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Archive for May 18th, 2020

Meet Lulu, an all-aluminum, home-built, Indy-inspired masterpiece

Monday, May 18th, 2020

We’d peril that a large apportionment of automotive enthusiasts have during some indicate dreamed of conceptualizing and building their possess car. Few of us indeed ever give it a go, and even fewer finish adult with a appurtenance that advances past a sketch house all a approach to tires attack a road. Paul Kalenian is different.

Having always been intrigued by Mickey Thompson’s Harvey Aluminum Special Indy racer from a early 1960s, Kalenian set out to work, slicing and laying out aluminum shapes until he had a chassis. Using one sole picture of a Thompson Special, he attempted to “replicate it regulating some of Frank Costin’s framework pattern ideas and Colin Chapman’s “add lightness” concepts,” Kalenian, who we were introduced to by The Kneeslider, told us.

Kalenian set adult a wooden hop regulating 2x4s, and noted where a aluminum bulkheads would line up. He used a Sharpie to snippet out a figure of any square of aluminum, afterwards sent them off to Alex Herrera to be cut out regulating a H2O jet. A welding clergyman named Skip Canfield put it all together.

To energy his race-inspired machine, that he has given named Lulu, Kalenian sourced a turbocharged four-cylinder LTG bin engine from General Motors that’s rated from a bureau during 275 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque. The engine is corresponding to a six-speed primer gearbox, and while it was creatively designed for front-wheel-drive applications, in Lulu it’s mounted behind a motorist as a constructional member. It sends energy by halfshafts that were extended an in. longer than batch to forestall a problem Lulu had with CV corner separations.

With assistance from a neighbor who is also a machinist, cessation A-arms were designed and built along with a back bellcrank complement with pushrods and a back coilovers that arc over a engine bay. Kalenian told us that one of a many formidable collection of a build concerned regulating a bureau GM wiring strap by all those perplexing aluminum pieces and pieces.

Lulu’s bodywork is also fashioned from aluminum, focussed to figure by Kalenian regulating palm collection and a tortuous brake. The seats were creatively strung adult like folding grass chairs, yet those were after substituted for all-aluminum replacements.

Some tuning work upped energy to around 325 ponies, and given Lulu weights usually 1,530 pounds wet, this is one critical opening machine. We advise scrolling by a picture gallery adult above to truly get a clarity of a work that went into this project. Kalenian tells us that vital in New Mexico — “the Wild West, where a dickey with a engine can be plated,” he says — helped palliate a routine of registration.

All told, Kalenian spent about 1,500 hours and $35,000 to build Lulu, yet he is, of course, still creation tweaks. And there’s some-more to come. Lulu 2 is now in a works, to be powered by an inline-six-cylinder engine sourced from a BMW K1600 motorcycle and approaching to import in underneath 1,000 pounds. We can’t wait to see that plan come together.

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2021 Toyota Venza Brings Back Old Name for New Crossover

Monday, May 18th, 2020

The warn second indication in Toyota’s exhibit eventuality currently was a lapse of a mid-size Venza.

If we had gamble on Toyota reviving a Venza name during today’s exhibit event, congratulations, we were right.

Today’s eventuality began with a all-hybrid 2021 Sienna lineup. Shortly after debuting a minivan, Toyota incited a sights to a second new indication for a day. Meet a 2021 Venza, that will also be exclusively hybrid-powered when it touches down in dealers this summer.

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The strange Venza was arguably a small forward of a time. Essentially a chunkier Camry hire wagon, it bridged a opening between cars and crossovers when it arrived in 2009. In a decade since, crossovers have taken over, apropos ever some-more car-like. Toyota saw an opening between a existent RAV4 and Highlander—both best sellers in their class—and has regenerated a Venza name to do a job.

Once again a Venza is a five-seater crossover, and formed off an existent Toyota. In this case, it’s a somewhat altered chronicle of a Japanese-market Harrier, that uses Toyota’s entire TNGA-K platform. That indication measures 186.6 inches nose-to-tail, creation it roughly half a feet longer than a stream RAV4. It’s a same breadth as a small hermit (73.0 inches), roving on a same wheelbase (105.9 inches) though shorter during 65.3 inches. That, along with a neatly raked back window, helps a Venza cut a many some-more thespian form than possibly of a crossover siblings—or indeed a final Venza. 18-inch wheels are customary on a LE; XLE and Limited trims get 19-inch chrome items.

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Like a Sienna, a Venza will come with usually hybrid power. A chronicle of a 219-horsepower complement found in a RAV4 Hybrid does avocation here, utilizing a 2.5-liter 4 cylinder and dual electric motors. Electronic on-demand all-wheel expostulate is standard, with a rear-mounted electric engine providing proclivity during low speeds and when a front detects slip. Toyota is targeting a total 40 mpg on a Venza LE—the same as a RAV4. The lithium-ion battery container sits underneath a back seats, that Toyota says helps a Venza grasp 36.3 cubic feet of storage space behind a second row.

Toyota is positioning a new Venza as a arrange of semi-premium choice within a seven-vehicle crossover lineup. It offers a incomparable 12.3-inch touchscreen of a Highlander for example, and Lexus’ S-Flow intelligent aircon system, that usually leads cooling atmosphere to assigned seats. The large news is a Star Gaze breathtaking potion roof, however. In a initial for a Toyota, it uses electrochromatic record to switch between pure and frosted states during a press of a button. An accessible nine-speaker JBL sound complement is also available, and during 1,200 watts is a many absolute complement found in a Toyota.

Other tech includes discretionary digital rearview mirror, selectable pushing modes, and what Toyota calls Predictive Efficient Drive. PED can learn driver-selected routes and afterwards offer feedback on when to palliate off a throttle. The Toyota Safety Sense 2.0 reserve apartment is benefaction on each trim, bundling puncture braking, walking and cyclist detection, adaptive journey control, line keep assist, line tracing, automobile high beams, and highway pointer approval together. Blind mark monitoring and back cross-traffic warning are also customary on all Venzas, while XLE and Limited supplement parking assists with programmed braking.

The Venza will join a flourishing list of larger-but-still-five-seater crossovers, like a Chevrolet Blazer and Honda Passport, when it goes on sale this summer. Toyota will announce pricing closer to a hurl out.

The 2021 Volkswagen Golf GTI is Faster On a Track Than a MK7 Golf GTI Performance

Monday, May 18th, 2020

The 2022 Volkswagen Golf GTI – A Closer Look

The Mk.8 Golf GTI will lift around a new chronicle of VW’s turbocharged, 2.0-liter, four-cylinder engine that’s good for 242 horsepower and 273 pound-feet of torque – an alleviation of 14 horsepower and 15 pound-feet over a Mk.7 GTI. This is also about in line with what a GTI Performance of a final era was means to deliver. There’s no word on a MK. 8 GTI Performance utterly yet, though we still trust it will be good for around 287 horsepower when it launches a year after a bottom GTI.
There’s also word that a Golf R Plus could moment a 400 horsepower symbol interjection to a accessible hybrid powertrain,, though that’s a story for another time.

Back to a indicate during hand, a Mk.8 Golf GTI will broach energy around your choice of a six-speed primer delivery or a seven-speed DSG automatic, both of that will be accessible opposite all trim levels. As distant as a six-speed goes, we can appreciate a 40-percent of buyers that opted for a primer on a Mk.7,
by a way.

The LSD isn’t unequivocally anything new, though a VDM is a large deal. It’s fundamentally a opening mechanism that monitors a car’s vital systems, including a active dampers, LSD, and steering several hundred times per second. It’s fundamentally like car fortitude control on crack. It can supplement braking force to certain wheels when needed, cut down hurl stiffness, and energise or tie steering input, among other things, on-demand.

While all of this helps a Mk.8 Golf GTI hoop improved than a Mk.7, it’s not all in a mechanism control.

Add in give new circle options and a discretionary Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires, and a MK.8 GTI is set to be one ruin of a prohibited hatch. So most so, in fact, that VW couldn’t assistance though demonstrate only how most improved it is.

The association took a Mk.8 GTI configured accurately like a MK.7 GTI Performance to a exam lane in Germany. So, we’re articulate about dual cars with matching energy outlay on matching tires, and as it turns out, a MK.8 GTI was four-seconds faster around a two-mile exam lane than a MK.7 GTI Performance. VW has pronounced that a Mk.8 GTI will launch a a finish of 2021 as a 2022 indication in a United States.