shapes continue down a sides, with clever lines accenting a reduce sills and circle openings. Facets are molded into a front and back fascias.

The lighting clusters are likewise unique. At a front, daytime using lamps are dark in a grille openings so that they are usually manifest when illuminated. The full-width taillights also underline a half-hidden pattern done adult of triangles that seem when lit. Hyundai says it’s “distinctly different,” and we have to agree.

The front newcomer cell is divided into dual transparent cockpits, with a hoodless digital cluster directly in front of a driver. We’ll have to wait and see if glisten is an emanate on a unhooded screen. The core smoke-stack of a dashboard is done adult of dual plumb built screens that magnitude 10.25 inches apiece. There seem to be buttons during a bottom of a screens and during a front of a console between a seats. Hyundai hid many of a atmosphere vents inside a Tucson for a cleaner look. We don’t have all a Tucson’s measurements, though Hyundai says it boasts 38.7 cubic feet of load space, that puts it on standard with a Toyota RAV4 and Honda CR-V.

Power comes from a 2.5-liter direct-injected four-cylinder engine that sends 190 horsepower and 182 pound-feet of torque by an eight-speed involuntary transmission. An all-wheel expostulate complement facilities Eco, Comfort, Smart, Sport, Mud, Sand and Snow pushing modes. Hybrid and plug-in hybrid models will be powered by a 1.6-liter engine, with sum complement energy entrance in during 230 hp and 258 lb-ft.

There’s lots of tech packaged into a 2022 Tucson. Hyundai’s Digital Key allows a smartphone to be used as a vehicle’s key, with an app permitting remote starting and meridian control from adult to 90 feet away. Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto will be offered, along with connectivity to intelligent inclination outward a vehicle, such as a scrupulously versed home heating and atmosphere conditioning system. A natural-language voice-activated in-car complement called Multi-Command will also be available. Hyundai’s SmartSense reserve apartment includes all a pushing support technologies and around-car camera angles you’d expect.

There’s still a lot we don’t know about a 2022 Hyundai Tucson, though we’re certain some-more sum will filter out good in allege of a on-sale date subsequent year. Stay tuned.

2022 Hyundai Tucson Gets Dramatic Restyling, Hybrid and PHEV Models

Tuesday, September 15th, 2020

Latest Hyundai Tucson joins a compress crossover hybrid ranks, with a whole new demeanour to mount out with.

One thing’s for sure: we won’t simply mistake a new Hyundai Tucson for any other SUV on a road. The Korean automaker showed off a latest chronicle of a compress competition ‘ute late Monday night. It introduces a adventurous new demeanour for a brand’s best-selling SUV, while also bolstering a lineup with dual hybrid models.

New drivetrains aren’t a usually thing on a menu here either. Hyundai is loading a Tucson adult with copiousness of record during passengers’ fingertips as good as underneath a skin. Here’s a full relapse on a Korean answer to a Toyota RAV4.

Now accessible in dual sizes

For a initial time, Hyundai will be charity a Tucson in dual lengths, depending on market. North America will see a incomparable of a two, measuring 182.2 inches (4,630 mm) from that particular nose to tail. It’s this indication we’re saying today. The short-wheelbase indication gives adult around usually over 5 inches (130 mm) in length. Even with a combined length, a Tucson will container in between a Honda CR-V and Nissan Rogue—the latter new for 2021—when it touches down on a shores subsequent year. The Hyundai does underline a longest wheelbase in a shred however, with 108.5 inches (2,755 mm) between a axles. Height is adult reduction than an inch, to 65.5 (1,665 mm).

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No matter a market, a new Tucson will lift a same “Parametric Dynamics” styling. Last week’s teasers suggested a confidant new look, and Hyundai has delivered on that with a full reveal. Up front, Hyundai has mounted a Tucson’s daytime using lamps (DRLs) within a grille, usually conspicuous when they’re on. It’s a demeanour identical in execution, if not look, to a Sonata. The flanks are crowded of slashes and creases, visually joining a new SUV to a smaller Elantra kin yet looking like a copy.

Moving rearward, a Tucson facilities a full-width LED light frame flanked by dual pairs of diagonal, three-dimensional taillight strips. The closest thing we could review it to would be a Mustang, yet in execution a Tucson’s tail is really different. The stylish looks don’t bushel storage space either: Hyundai is quoting 38.7 cubic feet (1,096 liters) with a back seats up, hardly reduction than a segment-best 2021 Rogue’s 39.3 (1,112).

If there’s one critique to be leveled during a Tucson—and many new cars in general—it’s a miss of tone in a accessible paint palette. The gas-engined indication will offer 7 paint choices, with blue and red sitting beside several monochrome shades. Hybrid models dump a choices down to four. Interior trim, be it cloth or leather, is rendered in possibly black or gray.

Self-charging and plug-in hybrid engine options

The fourth-gen Tucson will shake adult a under-hood lineup, with a new entry-level engine and not one yet dual hybrid options. The engine lineup starts with a direct-injection 2.5-liter inline-four, rated during an estimated 187 hp and 182 lb-ft of max torque. This naturally-aspirated indent shacks adult with a customary eight-speed automatic. Meanwhile, a higher-spec choice is a informed 1.6-liter turbo engine, producing 178 hp and 195 lb-ft of twist.

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So far, that sounds identical to a Sonata—but a turbo also comes as partial of a hybrid setup in a Tucson. The electrified setup boosts sum complement outlay to 227 horsepower, and torque sees a identical lift to 258 lb-ft. A Hyundai PR repute reliable a hybrid versions uses a six-speed chronicle of Hyundai’s Active Shift Control (ASC) hydraulic-type involuntary transmission.

It’s a opposite hybrid setup than possibly a Elantra or Sonata, instead pity a outputs with a 2021 Kia Sorento hybrid. More importantly, both a horsepower and torque total obscure those of a Toyota RAV4, Ford Escape, and Honda CR-V hybrid models. Hyundai has nonetheless to announce battery sizes for possibly a hybrid or plug-in models.

All-wheel expostulate models also underline adult to 7 selectable expostulate modes: Eco, Comfort, Smart, Sport, Mud, Sand, and Snow.

The automaker also reliable a Tucson N Line is coming. An N Line chronicle of a stream Tucson strike Europe final year, yet this time a sportier trim will be accessible opposite a globe. There’s no word on either it will underline a singular drivetrain.

Digital-oriented interior

Inside, a Tucson majors on tech. It adopts an all-digital instrument row like a new Elantra, measuring 10.25 inches across. The lurch itself has a transparent two-level pattern to it, with a tip territory jacket around a doors and issuing down into a executive infotainment screen. Here buyers will have dual options: an 8.0-inch shade or—in a Tucson’s tip trim—another 10.25-inch item. Hyundai’s press recover creates discuss of wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for a smaller touchscreen: we reached out for construction on either a 10.25-inch shade would also embody a feature, and were told it’s to be dynamic in a US.

Depending on market, a Tucson will also embody Car-to-home communication with intelligent home appliances, as good as an atmosphere catharsis feature. The latter monitors atmosphere peculiarity in a Tucson and displays air-pollution levels in real-time.

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Hyundai’s Digital Key is also accessible here. The association hasn’t reliable it, yet Digital Key is expected to sojourn an Android-only underline for Tucson. The tech allows owners to digitally “lend” their keys to family and friends.

Of march there’s a full battery of motorist support features, that Hyundai dubs SmartSense. This includes aids such as programmed puncture braking with walking detection, lane-keep and follow, blind-spot perspective monitor, blind-spot warning, 360-degree camera view, automobile high-beams, and motorist courtesy warning. Hyundai’s Highway Driving Assist is also partial of a suite. Other high-level pushing aids will embody blind-spot collision-avoidance support with rear-cross trade capability, modernized journey control with stop and go functionality, and Safe Exit Warning.

Pricing and Availability

Hyundai announced a new Tucson would go on sale in Korea by a finish of this month. North Americans will need to wait until a initial half of subsequent year, when it touches down here as a 2022 model. Pricing will arrive closer to that time, yet we’re awaiting a decent strike over a stream model’s $24,875 starting price.

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