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Archive for July 8th, 2020

2021 Hyundai Elantra N-Line Gets Angrier in Latest Teasers

Wednesday, July 8th, 2020

The small competition compress is expected to keep a stream car’s fun 1.6-liter turbo and a choice of primer or dual-clutch transmissions.

When Hyundai took a wraps off a origami-like Elantra approach back in March, we generally favourite what we saw. It’s a particular pattern that can’t be mistaken for anything else in a class. But in bland form, a new physique roughly overwhelms a standard-size wheels. Now Hyundai is teasing a N-Line version, and it folds in an combined sip of charge for a new compact.

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The Korean association expelled this latest collection of renders late Tuesday evening. The N-Line would reinstate a existent Sport sedan, sitting above a bland models though interlude brief of a full-tilt N model. The seventh-generation Elantra adopts a some-more assertive front fender diagnosis here, with incomparable reduce atmosphere intakes and a singular grille. Larger 18-inch wheels lay during all 4 corners, with triangle-textured inserts complementing a physique styling. Larger brakes lay behind a five-spoke wheels as well.

Sportier side skirts visually reduce a N-Line, jacket around to a incomparable diffuser in a back bumper. A dual-tip empty pokes out on a right side of a bumper, instead of a dark empty found on a unchanging Elantra. Finally, a pointed back mouth spoiler rounds out a look, in cat-like shimmer black.

The Korean automaker didn’t embody any interior teasers on Tuesday. All it pronounced on that front was that a N-Line would underline “signature red accents inside and out.” Expect a customary car’s tech-heavy interior, with a dual-screen setup true out of a Mercedes, to continue here.

Hyundai isn’t articulate engine sum nonetheless either. We’re awaiting a brand’s entire 1.6-liter turbo engine to container in underneath a hood however. It pushes out 201 hp and 195 lb-ft of torque in a Veloster Turbo and Elantra GT hatchback. Both also offer a choice of six-speed primer or seven-speed dual-clutch transmissions; count on a identical lineup here. We don’t design pricing to change too most either—a primer indication would expected flog off right around $25,000 before options.

As for when to design a N-Line to hold down? That’s a worse bulb to crack. The bottom Elantra will strike dealers late autumn, and rumors advise a N-Line will be a 2021 indication year automobile as well. If that’s a case, design Hyundai to indurate a sum over a subsequent few months.

2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Teaser Shows Huge Interior Screen and Augmented HUD

Wednesday, July 8th, 2020

The Mercedes-Benz flagship sedan is going a giant-screen route, and removing a garland of cold tech on tip of it.

Mercedes is stability a delayed rave to a 2021 S-Class entrance this September. This week it expelled a latest teaser image, alongside a discerning video, to announce a contingent of brief films nearing this summer. The films will try opposite aspects of a nearing limo, including a Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX), safety, and comfort.

The initial episode, nearing Jul 8, will concentration on MBUX, so it’s suitable this teaser shows a outrageous infotainment screen. The S-Class will skip over a ultra-wide setup found in models like a A-Class, relocating to a large, portrait-style shade instead. Merc hasn’t forsaken any measurements, yet it looks somewhere between Subaru (11.6-inch) and Tesla (17.0-inch) sizes.

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This MBUX expansion will now residence a meridian controls too. It isn’t transparent nonetheless if these will always sojourn in a frame, nor how customizable a blueprint will be.

The teaser episode, featuring Daimler house member Markus Schäfer, gives us a lot some-more to work with. Schäfer gets behind a circle of a S-Class plug-in hybrid prototype, saying it can transport adult to 62 miles (100 km) on beat energy alone. This is expected on a WLTP exam cycle, so we design a reduce volume for a EPA.

Easily a standout underline so distant is a augmented-reality head-up arrangement (HUD), though. The underline blends a cold protracted navigation of a stream MBUX complement with a head-up display. Instead of display arrows overlaid on a executive video, a HUD now lays them over a highway ahead. It’s a judicious subsequent step, and it should make pushing in unknown areas even easier.

Unfortunately—yet equally unsurprising—the initial teasers don’t uncover us anything we haven’t already seen of a new S-Class exterior. There’s a thinner headlights and bigger grille, yet a full demeanour of a automobile expected won’t occur until a Sep debut.

You can watch Episode #0 during Mercedes ME Media. The full initial part debuts Jul 8, that will try a latest MBUX in some-more detail. Episodes dual and 3 arrive Jul 29 and Aug 12, respectively.

Chevrolet Corvette will acquire additional stripes in 2021

Wednesday, July 8th, 2020

Chevrolet is commencement to announce a changes it will make to the eighth-generation Corvette for a 2021 indication year. It published an puzzling preview video on a central Facebook page that clearly announces buyers will have several new racing stripes options to select from, including some drawn from a model’s heritage.

“We’re adding to a legacy,” a association explained in a 14-second video (embedded below) after instructing viewers not to blink. Although that’s a usually taste of information enclosed with a clip, a footage mostly speaks for itself. It all yet confirms a 2021 model’s tone palette will embody 4 new combinations: black with red stripes, black with yellow stripes, blue with orange stripes, and white with blue stripes.

We’ve seen some of these liveries before. Several factory- and privateer-raced Corvette variants were painted in white with light blue stripes during a 1950s and a 1960s. Dozens of cars (including, many recently, Ford’s GT and Mustang) have attempted on Gulf’s famous light blue and orange look. We’ll need to wait until Chevrolet releases some-more information to learn a story behind a red-on-black and yellow-on-black options, yet a latter reminds us of a straight, freshly-paved widen of tarmac maturation towards a setting low in a Utah desert.

The preview video adds another square to a 2021 Corvette puzzle. We already know Silver Flare Metallic will reinstate Blade Silver, and Red Mist Tint Coat Metallic will surrogate for Long Beach Red. Moving underneath a body, a captivating cessation will turn a standalone option, definition buyers will be means to sequence it though selecting a Z51 opening package. And, maybe some-more important, a coupe’s bottom cost will sojourn set during $59,995 including a imperative $1,095 finish charge. Pricing for a automobile will start during $67,495.

Chevrolet competence have other changes in store for a 2021 Corvette, and we won’t have to wait prolonged to learn them since a organisation will start holding orders for a indication in Jul 2020. Its Bowling Green, Kentucky, bureau is rushing to build as many 2020 models as it can, yet a orator reliable not each sequence will be filled, and a 2021 Corvette will enter prolongation on Nov 2. Considering that some enthusiasts who systematic a 2020 will finish adult with a 2021, it’s reasonable to assume a subsequent indication year won’t move large changes.

There’s another approach to supplement a Corvette with racing stripes to your collection. Costco will shortly start offered a 2020 indication finished in Sebring Orange with resisting black stripes. It should be easier to find than a chronicle sole by Chevrolet dealers, and it will be extremely cheaper, yet a locate is that it’s about 10 inches long.

2021 Lexus LS Gets Tweaked Styling and Even More Comfort

Wednesday, July 8th, 2020

Lexus flagship sedan gets a pointed facelift, some-more motorist assistance tech and yes, finally, a touchscreen.

Lexus is tweaking a flagship LS sedan for 2021. The Japanese oppulance automaker had a digital tellurian entrance for a LS on Tuesday, display off new looks and new tech for a large four-door.

Mechanically not most has altered with a LS. The twin-turbo V6 and hybrid models continue on, with slight tweaks to both. Engineers have tweaked a gas engine for some-more torque during common pushing speeds, and a hybrid uses a battery some-more during acceleration than before. Both options still offshoot adult to a 10-speed involuntary as well, with possibly rear- or all-wheel expostulate on offer. Lexus has fiddled with a adaptive suspension, cessation bushings, and even a chair cushions to make a float even smoother too.

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You’ll need to flicker to mark a changes outside, too. The biggest giveaway is a new set of headlights. The aged Z-shaped headlights have done approach for easier shapes, with tiny notches on a reduce outdoor edges. The enormous Spindle Grille remains, with a three-dimensional filigree giving it a clarity of depth. The F Sport indication continues, and it gets a possess filigree insert, as good as a singular reduce front fender design. A opposite back fender is also partial of a F Sport treatment. The unchanging LS gets a new opening abaft of a front wheels, yet this disappears on a sportier trim too.

Lexus has crafted a new china paint for 2021 LS, dubbed Gin-ei Luster. The association used a new portrayal process for it, that includes aluminum. Lexus claims it increases contrariety and a feeling of smoothness, yet how most of that translates from cinema is adult for debate. We’d really most like to see it in person, Lexus.

There are bigger changes inside. New interior trim options embody gold root and Nishijin brocade, a 1,200-year-old normal fabric from Kyoto. Lexus says this sold pairing is meant to elicit a “path of light on a sea.” A some-more straight-forward red leather interior continues for a F Sport indication as well.

Lexus Teammate joins a lineup for 2021. The driver-assistance complement is designed to take a prick out of a daily commute, regulating a multiple of existent assists. Lexus says a complement will hoop line fortify and stretch from other cars on a road, and that it prioritizes reserve during operation. Meanwhile an Advanced Park underline can hoop all aspects of parking for a motorist (throttle, brake, and steering). Most importantly, Lexus will be means to refurbish a complement by program updates.

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If you’ve used a complicated Lexus recently, you’ll be happy to know a LS will supplement a touchscreen for 2021. The trackpad continues, yet now you’ll be means to strech out and correlate with a 12.3-inch shade directly. It allows for both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connections. The digital rear-view counterpart facilities aloft fortitude than before as well.

Lastly, a 2021 LS facilities a BladeScan adaptive high-beam complement that debuted on a RX final year in other markets. The complement uses an LED light and a fast-spinning counterpart to light a far-reaching swath of a highway ahead, while selectively avoiding approaching cars or people. Don’t design this complement to uncover adult on this side of a Atlantic, however.

In fact, given this was a tellurian debut, we’re not certain that of a new facilities a 2021 LS will underline once it lands. Sales will start in Japan late this year, so design some-more North American details, including cost and availability, some time this fall.

Why a Toyota Land Cruiser endures

Wednesday, July 8th, 2020

The logging 5.7-liter V8 underscores a old-school aesthetic. The ratings are prodigious, 381 horsepower and 401 pound-feet of torque, yet a Heritage Edition weighs 5,715 pounds. It takes a notation to get going, and a eight-speed involuntary delivery is a process shifter. The brakes are touchy. There’s a lot of pedal transport followed by a lot of interlude power. The cliche of being on your toes applies. The cessation is expectedly bouncy, that is reinforced when we jam on a brakes. we didn’t do any off-roading, yet a framework tuning is extraordinary for absolutely floating over pock-marked roads in metro Detroit. The steering is numb, charity small communication, yet branch these tasty off-road tires is still a workout. If we wish a improved daily driver, a Lexus LX 570 (same underpinnings, opposite styling, accessible adaptive atmosphere suspension) is a approach to go.

There’s zero sincerely retro about a Land Cruiser’s design. The round shapes of a headlights, a flares of a fenders, a contoured hood, a off-road tires — they all emanate an temperament — yet it’s not out of line with looks of say, a Toyota Highlander. The Land Cruiser requires we to welcome a small things, take them together and simulate on a past. Then we see it. The design, a image, a really thought of a Land Cruiser is since we buy a scarcely $90,000-Toyota SUV. In further to a pushing character, a LX’s interior is a bit nicer and we get a well-respected, if entire oppulance badge. On a other hand, consider of a Lexus SUVs. Which one is a LX? Counter that with dual words: Land Cruiser.

The moniker has been synonymous with rugged capability for scarcely 70 years. Sales volume, not so much. While 10 million Land Cruisers have been sole around a universe over a prolonged story and a SUV was an early customary dispatcher for Toyota in a United States, a association has sole only 614 of them this year by a initial entertain in America. The Heritage Edition is limited, yet we can spec one out on Toyota’s website, no problem, and it appears to be still available. Numbers don’t tell a story of a Land Cruiser. There’s copiousness of vast SUVs with off-road chops that are cheaper, some-more richly allocated and/or improved to drive. You buy a Land Cruiser since we find it out, we wish to feel something and zero else will do. Someday, there will be a improved Land Cruiser, yet this final generation, flaws and all, will be remembered fondly. Nostalgia is indeed powerful. 

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Audi Q4 Sportback e-tron Concept Has a Sexy Back and a 300 Mile Range

Wednesday, July 8th, 2020

The sexier Q4 to get protracted reality, will be significantly cheaper than a strange e-tron. Audi currently pulled a wraps off a latest electric car and surprise, surprise, it is an SUV. To be some-more precise, it is a coupe chronicle of a Q4 e-tron showcased during a 2019 Geneva Auto Show.

Technically both cars are identical. Both underline a same 225 kW twin-motor setup bending adult to an 82 kWh battery container that can propel a compress SUVs for 310 miles on a full charge. A premonition here though, it can do 310 miles usually in RWD mode; if Quattro is engaged, a operation drops to about 280 miles. The Sportback is set to go in prolongation in 2021 and a Audi coupe SUV will strech a business by a summer of 2021.

Design is simply a many defining charge of a Sportback. The pointy LED headlamps joined with a low Singleframe grille gives a Q4 an assertive front fascia. And if we had any doubt that what you’re looking during is an electric Audi, a letters e-tron on a reduce half of a front fender will transparent things right up.

Flared circle arches during a front and back supplement some-more impression and aggressiveness to a altogether design. The clever shoulder line joined with a coupe-esque tilted roofline that integrates into a rather splay spoiler creates a Sportback demeanour longer than a sibling. The 22-inch wheels and a LED bar of taillamps that run a breadth of a tailgate serve try to reaffirm a Sportback’s sporty inclination.

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As for a underpinnings, both a front and back work independently. The back engine creates 150 kW of energy while one during a front creates 75 kW. The torque total for a dual motors mount during 228.6 lb-ft and 110.6 lb-ft respectively. In addition, a back uses a synchronous engine while a front utilizes an asynchronous setup for improved torque placement between a front wheels. Finally, a AWD Quattro is an on-demand complement on a e-tron and usually engages when some-more energy is compulsory or it detects a trip in traction. It also boasts of a ideal 50:50 weight placement and a 0-62 mph time of 6.3 seconds.

The Q4 Sportback e-tron like a Q4 is also formed on a MEB electric height and stands 180.7 inches long, 75.5 inches far-reaching and 63.5 inches high. Add to that 100.9 inches of space between a front and back wheels, and we finish adult with a rather vast vehicle. Inside, space is firm to be aplenty given a e-tron doesn’t have a delivery hovel so business should design lots of legroom. The cabin will, however, underline usually 4 seats instead of a back dais so consider of it as a some-more lush electric drive. It’s not usually lush though also some-more environmentally sound (obviously) as a building is lined with recycled materials.

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It’s a no-brainer that a Sportback will be a tech-fest. But detached from a practical cockpit and a 12.3-inch HD touchscreen infotainment complement that will also underline on a Q4 e-tron, a Sportback has another pretence adult a sleeve. It will also underline a large heads-up-display with integrated protracted existence that can arrangement arrows directly on a march of a road. Plus, a hold controls on a steering circle can be configured to name a many frequently used functions.

Though Audi has not expelled a pricing details, we can guess that given these are significantly smaller than a strange e-tron twins, a cost tab will be smaller as well. We design a twins to start between $47,000 and $50,000.