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Archive for June 1st, 2020

Celebrating Pride Month with Out in Tech

Monday, June 1st, 2020

Happy Pride Month! Last year, we common resources and highlighted organizations doing overwhelming work in a LGBTQ+ community. This year, I’m vehement to tell we some-more about Out in Tech, an classification that Automattic has partnered with for a past 4 years. I’m unapproachable to contend that this year, a Queeromattic Employee Resource Group — an employee-led common for LGBTQ+ initiatives during Automattic — is co-sponsoring this partnership for a initial time. 

“We’re a tellurian nonprofit village of 40,000 members operative toward a universe in that LGBTQ+ people are empowered, well-represented in a tech industry, and have full agency, from novice to CEO,” says Gary Goldman, a Senior Program Director of Out in Tech. As a Queeromattic Lead, I’ve been advantageous to advantage from a smashing and lenient village Out in Tech has combined by their Qorporate Roundtables, vibrant Slack community, and virtual hangouts in light of COVID-19. It brings me good fun to share some-more about Out In Tech with we all in this new talk with Gary. 

Q. Tell us a bit about yourself! How do we identify? How did we get started with Out in Tech?

I brand as a cisgender happy man. Before Out in Tech, we worked as a United Nations consultant for 5 years in information management. During that time, we was a proffer for Out in Tech as conduct of a New York chapter. It has been a dream come loyal to transition to being a staff member and work for my actual favorite classification out there. 

Q. Can we share any sparkling things Out in Tech has designed for Pride?

The unsung heroes of a LGBTQ+ village are a activists operative on a belligerent in a 70+ countries where being odd is bootleg (and infrequently even punishable by death). 

On Jun 20, we’ll be building WordPress.com websites for 10 implausible organizations in these countries; they’re formulation on regulating these sites to disciple for process change, grow their community, and fundraise.

We’re also hosting a practical Pride array a second week of Jun for those operative in patron knowledge (June 10) as good as a day of workshops for folks now navigating a pursuit marketplace (June 13).  To learn more, revisit outintech.com.

Q. Is there one chairman you’ve helped over a years (or a plan you’ve worked on) that stands out in your memory?

I’ve beheld that a lot of people in a LGBTQ+ tech village have been fervent to precedence their skills to make a universe a improved place. 

Derrick Reyes was an early target of a Out in Tech Coding Scholarship. Since graduating, they’ve been leveraging their new skills to emanate an implausible association called Queerly Health, that helps we find and book LGBTQ+ accessible health and wellness practitioners. It was a genuine full-circle impulse to acquire them as a panelist during an Out in Tech eventuality behind in January. 

Q. Has partnering with Automattic helped your work?

This partnership has done all a disproportion in Out in Tech’s work, and that’s not an understatement. When we was a United Nations consultant, we trafficked to dozens of countries where being LGBTQ+ is outlawed, and where activists indispensable a digital height to amplify their voices. 

WordPress incited that prophesy into a reality. 

Since 2017, a Out in Tech Digital Corps has built over 100 WordPress.com websites for activists in 50+ countries. 

Automattic provides these activists with hosting, themes, and domains giveaway of charge. We also have Automatticians support us technically during a Digital Corps build days — a special shout-out to Mindy Postoff, who has been to over 10 build days!

Simply put, Out in Tech is powered by Automattic, and we’re impossibly beholden to Marlene Ho, Megan Marcel, and Matt Mullenweg for creation it all happen. 

Q. In this time when organizations have pivoted to digital events, can we tell us about your virtual events and other ways to participate in your community?  

Out in Tech’s goal is to emanate opportunities for a members to allege their careers, grow their networks, and precedence tech for amicable change. During COVID-19, we’re still doing usually that — though digitally. 

Every week, members have an event to hear from dozens of companies that are actively employing and to network with any other during Queer and Trans People of Color (QTPOC) socials and even RuPaul’s Drag Race observation parties. We also have practical events featuring distinguished LGBTQ+ tech leaders, such as Arlan Hamilton, a owner of Backstage Capital, and Jeff Titterton, a arch selling officer of Zendesk. 

When it comes to leveraging tech for amicable change, 100 volunteers built websites for organizations in Senegal, Uganda, Nigeria, and Zimbabwe (among others), and we’re doing it again in June. This spring, a mentorship module connected 83 LGBTQ+ girl to tech mentors for 8 weeks. They’re graduating during a finish of this month, and we wish some of we reading this will sinecure them as interns!

Q. What do we demeanour for when partnering with organizations and LGBTQ+ activists around a world?

Out in Tech accepts applications from LGBTQ+ groups on each continent on a rolling basis. When a Digital Corps care group reviews applications, they consider 4 categorical criteria: 

  • Does a LGBTQ+ classification have a good reason for wanting a website? This can operation from wanting to crowdsource submit from a village to requesting for grants. 
  • Do they already have a website and usually need a revamp? We usually name organizations who possibly do not have an existent web presence, or whose website is really severe to navigate. 
  • Has a classification been around for some-more than one year? We wish to safeguard that a groups we support are determined and are going to hang around for a prolonged transport after we build their glossy new website. 
  • Does a classification have during slightest a few volunteers to keep a website active and adult to date once we broach a user beam to them? We frequently lane and guard that sites are active and how they’re being used.  This helps us to invariably urge a efforts to combine a tellurian LGBTQ+ community.

Community is so important, generally in these times, and I’m doubly grateful for people like Gary who have helped a LGBTQ+ village sojourn strong. What organizations are we celebrating this month? How are we formulating village from afar? Share in a comments below!

At WordPress.com, we essay to be a height that democratizes edition so that anyone can share their stories regardless of income, gender, politics, language, or where they live in a world. This month is a good sign for because we work tough to enhance a open web.

2021 Lexus IS Teased, Debut On Jun 9th

Monday, June 1st, 2020

New Lexus IS competence come with a Supra engine and a naturally aspirated V8.

It is now central that a GS has been dropped due to gloomy sales. A name few saw a value of an RWD ES sedan. But Lexus’s other renouned models like a IS infantryman on. Lexus has expelled a teaser to announce a entrance date of a all-new IS compress executive sedan. The teaser came out of a self-evident blue, so there is no clarity on a technical specifications or even what a automobile will demeanour like. All we now know is that it will have a red LED bar using a length of a tail of a car. A diffuser is also faintly visible.

SEE ALSO: 2017 Lexus IS 300 AWD Review

As we mentioned earlier, technical information is nonetheless unavailable. But a four-cylinder powertrain will substantially be carried over and upgraded for aloft output. And RWD will be customary while AWD will be on offer as well. It is over this indicate that we are in a unknown. There have also been rumors that Lexus competence steal a Supra’s BMW inline-six. In addition, a gossip indent is also abundant with a matter that a 5.0-liter V8 from a RC competence energy a IS as well. If that does happen, a IS will have V8 energy after an roughly 10-year absence.

At this point, we would adore to contend that given a IS has never had a hybrid before, Lexus competence be mulling a idea. But we wish a association sticks to a guns of gripping a IS as a competition model. And usually introduces a hybrid complement if it enhances performance.

The Best Racing Games of All Time

Monday, June 1st, 2020

Daytona USA

Anybody who grew adult in a 1990s knows about Daytona USA. It was a decisive arcade racing diversion of that decade, and no other diversion even comes close. Daytona USA didn’t usually give we a possibility to exam your pulling skills opposite adult 7 of your friends, yet it was one of a initial automobile games that done we feel like we were pulling a automobile and not usually haphazardly dire pointless buttons on your controller. How many of us played this diversion and subconsciously directed a bodies in a instruction of a shifting cars, as if some hypothetical g force was pulling us in that direction? Daytona USA altered people’s expectations of what an arcade automobile racing diversion could be, and a fact that we can still find this diversion in pointless arcade parlors speaks to a staying power, not usually as a colonize in a arcade automobile racing community, yet as an critical partial of a early preparation in automobile racing video games.

Grand Prix Legends

Someone once told me that automobile racing games of currently are a lot some-more worldly than automobile racing games of a past, creation them some-more formidable to learn and get a reason of. While there is some law to that, a worldly inlet of today’s games is some-more due to a enrichment of record in a gaming sphere. The diversion difficulty, on a other hand, is subjective, given there is no singular automobile racing diversion that stays as formidable to master as Papyrus Design Groups’ Grand Prix Legends.

The diversion is many notable, though, for how infuriatingly formidable it is to play. The cars are period-correct in how formidable they are to control, and while that might be frustrating for gamers who cite today’s hand-holding methods, those who took a time to unequivocally learn about Grand Prix Legends’ controls will demonstrate to how gratifying it is to post a purify path on any one of a accessible competition marks in a game. Car racing games are meant to be challenging; if they’re not, afterwards what’s a indicate of personification them? Grand Prix Legends doesn’t give gamers an inch; all has to be earned.

Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec

The Gran Turismo authorization is scrupulously famous as a biggest automobile racing diversion authorization of all time — fans of a Forza authorization will substantially have a go during that explain — and that standing is well-earned. It’s been 23 years given a initial Gran Turismo on a strange PlayStation arrived. Since then, 7 categorical releases have come out, to go with 8 delegate releases.

The OG pretension will always have a special place in a hearts for popularizing a automobile simulator genre while a follow-up, Gran Turismo 2 enjoyed extensive success, too. But we’re going with Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec, that became a flagship GT diversion for a Sony PlayStation 2 when a console arrived in 2001. A-Spec had it all, folks. It didn’t lift as clever a lineup of cars as GT2 — “only” 184 cars — yet a diversion did set new standards for graphics and picturesque gameplay, holding what we were enthralled to with a initial dual games to an wholly opposite turn of gameplay and all-around enjoyment. Sure, next Gran Turismo titles have improved graphics and features, yet nothing of these games could contest with a jump in peculiarity that came with a attainment of A-Spec in 2001. Perhaps it’s not a fluke that a best-selling Gran Turismo diversion of all time also happens to be A-Spec. It’s not even close, either.

Mario Kart DS

As a automobile racing diversion palettes turn some-more worldly with a attainment of practical existence racing, it’s good to have a diversion like Mario Kart to tumble behind on when we need to be reminded that video games are ostensible to be fun. Just like a Gran Turismo franchise, Nintendo’s Mario Kart authorization has been around given a 1990s. Nine titles have been expelled since, including a many new offering, 2017’s Mario Kart 8: Deluxe, and picking that pretension in a go-kart racing diversion authorization depends as a best valid to be distant some-more formidable than we suspicion it would be. In a end, we picked 2005’s Mario Kart DS as a best pretension of a garland for several reasons. At a time of a rollout, Nintendo had already rolled out 4 successful games in a franchise. Double Dash, in particular, introduced weight classes and a commune pulling knowledge that took Mario Kart to new heights.

It’s also a initial diversion in a authorization to underline goal mode. All these factors came into play in a preference to give Mario Kart DS a curtsy over Mario Kart: Double Dash as a best diversion of a rarely successful franchise.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2

We’re low into automobile racing authorization domain here, and it wouldn’t be satisfactory to speak about a best automobile racing games of all time though mentioning a pretension from a Need for Speed franchise. Granted, not each pretension from NFS is value mentioning, yet there are a handful of games from a array that have stood a exam of time, including Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2.

Hot Pursuit 2 also injected elements of arcade racing fundamentals with an open-world component that done it one of a many fun automobile racing games of a era. It’s a empathize that a NFS authorization has been strike or skip with a diversion titles, but, fortunately, Hot Pursuit 2 was a hit. A large one during that, too.


Sometimes, automobile racing games are reduction about behaving a ideal path or violence your friends in a exhilarated competition and some-more about enjoying all-out drop in a proportions of what still constitutes a “race” in someone’s imagination. The Burnout authorization prides itself on being severe around a edges, and a approach we play it fits that mold, too. It’s not usually about winning races; it’s how we destroy your opponents as we win these races. The initial dual Burnout games laid that foundation, yet it was Burnout 3, that was launched in 2004, that done a array a domicile name in a automobile racing diversion world. A large partial of Burnout 3’s success revolves around a name, privately a “Takedown” pierce that was introduced in a diversion and has come to conclude a authorization since. The arcade-type pulling character of Burnout 3 might not be everyone’s ambience these days, yet there stays a competition of a automobile gaming star that can spend hours on finish personification this diversion usually to send an opponent’s automobile crumpled to a store on a side of a road.

Forza Motorsport 3

The Forza authorization is a usually array on this list that has dual entries, and deservedly so. Launched in 2005 with a attainment of Forza Motorsport, a authorization had to scratch a approach out of Gran Turismo’s shade in a early years of a existence. It took a while, yet a diversion that unequivocally put a authorization on a map was Forza 3, and, ironically, it was means to do it by “out-Gran-Turismo-ing” Gran Turismo.

Fans of Gran Turismo will always surveillance a franchise’s technical leverage over Forza, and while that might have kernels of law in it, Forza managed to take a fun cause of personification automobile racing games to a turn that not even Gran Turismo has been means to do. You play Gran Turismo to urge your pulling skills; we play Forza to have fun. Sometimes, we usually wish to do a latter.

Project Cars

Imagine vital in a star where you’re marred with your choice of automobile racing games. You indeed don’t have to suppose that given that’s accurately a star we live in now. Just as Gran Turismo and Forza continue their conflict for automobile make-believe supremacy, other titles from PC origins have been creation waves in new years. Project Cars is one of those games that traces a roots in a PC star yet has also found solid balance in a console universe.
This diversion is incredible, and we contend that though a suggestion of hyperbole. From a clever single-player career mode that packs copiousness of piece to a graphics package that rivals a best that Gran Turismo and Forza have to offer, Project Cars is creation a flattering damn good explain that a automobile make-believe conflict is some-more than usually a two-name race.

Dirt Rally

There’s a certain shred of a automobile racing diversion competition that cares small about open-world simulators or a contentment of exotics that are offering in those games. For these people, a loyal exam of a good automobile diversion is a approach it immerses we into a world. Dirt Rally achieves that handily, in partial given it’s a initial diversion in a Dirt video diversion authorization that unequivocally puts a concentration on a suggestion of convene racing. See, convene racing is difficult; it takes a certain set of skills to be good during it, even if it’s usually a video game. Whereas past convene games, including some of a Dirt franchise’s progressing titles, prioritized brag over all else, Dirt Rally is a return-to-roots diversion that requires a extensive volume of skill, patience, and stability to be good at. You’re not usually going to buy this diversion and assume you’ll be good during it. You’ll have to acquire your keep by hours on hours of practice. But a boon is good given when we cranky that finish line forward of a field, you’ll feel like we indeed won a genuine convene race. That’s realism, folks.

Forza Motorsport 4

The nauseating in me wanted to embody Rage Racer in this list. It was a initial racing diversion that we unequivocally sunk my teeth into, so I’m inequitable to it, no matter what others say. But this list means something, too, and it’d be an misapplication to a lot of these games if we put Rage Racer in their company. The diversion that does go on tip of this list is Forza Motorsport 4. If Forza 3 was a diversion that put a authorization on turn balance with Gran Turismo, Forza 4 was a diversion that pulled a Forza authorization forward of a rival. Simply put, this was a premier racing simulator of a prior console generation. Gran Turismo 5 and Gran Turismo 6 could lay claims to that title, yet both games had vivid flaws that Forza 4 usually didn’t have.

Were there successive games that yield improved graphics than Forza 4? Yes. Were there games that “trained” your skills improved than Forza 4? Yes. But there was no diversion that total all of these elements together in one package improved than Forza 4.

Which console is best for racing games?

The Sony PlayStation 4 and a Xbox One sojourn a dual many critical consoles for racing games. That said, both consoles are in a final stages of their lives as both Sony and Microsoft are gearing adult for a attainment of their next-generation consoles, a PlayStation 5 and a Series X, respectively.

What are a best racing games for PC?

The best racing games for PC embody a following titles: Forza Motorsport 7, Project CARS 2, Dirt Rally 2, iRacing, and Assetto Corsa. Each diversion brings something singular to a table, yet all share one thing in common: they’re a best racing games we can play in your PC

What Are a Best Racing Games with Car Customization?

Assetto Corsa, iRacing, and Forza Horizon 4 mount out as 3 games that offer a best in automobile customization experience. Play any of these 3 games and we not usually get to tweak your automobile to your sensibilities, but, some-more importantly, we learn about a trade of automobile customization that we can request in a genuine world.

What are a best racing games for 2020?

The same titles offer as a same answers to this question, yet if you’re looking for another diversion detached from Assetto Corsa, Forza Horizon 4, Project CARS 2, or iRacing, we can check out Wreckfest, TT Isle of Man Ride on a Edge, Burnout Paradise Remastered, and F1 2019. These games all mount out in their possess way.

What are a best racing games for Xbox?

The apparent answer is whatever is a latest Forza diversion in a franchise. It’s one of Microsoft’s flagship diversion franchises for a Xbox. Beyond a titles from a series, Project CARS 2 also stands out as one of a best racing games for a Xbox.

What are a best racing games for PS4?

Just like Forza with a Xbox, a Gran Turismo array is Sony’s flagship automobile racing diversion pretension for a PlayStation. Other than that, some standout automobile racing games for a PS4 embody Driveclub, F1 2019, and Need for Speed: Heat.

Improved Navigation in a WordPress Apps

Monday, June 1st, 2020

An app should be discerning to use, so we can do what we need to do while you’re in a precipitate or on a go. The newest versions of a Android and iOS mobile apps are reorganized formed on how we indeed use them. Publishing and anticipating what we need have never been faster, so we can spend reduction time sport and drumming — and some-more time formulating and engaging.

How did we confirm on these changes? We analyzed a apps for pain points and hard-to-do tasks. We looked during a information and talked to people about that facilities are many critical to them. We interviewed WordPress users and showed them prototypes. All these changes come from you — thanks!

Fewer tabs for faster focus

We’ve simplified a app into 3 categorical sections focused on a pivotal things we do each day: handling your site, anticipating and reading good content, and gripping adult to date with notifications.

Your account, where it should be

People design to find comment information and settings in a upper-right corner, so that’s where it is now: get to your form and comment by streamer to a My Site shade and drumming on your photo. It’s where we design it to be when we need it, and out of a approach when we don’t. 

Start drafting, right now

There’s one symbol to daub to emanate new posts or pages. It’s big. It’s pink. It’s got a and pointer on it. It’s always there on a My Site screen, waiting. Tap it and form away!

The links we use a most, right during a top

There are a lot of things we can do with your site, though there are some things we do some-more mostly than others — check stats, revise posts, upload photos. We done links to those actions big, and we put them during a tip of a My Site screen, right underneath a some-more distinguished site name and logo.

Content discovery, your way

You’ll now see good calm from a sites we follow as shortly as we open a Reader. Use a tip tabs to switch between opposite streams of content, or slight things down with a filter bar if you’re usually meddlesome in specific sites or tags.

To see a improvements, make certain you’ve updated your app. The WordPress mobile apps are giveaway and accessible for both Android and iOS devices. If we have any questions or feedback, strech out to us directly from a app — in My Site, daub your form picture → Help SupportContact Us.

Many of we are increasingly building your sites and reading other sites on mobile devices, so we’re constantly looking for ways to make a apps easier to use. Look out for arriving changes that streamline site government and serve labour a reading experience!