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Archive for June 16th, 2020

2021 Ford Mustang Mach 1 is a Limited-Edition, 480 HP Track Terror

Tuesday, June 16th, 2020

Ford is earnest a many potent, track-capable 5.0-liter Mustang nonetheless with a limited-edition Mach 1.

The Mach 1 is back. Ford took a wraps off what it’s touting as a many capable, many assertive 5.0-liter V8 Mustang early Tuesday morning. The limited-edition 2021 Mach 1 uses a GT as a base, though cherry-picks choice tools from a aloft Shelby models to overpass a opening gap.

Under that classically prolonged hood is an uprated chronicle of a GT’s V8. Here it pumps out 480 hp during a heady 7,000 rpm, a same as final year’s Bullitt model. Torque peaks during 4,600 rpm, with 420 lb-ft of twist. The energy hits a behind wheels by a Shelby GT350’s Tremec six-speed manual. The gearbox gains a new rev-matching complement for downshifts. Ford has also pilfered a GT350’s oil cooler complement for a Mach 1, and stranded with a GT’s purchase and short-throw shifter.

Those that cite withdrawal a changeable to a automobile can opt for Ford’s 10-speed involuntary transmission.

This wouldn’t be a Mach 1 but an assertive extraneous look, and Ford has delivered on that front. The front finish facilities a low splitter, faux-foglight inserts in a grille, and incomparable side intakes. Ford has left for black accent pieces, including a side mirrors, behind spoiler, window trim, badging and reduce bodywork. Subtle stripes camber a flanks, harking behind to a strange Mach 1 of 1969. At a back, a party of 4.5-inch empty tips announce a Mach 1’s attainment or—more likely—departure. The whole package sits over new 19-inch, five-spoke wheels, harkening behind to a strange Magnum 500-style items.

An accessible Handling Package cranks adult a visible charge and a Mach 1’s energetic abilities. Available usually on six-speed models, it adds an additional in. of breadth to a wheels during all 4 corners, now adult to 11 inches out back. It also cribs a beast behind spoiler and tire spats from a Shelby GT500. Ford throws in a incomparable front splitter and wider front circle arches too. Stock, a Mach 1 produces 22 percent some-more downforce than a Performance Pack-equipped GT. With a Handling Package, that jumps to roughly 150 percent.

Ford will offer a Mach 1 with 8 extraneous colors, one of which, a Fighter Jet Gray seen here, is disdainful to a model, and accessible usually with a Appearance Package.

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With Ford’s aim being lane dominance, a Blue Oval has enclosed a few choice upgrades to urge a Mach 1’s continuation on circuits. There are dual side feverishness exchangers to cold engine and delivery oil, and a rear-axle cooling complement from a GT500. An underbelly vessel stretches 20 inches serve abaft than a Mustang GT PP. It smooths airflow, with Mach 1-unique changes to approach some-more atmosphere into a stop cooling ramps, improving downforce and stop performance.

Rounding out a energetic changes, Ford has propitious a latest chronicle of a MagneRide complement as standard, and mutated a electric power-steering calibration. There are stiffer lean bars and front springs, and gummy Michelin PS4 tires. Lastly, it picks adult stiffer behind bushings and a behind toe-link from a Shelby GT500.

Inside, there’s a singular instrument panel, and Mach 1s with leather interiors will collect adult an accent ribbon on a seats. The all-digital instrument cluster gets a new Mach 1 dash screen, and primer cars get a retro white evidence round shifter. A board displays a Mach 1’s particular framework number.

If we wish a Mach 1, you’ll wish to hurry: it will be a limited-edition indication when it arrives in dealerships open 2021. Expect pricing and prolongation numbers closer to that date.

The Tesla Model 3 Enters Modern Times With Wireless Phone Charger and USB-C Ports

Tuesday, June 16th, 2020

The Features Have Finally Made It In Here

When Tesla introduced a Model Y progressing this year, it came with wireless charging as standard. Considering that a underline is now accessible in cars that are half a price, it didn’t come as a surprise. However, given that a Model Y’s interior is roughly matching to a Model 3’s, it was approaching that Tesla would offer them on a Model 3 immediately. Last month, Tesla combined both these facilities on a Chinese-made Model 3s, yet a ones built in a U.S. still eluded them. But that has finally changed.

Bryan Finnegan, a owners of a mint Model 3, took smoothness of his automobile progressing this week and common images with Electrek to endorse that a Qi wireless horse and a span of USB C-ports have been versed on a U.S.-built models as well.

On a splendid side, a Model 3s made during a Fremont trickery got a cost cut of $2,000, bringing a cost to underneath $40,000. There is no word on a change in cost post a introduction of these dual features. The Chinese Model 3 didn’t accept a cost cut, though.

Final Thoughts

If we possess a Model 3s built before June, we can buy a wireless charging pad from Tesla for $125. You can even buy it from aftermarket companies like Jeda for a many obtuse price. For a USB C-ports, however, all we can do is buy a heart and use it. It apparently won’t have a fit and finish of a built-in ports.

These upgrades are many expected a partial of Tesla’s devise to boost a sales behind after a 21-percent diminution in a sales figure during a COVID-19 period. Even so, it still did improved than what a marketplace analysts had predicted. Tesla should’ve offering them a prolonged while back, yet during slightest we get them now.

What other underline do we consider Tesla should offer as customary on a Model 3 but augmenting a price? Let us know in a comments territory below.

Source: Electrek

2021 Nissan Rogue Steps Up Its Premium Game, Improves Versatility

Tuesday, June 16th, 2020

The  will offer an upscale leather interior like a Sentra and come with a horde of all-new reserve and preference features.  Nissan could have hoped for a improved 2020. It entered a year with acrobatics profits, critical government troubles and a COVID-19 pestilence has usually done matters worse for a already struggling brand. But a exhibit of a new 2021 Nissan Rogue showcases that all is not lost, and a association is operative tough to get behind on a feet.

Keeping a concentration on a Rogue— a many renouned family vehicle—Nissan has introduced a “Family Hub” to a new Rogue. A few nifty facilities embody clear buttons on all doorway handles that open any doorway away so prolonged as a intelligent pivotal is nearby adequate to a car. The behind doors now open roughly 90 degrees for easier accession and egress, and also make it easier to put a child chair in.

The child chair chain is some-more versatile than before, and we can place a chair in a center as well, permitting a adults to lay on possibly side. Nissan’s NASA-inspired Zero Gravity seats, with exquisite behind support, are behind and come with heating. The 2021 Rogue also offers a first-in-class tri-zone meridian control complement that allows behind passengers to adjust their heat exclusively from a front AC zones. Lastly, there is a motion-activated tailgate.

As for preference equipment, a Rogue is clearly aiming for a category above. You get wireless charging and a 9.0-inch infotainment touchscreen complement with wireless Apple CarPlay. The motorist gets to look during a 12.3-inch digital dashboard instrument cluster. The Rogue also gets a 10.8-inch heads-up-display. According to Nissan, a reduce trims will get a seven-inch MID compared to a five-inch in a prior model. This indicates that a digital dashboard will substantially usually be accessible on a tip trim, yet it could be an discretionary additional on a penultimate one.

In terms of safety, a 2021 Rogue will come with Nissan’s Safety Shield 360 as standard, while a new ProPILOT Assist will be accessible on a aloft trims only. Even afterwards a reserve facilities on Safety Shield are distant from scant. It comes with automobile puncture braking with walking detection, blind-spot warning with behind cross-traffic alert, line depart warning and behind involuntary braking. The ProPILOT complement adds adaptive journey control with stop and go along with Navi-link. The complement draws information from a navigation complement and uses it too delayed down for curves ramps and intersections automatically. Also, Navi-link will be customary on a Platinum and SL trims.

As for a design, a Rogue now looks utterly interesting. It seems to have taken a few pages out of a certain Korean manufacturer. Nissan has separate a DRLs and headlamps which, along with a V-motion grille, gives a face an appealing cultured though a spirit of aggressiveness. The behind finish gets a distinguished impression line above a circle arch and a tailgate pattern is purify with high-set tail lamps. The pattern looks calm and appealing. It’s not all uncover however. The front fascia comes with air-curtains and active grille shutters to assistance streamline a crossover during highway speeds.

The engine however will be carried over unchanged. It will be a same 2.5-liter four-cylinder creation 181 hp and 181 lb-ft of torque and will come corresponding to a CVT. The Rogue will go on sale in tumble this year and will expected start during a aloft cost compared to a stream car. The powertrain competence be a slightest sparkling charge of a new Rogue though what it lacks in performance, it should make adult in record and versatility, and should be a well-performing indication for Nissan.

Ford Via judgment sells during auction — to a engineer who creatively worked on it

Tuesday, June 16th, 2020

For car designers, descending in adore with your possess work, we imagine, contingency be an occupational hazard. When that work is a prolongation car, a easy resolution once a indication reaches showrooms is to go out and buy one — holding advantage of friendly, worker pricing. But when your Rembrandt is a concept car, customarily after a auto-show debate is finished it disappears into an automaker’s room or, worse, ends adult being crushed. The Ford Via judgment automobile transient both of those fates and eventually wound adult on Bring a Trailer, where it held a courtesy of Moray Callum, one of a designers who creatively worked on a project.

During a auction, Callum posted a criticism on a site giving a credentials of a Via. The pattern was to uncover a cab-forward pattern for a due Ford powertrain comprising a cross engine and a T-drive transmission. (Note that this is 3 years before Chrysler’s LH cars — a Chrysler Concorde, Dodge Intrepid and Eagle Vision — popularized a whole cab-forward idea.)

Callum explains: “The extraneous was a outcome of an inner foe where dual designs were picked and combined, a front and [the] hothouse from one, [and] a back and [the] physique side from another. These were from myself and Claudio Messale. The module was managed by my hermit Ian [Callum, who also worked during Ford during a time].”

The automobile was assembled for Ford by Ghia and done a entrance during a 1989 Geneva Motor Show, after appearing during a Chicago Auto Show. Like many judgment cars, a Via was built particularly for show, not for go. The automobile has no powertrain. Only dual of a doors open.

Those factors did not low a zeal for Callum, who pronounced “it’s one we’re all still unapproachable of.” So most so that during a eleventh hour, Callum swooped in and scooped it adult with an $11,000 bid. As one member of a commentariat remarked, “It’s tough to suppose a improved outcome.” Indeed.

2021 Lexus IS Revealed: Sportier, Modern Tech, Same Platform

Tuesday, June 16th, 2020

Lexus has suggested a 2021 IS competition sedan, earnest a some-more energetic float interjection to a nuts-and-bolts modernise of a existent chassis.

The oppulance competition sedan stage is a bustling one. Mere weeks after Acura debuted a second-generation TLX, Lexus is now display off a possess take on a formula. Meet a entirely rested 2021 Lexus IS, that a Japanese code premiered around a Facebook eventuality Monday evening.

In a area of facelifts, this is one of a many consummate we can remember in new history. Gone are the—let’s call them “unique”—headlights of a stream model, with some-more normal shapes like those of a ES and NX. The hood is reduce too, and from head-on, a new IS looks many wider than before. It is, of course, though usually by 30 mm (1.2 inches). Swing around a side and a many conspicuous stylistic develop is a hockey stick-shaped bit of disastrous surfacing. It starts usually abaft of a front wheels, afterwards kicks adult mid-way by a back doors to go adult and over a back haunches.

At a back we see a one transparent bit of styling Lexus teased before a central debut: a full-width lighting setup. The taillights are mounted utterly low, ensuing in a tall, straight case aspect that’s utterly a bit narrower than a rest of a rear. It’s many conspicuous from a back three-quarters, evoking a aged “Bangle Butt” of early-oughts BMWs.

In further to a additional length, a new IS is 30 mm (1.2 inches) longer, and a hair taller. The wheelbase stays a same.

Same Platform, But Different

As we mentioned before, this technically qualifies as a very consummate facelift. The stream car’s height remains—hey, we called it—but Lexus engineers have left few stones unturned in a hunt for softened dynamics. The group has increasing a series of coupling points, improving constructional rigidity. The formula are two-fold, according to Lexus: a IS offers softened float comfort as good as some-more manageable handling.

The group even employs new heart bolts, shedding 1 kg (2.2 lb) of unsprung weight. The new IS’ springs, A-arms, and stabilizer bar are also all lighter than before, interjection to a use of aluminum and other materials.

Lexus International arch operative Naoki Kobayashi explains a idea of a new model. “What we had inaugural in mind in building a new IS was to make it a automobile that excelled in communicating with a motorist regardless of a highway conditions or pushing situation,” pronounced Kobayashi-san. “We directed to make a new IS a Lexus oppulance sports sedan that provides high-quality roving comfort while charity a high spin of automobile control.”

To dial in a new model, Kobayashi and a growth group put a IS by a gauntlet during a new purpose-built exam facility. Toyota Technical Centre Shimoyama non-stop final year, a 5.3-kilometer (3.3 miles) badge of tarmac desirous by a Nürburgring Nordschleife. Like a Green Hell, it facilities mixed highway surfaces and thespian betterment changes—nearly 75 meters (246 feet) over a march of a lap.

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The F Sport indication earnings here, with a IS 350 model. As we likely progressing today, it uses a 3.5-liter V6 from a existent model, still pumping out a healthy 311 hp. It will be accessible with possibly rear- or all-wheel expostulate in a US; Canadian buyers will usually find a latter. Rear-drive models get a Torsen-style limited-slip differential. Lower trim IS 300 models will continue with one of dual engine/transmission combos, depending on drivetrain. Rear-drive models use a 2.0-liter, 241-horsepower turbo, lashed to an eight-speed auto. All-wheel expostulate IS 300s use a six-speed auto, and a detuned 3.5-liter engine producing 260 hp and 236 lb-ft of torque.

For a initial time, a F Sport will offer 19-inch wheels, and wider, 265-series rubber to fill a arches. A singular front fender outlines it out over a obtuse IS models, with organic atmosphere intakes next to feed cold atmosphere to a brakes. In addition, a pointed back mouth spoiler, singular rocker panels, and an F Sport diffuser set a whole demeanour off.

A Dynamic Handling Package offers an adaptive cessation and singular 19-inch BBS wheels, that trim 2 kg (4.5 lb) per corner. F Sport models with DHP also get a carbon-fiber back spoiler, side mirrors, and core console knee pad.

In sum there will be 10 extraneous tone options for a 2021 IS, with two—Infrared and Ultrasonic Blue Mica 2.0—being singular to F Sport models.

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New Tech Inside

Lexus has finally combined complicated tech to a interior of a new IS. There’s a touchscreen! There’s Android Auto and Apple CarPlay! Can we tell we’re happy to see it?

The customary touchscreen is 8.0 inches, and a “floating design” moves it 80 mm (3.1 inches) closer to a driver. Opt for navigation and it expands to 10.3 inches. This wouldn’t be a Lexus though a Mark Levinson sound complement option, and it earnings for 2021. The discretionary setup is now adult to 17 speakers, and an considerable 1,800 watts.

In contrariety with a new tech, many of a interior’s simple pattern is apparently carried over from a existent car. Some opening shapes have changed, and naturally a infotainment has moved, though other than that it’s recognizably IS. The customary seating element is mistake leather, with genuine cow still available—and yes, in red too. F Sport models get customary exhilarated and cooled front seats, though each trim gets a 10-way power-adjustable motorist chair (and 8-way for passengers).

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New Lexus Safety System+ 2.5

Lexus is regulating a IS to entrance a latest expansion of a apartment of motorist assists, dubbed Lexus Safety System+ (LSS+). The 2.5 iteration is customary on all models, and packs in frontal collision warning, involuntary puncture braking, and walking and cyclist detection. Improved sensors dilate a operation of showing during intersections. Dynamic journey control can rivet from 30 mph (50 km/h), after that it can come to a finish stop and restart all on a own. The journey control now works in multiple with a spin signals on a highway; when a motorist signals from behind a slower car, a IS will automatically speed adult to make a line change.

Lane depart alert, blind mark monitoring, back cross-traffic alert, and involuntary high beams are all enclosed in LSS+ 2.5.

Is this estimable facelift adequate to keep a IS in a hunt for competition sedan supremacy? We’d be fibbing if we pronounced we weren’t somewhat unhappy with a recycled chassis, though don’t blink a interest of those new good looks, and a present tech. Lexus is targeting an autumn recover for a new IS; design pricing sum closer to a finish of summer.