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Archive for July 3rd, 2020

2022 Volkswagen Tiguan Revealed: Steady Evolution for VW’s Best-Seller

Friday, July 3rd, 2020

The 2021 Volkswagen Tiguan picks adult cues from a Mk8 Golf, including a tech-heavy interior and a new face.

The Tiguan is an critical indication in a Volkswagen group. Last year VW constructed over 910,000 of a compress crossover globally. So it’s not startling that a 2021 indication takes a careful, evolutionary proceed to updates. The new indication takes cues from another large seller in a VW lineup: a Mk8 Golf.

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The clearest Golf change is adult front. Volkswagen has stretched a outdoor edges of a headlights behind towards a front fenders. It gives a Tiguan a wider, some-more noisy face, but a full frowny demeanour of der neue Golf. The extraneous changes are distant milder over a front however, with pointed changes to a bumpers. VW has updated a interior taillight elements, and changed a Tiguan badging to a core of a tailgate, usually next a revised code logo. New colors join a paint list, and wheels will operation from 17- to 20-inch items, depending on trim.

VW has finished some-more work inside a 2022 Tiguan. Every trim turn now facilities a Volkswagen Digital Cockpit, a configurable instrument panel. The customary VDC measures 8.0 inches across, while an up-level choice bumps that to 10.25 inches. Similarly, a 6.5-inch shade hangs out in a lurch of reduce trims with a choice of an 8.0-inch model. Volkswagen’s MIB3 infotainment complement takes adult chateau in a new Tiguan, charity faster responses and wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

A indiscriminate pierce to hold controls is a biggest day-to-day change inside. Things like a (now standard) exhilarated seats, air-con, and volume are tranquil by a combo of hold buttons and sliders in a core console. Owners will be means to set mixed user profiles as well.

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In North America, a Tiguan will continue to offer a reliable 2.0-liter turbocharged engine with possibly front- or all-wheel drive. The distinct sum embody 184 (horsepower), 221 (lb-ft) and 8 (forward gears in a involuntary transmission). Europe gets additional goodies—just like it does with a 2021 Arteon—including a 240-ish horsepower plug-in hybrid and a range-topping, 315-horsepower Tiguan R.

Driver assists embody adaptive journey control and a partially-autonomous complement VW is job Travel Assist. Travel Assist uses a ACC as good as lane-keep support to keep a Tiguan travelling in a preferred direction. It functions adult to 130 mph, and can hoop stop-and-go traffic. It uses hold showing in a redesigned steering wheel, so drivers will need to keep their hands on a circle while regulating TA.

Volkswagen usually posted an considerable tip 10 finish in a 2020 J.D. Power Initial Quality Study. How all a hold controls competence impact a mark will be something to keep an eye on. We’ve got a while to wait, though. The Euro-spec, short-wheelbase Tiguan will go on sale shortly opposite a Atlantic. The US-bound long-wheelbase model, however, isn’t approaching to arrive until autumn 2021. Expect pricing sum closer to that time—so about a year from now.

The Lincoln Continental is Dead Again Because Not Even 1-Percent of The U.S. Population Wanted It

Friday, July 3rd, 2020

Poor sales and America’s adore for trucks and SUVs is murdering off a Continental

Shortly after that, Ford motionless to pause all cars in a United States save for a Mustang, murdering off a Taurus, Fusion, Focus, and Fiesta. Although Lincoln still offers a MKZ, it’s flattering apparent that a code is now some-more focused on SUVs, charity 4 graphic models from a compress Nautilus to a large Navigator. Just to get an idea, 70 percent of a U.S. car marketplace in 2019 was trucks and SUVs.

Speaking of sales, a Continental unsuccessful next expectations. During a initial year on a marketplace in 2017, a Continental changed 12,012 units in a U.S., that wasn’t all that bad. However, sales decreased to 8,758 units in 2018 and afterwards took another dive to 6,586 units in 2019. That’s next a Cadillac CT6, nonetheless another delayed seller, that changed 9,668 units in 2018 and 7,951 examples in 2019.

Things turn even worse when compared to full-size models from a German reward brands. Mercedes-Benz sole 12,528 units of a S-Class in 2019, while BMW delivered 8,823 examples of a 7 Series. Granted, Audi sole particularly reduction A8 models in 2019, though a Continental still comes fourth in a marketplace it once led. And that’s worrying given that a Continental retails from $46,305, while a competitors come with stickers between $59,000 and $94,000.

But a Continental’s bad sales aren’t usually since people cite trucks and SUVs. The full-size sedan also didn’t live adult to a judgment chronicle and many business complained about a bad interior.

The Lincoln Continental will live on in China for 2021

Although it won’t tarry in a United States over 2020, a Continental will sojourn in showrooms for one some-more year in China. That’s not startling since while sales forsaken dramatically in a U.S., Continental deliveries in China remained solid during around $10,000 units per year. But 2021 will be a Continental’s final year on any market, putting an finish to a rather brief five-year life cycle.

The Lincoln Continental left an critical mark

Although it won’t be remembered as one of a some-more critical versions of a iconic Continental, a tenth-gen indication left an critical symbol on a Lincoln brand. For starters, it reintroduced tangible names and led Lincoln’s campaigned to dump a treacherous MK nomenclature. The MKZ is a usually indication standing, though it will be dropped as good soon. Second, Lincoln schooled from a mistakes it done with a Continental and delivered improved Navigator and Aviator models and not usually cleared adult variants of a cold concept.

The Lincoln Continental could lapse as an EV

Although it’s going into a story books again, a Continental could lapse soon. Let’s face it, it’s Lincoln’s many iconic nameplate and a American code substantially won’t wait another 15 years to move one into dealerships. But it’s utterly apparent that Lincoln needs a opposite proceed and an electric indication competence be a solution.

With Ford carrying launched a Mustang Mach-E with several electric drivetrains that broach adult to 459 horsepower, maybe there’s a destiny for an electric Continental that would opposition a Tesla Model S and arriving EV equivalents of a Mercedes-Benz S-Class and BMW 7 Series.

The Lincoln Continental has a same predestine as a Cadillac CT6

The Continental isn’t a usually full-size American sedan that’s going under. Cadillac also dropped a CT6, a indication it had introduced usually a few months before a Continental. The CT6 fared a bit improved with some 36,000 units sole in 3 and a half years, though it also didn’t live adult to expectation. Cadillac stopped prolongation of a CT6 in Jan 2020, when GM kicked off a retooling of a Detroit-Hamtramck public plant for electric vehicles.

2021 Ford Bronco Will Get Primetime Debut Jul 13 Thanks To Disney

Friday, July 3rd, 2020

Ford’s hotly approaching Bronco SUV will make a entrance on TV, including ABC, ESPN, and National Geographic.

The Blue Oval is gearing adult for a outrageous new reveal. No, not a F-150; that already happened. As critical as America’s best-selling car is, Ford has another indication it wants to share with a world. We’re articulate about a reborn Bronco—and to entrance it, Ford is partnering with a titan of another industry, Disney.

The highway to a new Bronco has been a prolonged one. Back during a commencement of 2020, Ford targeted June’s Detroit Auto Show as a 2021 Ford Bronco entrance venue. Of course, a tellurian pestilence happened, derailing that plan. More recently, Ford announced Jul 9 as a day we’d finally see a new SUV. Unfortunately, a internet satisfied this was OJ Simpson’s birthday—the male arguably many compared with a Bronco after his 1994 highway follow in one. Whoops. Ford changed a date to a following Thursday, and it’s enrolled a Mouse House to assistance make a large splash.

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The American association will atmosphere 3 tradition 3-minute films shortly after 8:00 PM ET that day. They’ll uncover adult in a initial blurb mangle on 3 networks: ABC, ESPN, and National Geographic. Streaming site Hulu will underline all of them on Jul 14. In addition, Ford has enlisted Disney’s CreativeWorks dialect and veteran traveller (and director) Jimmy Chin to emanate a brief videos. Chin won an Academy Award final year for his Free Solo documentary, that was a partnership between him and his wife Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi.

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Perhaps many startling here is that Ford has called this a entrance for a “Bronco family.” This could meant we’ll see not usually a Jeep Wrangler competitor, though also a smaller, some-more road-oriented Bronco Sport. Both models are approaching to underline EcoBoost engine lineups, while a incomparable Bronco will get removable physique panels and a seven-speed primer transmission.

Coinciding with a debut, Ford will be opening adult a reservation books for a new Bronco. Interested parties will be means to put their name down for a low cost of $100.

2021 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Redeye is a 203 MPH Rocket

Friday, July 3rd, 2020

Dodge has given a four-door flesh automobile a 797-horsepower Redeye treatment, and we approve.

As certainly as a object rises, Dodge will continue stuffing ever some-more manly engines into a cars. For 2021, that includes not usually a Hellcat-powered Durango, though a Charger Hellcat Redeye we see here. With a tip speed of 203 mph, it’s a fastest prolongation sedan in a world.

It was usually a matter of time before a Charger picked adult a Redeye engine. The 797-horsepower, supercharged V8 initial seemed in a Challenger for a 2019 indication year, a closest small mortals could get to a limited-run Demon.

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Compared to a unchanging Hellcat, that makes just 717 horsepower (up 10 over final year), a Redeye engine boasts a few choice upgrades. For starters, it facilities a largest bureau supercharger out there, displacing 2.7 liters contra 2.4. It also runs a aloft boost pressure: 14.5 psi contra 11.6. Dodge has bumped a redline adult 300 rpm too, now sitting during 6,500 rpm. Finally, torque is up, to 707 lb-ft of tire-destroying twist.

The Redeye uses a Hellcat Widebody as a base, that debuted final year. It adds 3.5 inches in width, assisting cover a large 305/35ZR tires indispensable to put all that energy to a pavement. The other large change over a informed Charger pattern is a new, organic opening hood. The hood scoop, along with a grille opening and another in a circle liner, assistance feed cold atmosphere to a inspired demon underneath a hood. Dodge has fit a SRT Power Chiller in a Charger, also nicked from a Demon. It uses atmosphere conditioning refrigerant to diminution temps in a coolant pump, that afterwards flows a cold coolant to a supercharger feverishness exchangers.

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All 2021 Charger SRT Hellcat models will embody a three-stage Bilstein adaptive damping suspension, Brembo brakes (six-piston, 15.7-inch front setup), Launch Assist, Launch Control, and Line Lock. The 8.4-inch Uconnect complement also facilities SRT Drive Modes and Performance Pages, providing selectable, customizable expostulate modes and real-time opening data, respectively.

Laguna leather seats are customary in a Hellcat for 2021. There’s also an Alcantara coming package that trims a chair inserts in a suede-like material. A smattering of Redeye logos peppers a interior, while a speedo noted to 220 mph teases a driver.

2021 Charger buyers will have a operation of 13 extraneous colors to select from, including Go Mango, TorRed, and Hellraisin. Dual racing stripes are also accessible in red, blue, silver, gray or carbon. An discretionary Satin Black coming package is what you’d expect: a hand-painted black hood, roof, spoiler and decklid.

Your accessible Dodge play will start holding orders for a 2021 Charger lineup this fall. Deliveries, including a Redeye, will start in early 2021.

2020 Dodge Challenger SRT Super Stock is a Diet Demon

Friday, July 3rd, 2020

American code inches a flesh automobile closer to a limited-run Demon with drag-focused, 807-horsepower 2020 Dodge Challenger SRT Super Stock.

Dodge didn’t extent a courtesy to a four-door models this week. No, in credentials for a holiday weekend, it suggested not usually a Durango Hellcat and Charger Redeye, though this, a 807-horsepower Challenger Super Stock.

The Super Stock gets a pretension from a drag racing category of a same name. It’s all about ordinary-seeming exteriors stealing critical opening chops, and Dodge says that’s a box with this Challenger. We’d disagree that’s half-true: while there’s no specific Super Stock badging here, a common Hellcat Redeye badging is present, and that’s frequency a low-key look. The Super Stock also gets a Widebody treatment, to softened enclose a huge 315-section Nitto drag tires during all 4 corners. The rubber wraps smaller, lightweight 18-inch wheels, that is a clearest outmost pointer that a Super Stock is done for a entertain mile.

“Ask anyone who has ever driven a travel automobile on low-profile opening tires and afterwards behind to behind on drag radials with increasing sidewall, and they will tell we a disproportion is game-changing,” pronounced Tim Kuniskis, global conduct of Alfa Romeo and conduct of Passenger Cars North America, in a press release. “The SRT Super Stock package allows a Challenger Redeye to launch harder and pick-up 3 automobile lengths in a quarter-mile.”

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The formula are dramatic. Dodge is quoting a 3.25-second 0-60 mph roll-out on a approach to a 10.5-second quarter-mile time. At a finish of a 1320 a Super Stock will be travelling during 131 mph, not distant off a 168 mph tip speed. Why so low, when a Charger Redeye is commanding a double-ton? Look to those Nitto NT05R tires.

While a Super Stock is a straight-line warrior, it doesn’t plea a limited-edition Demon’s time slips. Kuniskis explained a disproportion during a digital media roundtable:

“We do not have a (Demon) cessation in this, we do not have a weight assets in this, we do not have a trans trans stop in this, and a totally opposite cessation calibration. You’re not going to get a weight send that we got in a Demon.”

The Super Stock does come with copiousness of a Demon’s digital trickery, however. Launch Assist and Launch Control are both standard, ensuring optimal hole shots. Line Lock is here too, that engages usually a front brakes for limit burnout potential. The Super Stock also facilities Torque Reserve, that closes a bypass valve above 950 rpm to “prefill” a intake with boost. That inspired engine needs a lot of cooling, and a Super Stock comes with Race Cooldown and a SRT Power Chiller to equivocate feverishness soak.

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SRT has also given a Super Stock a singular balance for a Bilstein Adaptive Damping Suspension system. Track mode alters a cessation tuning formed on stifle position: when a Super Stock is during far-reaching open throttle, a front shocks have organisation application and soothing rebound, with a rears organisation on both. As shortly as a motorist backs off a go pedal, a cessation switches to soothing application and organisation rebound. The separate celebrity allows for softened doing though sacrificing straight-line speed. Track mode also disables traction control, though keeps fortitude control active.

A Custom mode allows drivers to collect and select preferred engine, transmission, suspension, and steering settings.

The Challenger Super Stock will not be a limited-edition model, and Dodge has already reliable it for 2021 as well. Orders open adult after this summer, and a 807-horsepower flesh automobile will start rolling off a Brampton, Ontario public plant this autumn. Pricing will be announced closer to availability.