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Archive for September 5th, 2020

Czinger 21C

Saturday, September 5th, 2020

Now, before we get true to a point, a tiny context is needed. Czinger isn’t building a 21C by abiding to a unchanging automobile prolongation practices. In fact, a proceed Czinger builds a 21C hypercar competence spin out to be a destiny plans for other carmakers as well. Because besides 3D printing, Czinger came adult with a possess robotics complement that doesn’t rest on tooling.

In essence, since a 21C’s framework is designed and built regulating generative software, 3D copy and drudge assembly, a group of engineers can change things on a go, as Wired reports, though promulgation costs by a roof or postponing deadlines, that in spin could beget even some-more financial losses.

That said, let’s take a closer demeanour during a 21C.


A lot of a 21C is 3D printed. In fact, a framework is brought to life regulating this arrange of technology, practical to aluminum or titanium and churned with materials such as CO fiber. The outcome creates components such as a cessation demeanour like something Mother Nature created, interjection to a really organic appearance.

They roughly demeanour like they were planted in a ground, from where they simply grew like a plant would. One upside of this resolution is a modularity it gives to a car. Meaning, in a eventuality of a crash, we could only mislay a shop-worn sections, reinstate them with new ones, and voila, a automobile would be as good as new.

Moving on to some-more manifest aspects of a car, we should know that a 1+1 layout, typically seen in warrior jets, where a copilot sits behind a pilot, came to be for a elementary reason: Kevin Czinger is a large fan of biking and motorbikes. So he believes a sitting in that executive pushing position is optimal for, well… driving.

Otherwise, a 21C looks only like a hypercar of a size should demeanour – wide, low, propitious with aero-boosting elements, large wheels, and looks to die for. Oh, and a final empty is set adult in such a proceed (through special exit vanes) that it sends gases out (and flames, sometimes) in an X pattern. If that’s not cool, we don’t know what is.


On a inside, a Czinger 21C is really jet fighter-y. Open a thick nonetheless lightweight driver-side doorway – by a way, it opens curb-side though can be configured to open in several ways, too, depending on a marketplace – and you’re shifting behind a cockpit-like space, with only a steering circle and some screens in front of you. And that’s it. No dashboard, no core console, no delivery tunnel.

Or, if we opt to lay in a back, be prepared to widespread your legs a tiny bit and place them on a sides of a front seat. Then, you’re one cuddle divided from a driver, so we fundamentally lay like we would on a motorcycle.


The Czinger 21C advantages from a ‘super-efficient’ 2.88-liter, flat-crank, 80-degree V-8 grown in-house by Czinger. It sends energy to a back wheels. Two twin turbos are located in a vee combined by a cylinder banks and as if a 950-horsepower V-8 wasn’t adequate grunt-wise, there are dual electric motors (or modernized axial motion motors as Czinger calls them) spinning a front wheels (one engine for any wheel) with torque vectoring – so altogether outlay is 1233 horsepower.

Oh, and any engine gets a possess battery in a form of a small, 1-kWh container dark in a doorway sills. So a 21C is an all-wheel-driven hypercar, one that can strech a tip speed of 268 mph.

A seven-speed programmed primer gearbox friends to a mid-mounted V-8 (which, by a way, redlines during 11,000 rpm) and Czinger says a altogether energy outlay is 1233 horsepower for a dry weight of only 2645 pounds (less than 1200 kilos). Czinger will also offer a track-ready chronicle of a 21C, with a tip speed of 220 mph. This one is pronounced to rise adult to 1742 pounds of downforce as against to a travel version’s 551 pounds of downforce.

Final Thoughts

Each Czinger 21C scheduled for prolongation will start during $1.7 million. However, a association says that a hypercar will be rarely customizable, that tells us that a final cost for any section competence simply go above $2 million. Other than a sharp cost tab and insane opening figures, a 21C competence change how cars are done in a future. If Czinger’s innovative prolongation proceed will infer fruitful, it won’t be prolonged before other carmakers competence turn meddlesome in carrying their cars designed and built by computers, 3D printed, and fabricated wholly by robots.

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