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Archive for May 17th, 2020

Someone Has Put More Than 1.3 Million Miles on a Lincoln Town Car

Sunday, May 17th, 2020

It takes a ardent motorist to do it

So it’s no consternation that he managed to time some-more than one million miles. However, it’s commendable that he chose to do so with a same car. How did he conduct to put so many miles on an aged sedan? Well, a tip lies in unchanging visits for imperative check-ups during a mechanic, as good as holding full advantage of Ford’s lifetime warranty. The engine and a delivery were also rebuilt, a must-do operation after a initial few hundred thousand miles.

What is a 1938 Lincoln Town Car?

The Town Car was introduced for a 1981 indication year as a full-size oppulance sedan. Essentially a reward choice to a Ford LTD Crown Victoria, it was also associated to a Mercury Grand Marquis and a sixth-generation Lincoln Continental. The first-gen indication featured a 4.9-liter V-8 engine that was rated during 140 horsepower and 250 pound-feet of torque for a 1983 and 1984 indication years.

The Lincoln Town Car was redesigned in 1990, with a second-generation indication also formed on a renouned Ford Crown Victoria. Its trustworthiness is distant from surprising, as a Crown Victoria itself is famous for being one of a toughest newcomer cars built in a United States and the prolonged career as a military interceptor and swift car.

Dyson finally unveils the cancelled electric car

Sunday, May 17th, 2020

Having famously killed off a electric car plan behind in October, Dyson’s automobile remained a poser to most, with insiders revelation Engadget that usually a handful of engineers had seen a operative antecedent somewhere in Wiltshire. But yesterday, a association chose to finally uncover off a scrapped electric automobile for an talk about Sir James Dyson — now value £16.2 billion — commanding a Sunday Times Rich List for a initial time.

According to The Times, Dyson suggested that his electric vehicle, codenamed “N526,” would have been a seven-seater with a whopping 600-mile operation per charge. This was mostly interjection to a company’s exclusive solid-state batteries, that could apparently means such opening “even on a frozen Feb night, on a disobedient side of 70 mph on a motorway, with a heater on and a radio during full blast.” Assuming that 600-mile figure is formed on Europe’s WLTP standards, it’s an considerable burst from Tesla Model S’ 379 miles and roughly doubling a long-range Model X’s 314 miles (the latter also a seven-seater).

Despite a 2.6-ton weight, Dyson’s aluminum automobile could go from 0 to 62 mph in 4.8 seconds (about half a second some-more than a long-range Model X), with a tip speed apparently reaching 125 mph (30 mph bashful of a Model X’s). This is all entrance from a twin 200kW electric motors rated with 536 bhp and 480 lb ft of torque. And yes, Dyson himself had driven a prototype, despite “secretly in a screened-off compound.”

Interior of a Dyson N526 antecedent car

In genuine life, a antecedent car shared a clever similarity to a complicated Range Rover — some-more so than a patent diagrams suggested. The sporty-looking SUV was pronounced to come in during “five metres long, dual metres far-reaching and 1.7 metres tall,” featuring a windscreen that “rakes behind some-more steeply than on a Ferrari,” as good as wheels that “are bigger than on any prolongation automobile on a market,” according to Dyson.

The Times also got to see a electric SUV’s interior, that reminds me of some of a unconventional concepts during car shows. Most notably, a surprisingly slim seats featured segmented cushions and lollipop-shaped headrests designed in such a approach that, according to Dyson, would yield improved lumbar support overall. And for a driver, a dashboard was kept purify by utilizing a head-up display, such that it “floats in front of your face like a hologram.”

It goes but observant that many of these facilities were rather ambitious for an electric car, let alone a plan itself for a association that’s some-more informed with household electrical goods and, some-more recently, haircare products. As a owners of a company, Dyson told The Times that this plan finished adult costing £500 million of his possess income before he put a stop to it. Unlike other normal automobile brands, Dyson doesn’t have a swift of essential gasoline cars and diesel cars to equivalent a “huge losses” on any electric automobile done — any Dyson electric automobile would have indispensable to make £150,000 to mangle even, according to a entrepreneur. While Tesla did post a profitable initial entertain this year, it has been posting annual losses ever given it went public.

Even yet a Dyson automobile is no more, a suggestion lives on. Dyson pronounced a 500-strong group are already operative on several other projects, and that he is open to a thought of vouchsafing automobile makers daub into his company’s solid-state batteries, that are presumably some-more fit and compress than stream lithium ion cells. As to either a association would try creation cars again some day, Dyson pronounced usually if it becomes commercially viable then. You can review some-more about a cursed Dyson electric automobile in The Times’ exclusive interview (subscription required).

This story creatively seemed on Engadget.

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Top 10 Best Used Luxury Cars For $15,000

Sunday, May 17th, 2020

You’re a useful arrange of person. You wish a oppulance car; yet you’d rather someone else compensate for a depreciation. This list is for you.

Used oppulance cars are among a best deals in a used market. They underline a cutting-edge tech of their manufacturers. The interiors have a clarity of arise mainstream marques can’t match. And for a lot of people, a badge on a nose is a matter no other partial of a automobile can match.

Most oppulance cars also strew their value during a honestly shocking rate. That creates them glorious used buys, given they don’t have most serve to fall. Buy a automobile with a purify use story and it should prerogative we with mixed years of reward enjoyment. We’ve combed by used ads to find a best deals in a used oppulance market. Read on for a picks.

10. Lexus ES 350

Kicking off a list is a Lexus model, and satisfactory warning: a Japanese code will uncover adult again before a end. Don’t act so shocked: Lexus has a long-standing repute for reliability, and that creates a cars easy picks for years of trouble-free opulence.

We start with a Lexus ES 350. Our self-imposed spending extent puts a fifth-generation indication precisely in a sights, that lonesome a 2007 by 2012 indication years. Despite a age, a fifth-gen ES boasts stats mostly identical to a stream model. It sticks to a 3.5-liter V6, promulgation a healthy 272 horsepower to a front wheels around a six-speed auto. That gives it some critical straight-line poke, yet this sedan is some-more about gliding along in comfort than figure corners.

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Standard facilities embody leather seats, twin section meridian control, and keyless entry. Stability control and ABS were also standard, with an early pre-collision puncture braking complement and energetic journey control optional. Lexus’ glorious 14-speaker Mark Levinson sound complement is value competition down too.

Years: 2007–2012, 2013 (Maybe)

Pros: It’s a Toyota, so it’s radically a Terminator of oppulance cars.

Cons: Lexus hadn’t detected pushing fun yet, pre-facelift tech is lacking.

09. Audi A3

Audi brought a Golf-sized A3 here for a model’s second generation, finish in unsentimental hatchback form. Like a People’s Car sibling, a A3 facilities a VW group’s 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder, with a choice of primer or dual-clutch transmissions. A discerning crop of a digital classifieds shows a lot of A3 TDI models out there too. We consternation why…

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The A3 blends a fundamental practicality and fun-to-drive inlet of a induce with a some-more upscale demeanour and feel of Audis. For $15,000 we competence even be means to fist into a third-gen model, yet it’ll be a bottom 1.8-liter sedan. Expect prices to tumble serve still with a fourth-gen A3 due after this year.

Years: 2010–2015

Pros: Hatchback practicality, entire 2.0-liter turbo.

Cons: Electronic hiccups.

08. Mercedes-Benz SLK

“I expostulate a Mercedes convertible” is firm to bleed nods of approval. Step brazen then, Mercedes SLK.

This small two-seater is crowded of tech, including a customary folding hardtop for increasing all-weather security. Want to expostulate around in cooler evenings? No problem, a discretionary Airscarf complement blows prohibited atmosphere directly on your neck.

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$15,000 gives we a few options here. A neat second-generation (2005–2011) SLK 350 is good within a limit, yet a fire-breathing SLK 55 sits usually outward it. If we wish something some-more modern, we can find 2012 third-generation indication right during a tip extent of a cost cap.

Why a SLK over a bigger and some-more absolute SLs and CLs out there? A v12 Merc comes with almost aloft using costs.

Years: 2005–2012

Pros: Convertible fun with hardtop security, that badge.

Cons: Engine and delivery not as strong as a prior generation.

07. Volvo S60/V60

How about a cut of Scandinavian cool? For not a lot of money we can collect adult a nearly-new Volvo, in possibly sedan or load-lugging automobile form. The S60 and V60 twin are reduction sporty than a common German compacts, yet underline relaxing interiors and some of a comfiest front seats in a business. Power came in a form of four-, five- and six-cylinder engines until 2016, after that it was all four-pots, all a time.

SEE ALSO: 2015 Volvo V60 T5 Drive-E Review

All-wheel expostulate is accessible on both physique styles. A facelift in 2015 brought in a some-more composed demeanour compared to a … astounded face of a original. For $15k both will be underneath budget, yet a progressing cars can be had in honestly fast T6 trim.

Years: 2011–2016

Pros: Cool Swedish looks, practicality.

Cons: Harsh ride, inept pre-facelift looks.

06. Mercedes-Benz C350

Another Mercedes! The second three-pointed star to beauty a list is a brand’s bread and butter, a C-Class. We’re looking during a C350 in sold here: a highest-performing indication we could get this era yet stepping into an AMG—which sadly is outward a budget.

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The C350 facilities a healthy V6, and was accessible in coupe and sedan form, with possibly rear- or all-wheel drive. While not utterly as pointy as a contemporary BMW 3 Series, a C-Class had a nicer interior, and a smoother ride. Modern pushing assists were partial of a extensive options list, including line keep assist, blind mark monitoring and puncture braking.

Years: 2008–2014

Pros: Smart V6, baby S-Class feel.

Cons: Tight behind seat, clunky infotainment.

05. Hyundai Genesis

Before it was a possess brand, Genesis was a tip indication during primogenitor association Hyundai. Produced from 2009 to 2014, a Genesis comes with a spec piece matched to nearby six-figure cars. Leather was standard, as was involuntary headlights, dual-zone involuntary meridian control, remote keyless entry, and exhilarated seats.

SEE ALSO: 2012 Hyundai Genesis Review

This first-generation indication is one of a biggest vehicles on a list, yet it can still be fun to dispatch along, generally if we find one with a V8 underneath a hood. The 4.6-liter eight-pot put out a healthy 385 ponies, yet for a best bang-for-buck you’ll wish a 5.0 R-Spec. It constructed 429 horsepower during launch, and interconnected that with upgraded rubber jacket 19-inch wheels.

Years: 2009–2014

Pros: Big, genuine oppulance feel inside, probable to fist a V8 models.

Cons: Lacks a badge acclamation if you’re into that arrange of thing.

04. BMW 335i

The BMW 3 Series stays a compress competition sedan yardstick to this day, and a E90 era is a good reason why. Available as a sedan, coupe, automobile or convertible, in rear- or all-wheel expostulate form, with possibly a primer or involuntary transmission, it’s easy to find one to fit your sold preference.

SEE ALSO: 2009 BMW 335i xDrive Coupe

A six-cylinder 3 Series is really good thing, yet we’re zeroing in on one in particular: a 335i. Featuring a turbocharged chronicle of that well-spoken 3.0-liter, a 335i pushes out 302 hp and a vigourous 295 lb-ft of torque. That’s adequate to keep comparison M3s honest, and some-more energy is easy to fist out of a engine. Just check a BMW 335i shopping guide before we lift a trigger.

Years: 2007–2013

Pros: Powerful and tuneable engine, classical BMW handling, physique character options.

Cons: Fuel siphon problems, injector issues—did we discuss that buying guide?

03. Acura TL

The Acura TL is a bit like a Lexus ES 350 progressing in a list: it’s a oppulance redo of a really mainstream sedan. In this case, it’s radically a Honda Accord with combined intrepidity and power.

This final era of TL—the TLX effectively transposed it and a smaller TSX—came with dual variations on Acura’s V6 engine. Front-drive examples used a 280-horsepower, 3.5-liter six-pot, while a all-wheel expostulate indication bumped banishment to 3.7 liters, ensuing in 305 ponies. What’s more, a SH-AWD could even be optioned with a six-speed manual, and 245-series, 19-inch summer tires.

SEE ALSO: 2013 Acura TL Review

While a in-car tech dates a TL, it stays easy to use. And during this price, you’ve got your collect of any model. It’s a larger, softer automobile than a C-Class or 3 Series, yet that means some-more room for we and friends to journey in comfort. The TL doesn’t forget how to have fun once a corners arrive either.

Years: 2009–2013

Pros: Honda engine, fun-to-drive, low using costs.

Cons: Beaky styling, round quell weight.

02. BMW i3

We acknowledge it, this one is both a small left-field, and a parsimonious fit within a budget. But a small BMW i3 is one of a best used buys on a marketplace today—provided it lines adult with your automobile use.

This ain’t a long-distance cruiser. No, BMW’s imagination CFRP-bodied sub-compact is best for city use, as a parsimonious measure suggest. 2014 models were able of usually 81 miles per charge, yet REx models—which supplement a gas-powered operation extender—nearly double that to 150 miles. 2017 saw ranges increase, yet that won’t fit in a bill here.

SEE ALSO: 2014 BMW i3 Review

Stepping into an i3 for a initial time is something distinct anything this side of a supercar. It’s ethereal and spacious, with singular textures and a pleasing minimalism. The i3 calms we once you’re behind a wheel, and a slight bike-like tires make it surprisingly interesting to thread by a city. That imagination carbon-reinforced framework and physique also protects it from rust.

Years: 2014–2016

Pros: An knowledge distinct anything else, little footprint, EV.

Cons: Limited range, parsimonious storage space.

01. Lexus LS 430

The Lexus LS altered a big-car oppulance diversion when it launched in 1989. The third-generation indication isn’t a miracle indication a strange was, yet it retains a bullet-proof trustworthiness and supplement pampering that initial put a automobile on a map.

Lexus kept things elementary for a third generation. The pattern is large and blocky, with some critical S-Class vibes in a hewn-from-granite proportions. This was a final LS to come in usually one length, and also offer usually one engine: a 4.3-liter V8 producing 290 hp. They’re still horses, with a LS progressing a whisper-quiet interior even during highway speeds. It enclosed such complicated facilities as adaptive journey control, rain-sensing wipers, voice-controlled navigation and relocating atmosphere vents. Okay, that final one is usually a bit of theater, yet so what?

SEE ALSO: 2013 Lexus LS Review

For $15k we can even find yourself in an early fourth-gen model, that arrived in 2007. Hunt down a LS 460 L if we can: a additional length provides acres of legroom in a back, and a discretionary Executive package combined DVD players, a table, and shiatsu massaging seats to a rear.

Years: 2000–2006, 2007–2010

Pros: A large oppulance barge. Imposing size.

Cons: Might usually exist you. Imposing size.