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Archive for January 13th, 2020

Chevrolet Corvette, Jeep Gladiator and Kia Telluride Win 2020 NACTOY Awards

Monday, January 13th, 2020

Detroit might not be hosting an automobile uncover this month, though a tradition of a North American Car, Truck and Utility of a Year (NACTOY) awards continues on. This year’s winners are a Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, Jeep Gladiator and Kia Telluride.

The desired awards were announced early Monday during Detroit’s TCF Center. The NACTOY row consists of 50 automotive reporters from both Canada and a USA. After months of testing, a row had narrowed a list down to a contingent of finalists for any category:

2020 North American Car of a Year:

  • Chevrolet Corvette Stingray
  • Hyundai Sonata
  • Toyota Supra

2020 North American Utility Vehicle of a Year:

  • Kia Telluride
  • Hyundai Palisade
  • Lincoln Aviator

2020 North American Truck of a Year:

  • Jeep Gladiator
  • Ford Ranger
  • Ram Heavy Duty

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Every automobile on a list is impressive, though we can’t contend we’re astounded by a winners. Chevrolet gamble large on a new Corvette, branch it into a mid-engined appurtenance for a C8 generation. The pierce puts it even closer to a supercars a Vette can compare in performance, while still drastically undercutting them on price. Both a Supra and Sonata are excellent cars too, though arguably conjunction rewrites a manners of a shred as most as a latest Corvette. Stay tuned for AutoGuide.com‘s first-hand knowledge with a automobile soon.

Lincoln’s Aviator was always going to have a tough time opposite a Korean twin in a application category. Both Kia and Hyundai’s three-rows have tender many journos, us included, though in a finish Kia’s crossover won out. It takes a identical proceed to a Corvette by charity an knowledge customarily indifferent for vehicles with most aloft cost tags—in this case, near-luxury SUVs.

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The Jeep Gladiator takes a appropriateness of a Wrangler and adds a pickup bed. It fought off a efficient Ford Ranger and Ram Heavy Duty trucks to measure tip honors.

NACTOY boss Lauren Fix had this to contend as a awards were announced:

“These awards would not be probable but a tough work, professionalism and discernment of all of a jurors along with a team-work via a year from all of a automotive companies. Now in a 26th year, we are unapproachable that both automakers and consumers commend a value a awards yield to new automobile buyers.”

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Both a Gladiator and Telluride are now accessible in dealers opposite America and Canada. The C8 Corvette should start nearing in a few months.

Porsche Cayenne Coupe Turbo GT

Monday, January 13th, 2020


The exam automobile doesn’t wear deception as many prototypes do, so we can get a full peek of a exterior. But there’s zero many to see during initial glance, as this exam automobile is matching to a Cayenne Coupe we’re already informed with.

It facilities a same far-reaching grille in a center, vast side vents with integrated LED daytime using lights, and matching headlamps.

The same goes for a profile, that doesn’t underline any changes compared to unchanging Cayenne Coupe. This exam automobile boasts body-colored cladding, that is customarily black, though it’s a underline we can sequence off a options list. The same story goes for a behind end. The exam automobile facilities a same taillights bar, a same spoiler on a tailgate, and a same behind buffer with a black diffuser.

However, a closer demeanour during that diffuser reveals a usually underline that sets this antecedent apart.

r. Porsche indeed used a crafty approach to censor them, though a sleet on a bumper, and generally a melted sleet around those pipes, gives them away. This empty blueprint is singular to this indication and suggests a singular drivertrain as well.

Then there’s a hybrid unfolding that’s been floating around recently. How do we know this exam SUV also hides electric motors underneath a skin? Well, we don’t. But a matching model, this time around embellished orange, was speckled a while behind with immature “turbo” badges and immature stop calipers. And we already know that these immature sum are used on electrified models.


There are no photos of a interior to demeanour at, though it’s protected to assume that this chronicle will be matching to a unchanging Cayenne Coupe, that in spin borrows from a boxier Cayenne model.

The three-spoke steering circle will lay in front of a digital instrument cluster with a large rev opposite in a center.

But distinct a unchanging SUV, it comes customary with eight-way tractable sports seats. These are unequivocally matching to a 18-way seats that are customary in a Turbo version, so they offer extended parallel support and underline integrated headrests. But this range-topping hybrid could get a 18-way seats as standard.

Of course, we should pattern other additional goodies as well. While a bottom Cayenne Coupe still facilities cosmetic pieces and cheaper materials, a Turbo GT should be installed with excellent leather and Alcantara. It could also underline carbon-fiber trim, during slightest on a options list.

Just like a unchanging Cayenne Coupe, a Turbo GT will substantially come with a behind dais as standard. You’ll be means to opt for a particular behind seats during no additional cost if we wish reduction space though some-more comfort for your behind passengers.

The hybrid blueprint won’t impact case space interjection to a batteries being placed underneath a floor, though a coupe blueprint does. When compared to a customary Cayenne, that is. The Cayenne Coupe Turbo indication takes adult to 21.2 cubic feet, though once a behind seats are folded flat, ability increases to 54.3 cubic feet. That’s 6 cubic feet reduction than a unchanging Cayenne.

But nonetheless it’s not as ample as a unchanging Cayenne, a Cayenne Coupe Turbo GT will offer a bit some-more room than a BMW X6 M. The German SUV comes with 20.5 cubic feet of space with a behind seats in place, so you’ll advantage from an additional 0.7 cubic feet in a Porsche. With a behind seats folded, a X6 will take adult to 53.8, that is a half-cubic-foot diminution compared to a Cayenne Coupe.

On a other hand, a Cayenne Coupe Turbo GT will tumble behind a Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe when it comes to load room. The Merc offers an additional cubic feet with a behind seats adult and an additional 6.4 cubic feet with a behind seats folded flat.


While a extraneous and interior will be roughly matching to a Cayenne Coupe we already know, things will change utterly dramatically underneath a hood. Just like a unchanging Cayenne, a Cayenne Coupe is accessible with 5 opposite drivetrains. The bottom indent is a turbocharged, 3.0-liter V-6 rated during 335 horsepower and 332 pound-feet of torque. The second choice is a Cayenne S, that facilities a 2.9-liter V-8 that delivers 434 horses and 406 pound-feet. The third gasoline choice is a twin-turbo, 4.0-liter V-8 in a Coupe Turbo model. This powerplant cranks out a plain 541 horsepower and 568 pound-feet of torque.

Moving over to hybrids, a E-Hybrid pairs a 3.0-liter V-6 gas engine and an electric engine for a sum outlay of 456 horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque. Finally, a Turbo S E-Hybrid brings together a 4.0-liter V-8 in a Turbo with an electric motor. The V-8 is matching to a Turbo model, while a electric engine generates 134 horsepower interjection to a 14.1-kWh battery. Total outlay stands during 671 horsepower and 664 pound-feet of torque.

Porsche is apparently aiming to offer some-more outlay with a Cayenne Coupe Turbo GT, though we don’t know a blueprint yet. However, word has it Porsche wants an even some-more absolute chronicle of this combo. One that would also make it into a Panamera. So how many energy could Porsche fist from this hybrid drivetrain?

Well, a Lamborghini Urus facilities a matching engine that was tweaked to siphon out a whopping 641 horses and 627 pound-feet. If Porsche uses an matching unit, sum outlay could boost by around 100 horsepower. That around 770 horses. But reports explain that a souped-up Cayenne Coupe could arrive with some-more than 800 horsepower. An even some-more absolute V-8 wouldn’t make many clarity in terms of trustworthiness and Lamborghini will substantially be opposite it, though Porsche could also tweak a electric motor. What’s more, it could supplement a second motor, that would make it even easier to remove some-more than 800 horses.

This outlay would make a Cayenne Coupe Turbo GT impressively fast. With a Cayenne Turbo S E-Hybrid already able to strike 60 mph from a station start in 3.6 seconds, a GT would substantially strech a same benchmark in 3.4 clicks. That’s quicker than a lot of sports cars out there and quicker than many high-performance SUVs on a market.

Top speed could also boost over that of a Cayenne Turbo S E-Hybrid. The existent SUV tops out during 183 mph, an considerable benchmark by itself, though somewhat next some of a competition. The Bentley Bentayga W12 and a Lamborghini Urus, for instance, tip out during 187 and 190 mph, respectively. The Cayenne Coupe Turbo GT won’t strike 190 mph, though it could get tighten during 186 or 187 mph.


It’s too early to speak about prices here, though it’s protected to assume that a Cayenne Coupe Turbo GT will turn a many costly automobile in a lineup. With a Turbo S E-Hybrid labelled from $164,400, a GT indication could fetch some-more than $180,000. If Porsche gives a GT a some-more disdainful station with limited-edition features, it could cost even some-more than that, like tighten to $200,000.


Lamborghini Urus

While not a hybrid SUV, a Urus is a categorical aspirant for this souped-up Cayenne Coupe model. Basically a initial super SUV on a market, a Urus moves about interjection to a twin-turbo, 4.0-liter V-8 that cranks out 641 horsepower and 627 pound-feet of torque. That’s a lot of oomph, a kind of outlay you’d pattern from a automobile with a distracted longhorn badge. Not usually powerful, a Urus is discerning too. It needs usually 3.4 seconds to strike 60 mph from a station start, while a tip speed comes in during 190 mph. For a record, a Urus is a fastest prolongation SUV built so far. The looks compare a performance. The Urus facilities an assertive pattern that reminds of both a Huracan and a Aventador, while a interior looks both sporty and luxurious. It’s also rarely customizable. Pricing starts from $200,000 before options, so it will be usually somewhat some-more costly than a Cayenne Coupe Turbo GT.

Read a full examination of a 2020 Lamborghini Urus


This beefed-up Cayenne Coupe is simply crazy. Granted, it competence not demeanour opposite than other Cayenne models, though Porsche is aiming for crazy things in a drivetrain department. If rumors infer to be true, it will be a initial prolongation SUV with some-more than 700 horsepower. Not usually that, though it could also be a initial prolongation SUV with some-more than 800 horsepower! So not usually it will put a Lambo Urus to shame, though it will also lapse good fuel economy and even offer a bit of all-electric range. If that’s not good news, we don’t know what is. Now let’s wish that a Turbo GT is some-more than only a rumor.

    • Looks like a unchanging Cayenne Coupe
    • Could be unequivocally expensive