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Archive for January 1st, 2020

Every Concept Car That We Covered in 2019

Wednesday, January 1st, 2020

Now that 2019 is in a books, we suspicion it was a good time to demeanour behind during all a new concepts that we lonesome via a year. There were so many, in fact, that we couldn’t even cover them all, though we certain did cover a lot of them. And, a poignant apportionment of them were notable in their possess right.

Take a 2019 Jeep Gladiator by Katzkin Leather, for example. It was a ideal illustration of how a tuner or upholsterer can make a imperishable off-roader like a Gladiator as superb as some of a many lush models on a planet. Then we have a Renault EZ-Ultimo that gave us a demeanour into a destiny of what cars competence be like only decades down a road. Some cars simply paved a approach and prepared us for what was to come – I’m articulate about models like a BMW Concept 4 or a Mercedes Concept GLB.

These models aside, we’re indeed fixing 2019 as a “Year of Concepts,” and we’ve combined a full list of each judgment examination we wrote in a final year only a small serve down a page. So, take a brief travel with us as we take a wander down memory line and revisit some of this years overwhelming judgment cars.

AutoGuide.com’s Most Important Cars of 2019

Wednesday, January 1st, 2020

We’re withdrawal this decade on a high note. Ignore a Chicken Littles: a automotive attention is turbulent, sure, though there’s a lot to demeanour brazen to in a nearby future. The biggest reveals of 2019 infer as much.

The past 12 months saw an shake of a establishment. Porsche built an electric car. Chevrolet hauled a V8 out of a Vette’s nose and threw it… into a center of a car. Another sporty American idol gained a lifted, four-door, all-electric variant. Only a few days after a Cybertruck sliced a approach onto a scene. Like we said, it was a furious year.

Most of these are already accessible during dealers. Others preview what we can design soon. But they all have one thing in common: they sparked copiousness of contention here in a bureau and among you, the AutoGuide.com readers. Here are a 10 many critical cars of 2019, in alphabetical order.

Audi RS6 Avant – Superwagon Comes to America

For scarcely 20 years North Americans watched from apart as Audi unleashed ever some-more manly wagons on Europe. The RS6 itself initial debuted in 2002, and while that era did make a trek opposite a Atlantic, it arrived usually as a sedan.

The four-ringed code altered all that this year by confirming a hot-rod hauler for American consumption. As partial of a understanding of convincing a beancounters, a tasty RS6 Avant arrives alongside a some-more essential long-roof: a returning A6 All-Road.

The combo of nigh-on 600 hp, four-wheel expostulate security, large storage space, and correct automobile pushing dynamics is irresistible. Sure, a same drivetrain is accessible in a RS Q8, a bigger automobile in that crossover figure a marketplace clearly can’t get adequate of. That’s precisely why, should we find yourself propitious adequate to be selling for either, we should get a wagon: it’s a astonishing choice.

 Chevrolet Corvette C8 – Joining a Mid-Engined Ranks

After years of leaks and view photos, Chevrolet reliable a industry’s worst-kept secret: the next-generation Corvette would go mid-engined. It’s a biggest change in a model’s simple makeup given a Vette arrived in 1953. The engineering group hasn’t totally rethought America’s sports car: there’s still a small-block V8 in there, it’ll usually be singing behind a motorist instead of in front.

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There won’t be a primer delivery however, a benefaction to opening that’s certain to annoy usually as many fans as those argumentative new looks. But what numbers it packs: a $60,000 starting price, scarcely 500 hp, and a 0-60 mph time in underneath 3 seconds creates this a discount means of embarrassing supercars costing mixed times a price. So some things never change after all.

Ford Mustang Mach E – An Electric Pony Car

Oh, we suspicion a Corvette was a outrageous mangle from tradition? Pfffft. Ford pulled a sheets off a long-teased “Mustang-inspired” all-electric crossover to exhibit a new EV had taken that name wholesale. The association poured income into a star-studded exhibit event, with a likes of Idris Elba and Ken Block articulate about how a Mustang Mach E warranted a name. Whether we trust a justification or consider it’s all selling puff, it doesn’t matter: everybody was articulate about it possibly way.

Ford recently announced a Mustang Mach E First Edition is already sole out a whole year before owners will be means to silently park them in their driveways. If there’s a mainstream manufacturer that can remonstrate a open to make a switch to all-electric, it’s Ford. After all, it’s a association that put America on wheels.

Hyundai Sonata – Are Sedans Sexy Again?

A bizarre thing happened in a arise of a (still-ongoing) crossover craze. Some manufacturers like Ford, Chevrolet—and now Buick—straight adult jumped ship, abandoning a three-box locus for that sweet, honeyed high-rider money. Others, many particularly Hyundai and sister association Kia, have stranded to their guns, and in fact are regulating a event to inject a category with some much-needed style.

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Nothing exemplifies this improved than a new-for-2020 Hyundai Sonata. Hyundai wowed a sedan throng with a swoopy, thespian sixth-gen indication during a commencement of this decade, and story has steady itself during a end. In comes a dramatically opposite figure underneath a sharp eye of Belgian engineer Luc Donckervolke, with pretence educational steel strips giving a Sonata a singular face. It manages to demeanour many some-more costly than it is, nonetheless also like zero else on a road. With news of a hotter 290 hp N-Line indication entrance it will also go like no other Sonata has before.

Land Rover Defender – Reimagining an Icon

The Defender is one of a many tangible shapes in a automotive world. Talk of Land Rover rising a new one has ebbed and flowed given a spin of a millennium. Here in 2019 it finally happened, with a new aluminum height nonetheless a same brave nature.

About a usually thing carried over is a name: the new Defender still comes in 90 and 110 forms, that translates to short- and long-wheelbase models. It packs a complicated 2.0-liter turbo four, bending adult to a mild-hybrid complement and make-up 296 hp. It’ll still draw adult to 7,200 lb if given a opportunity, and wade by 35 inches of water—probably not during a same time, we hope.

This heat adult comes during a price, with a Defender set to start during usually bashful of $50k when it touches down here subsequent year. That even includes steelies. On a scale of successful remodeled icons, will a Defender land some-more towards a MINI or a Thunderbird? We can’t wait to find out.

Nissan Sentra – Compacts Won’t Quit

Remember when a Sentra was interesting? Don’t worry, we had difficulty reckoning it out too. Maybe a final time a sporty SE-R was partial of a lineup, that was *checks calendar* 7 years ago?! Oh.

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The stream Sentra is a swift special, a arrange of automobile we constantly get in beige when there’s zero else left during a airfield let office. Nissan was sleepy of that, and gave a North American best-seller a finish rethink for 2020. Like Hyundai, Nissan believes in a long-term destiny of a sedan market, even down a category size. The new Sentra exemplifies this, with a reduce stance, intelligent looks, and—in tip trims—an interior that wows. As crossover ubiquity increases, people will naturally wish to mount out, and a Sentra offers a lot of that for a flattering neat volume of cash.

Porsche Taycan – The Tesla Challenger

It’s an hapless fact of a automotive broadcasting universe that we work on comparisons. Just demeanour during that header: given before it was even strictly unveiled, a Porsche Taycan has been dubbed Elon Musk’s biggest threat. The law is some-more nuanced. The Taycan doesn’t aim to best a Model S in terms of operation or straight-line performance. It positively isn’t a value tender either: even a bottom (for now) 4S rings adult as some-more than a Model S.

SEE ALSO: 2020 Porsche Taycan 4S Review

But nothing of those have ever been Porsche job cards. Porsche’s sports cars have been about a full package, a deliberate change of a power, doing and feel operative together in harmony. That’s alive and good in a Taycan, and it let us breathe a whine of service meaningful that a electric destiny won’t be a fun-free zone.

Tesla Cybertruck – Driving a Wedge Into a Industry

You know how to magnitude a impact of a Tesla Cybertruck reveal? When your distant, non-driving aunt brings it adult during a cooking list over Thanksgiving.

Nevermind a immaculate steel, a Cybertruck competence as good have been done of depleted uranium such was a ability to lean all speak to itself after launch. The stats roughly didn’t matter, as people flocked to put a down remuneration on a all-electric pickup. In fact, a stats substantially don’t matter, given a Cybertruck will need a satisfactory volume of changes should it ever be road-legal.

But it continued a Tesla tradition of removing non-car folks articulate about cars. For that, a Cybertruck was simply one of a biggest reveals of a year.

Toyota RAV4 Prime – Plug-In Power for a People

A RAV4 on a list? The many common 2019 automobile that doesn’t have a pickup bed?


The RAV4 is a figure of a complicated vehicle. We can’t even censure it: for many people it does many things mostly well. That is a deceptively formidable idea to achieve. The existent hybrid is a elite choice too: some-more energy than a gas-only model, though also some-more polished and economical. It is a ideally organic all-rounder of a vehicle.

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That’s what creates a 2021 RAV4 Prime so enticing. This will be a 302 hp chronicle of Toyota’s bread and butter, earnest a some-more involving expostulate and potentially even some-more fuel efficiency. More fun, with no drawbacks? Sign us up. The Prime will also be a second-fastest indication in a Toyota lineup, behind usually a Supra. Speaking of which…

Toyota GR Supra – The Sports Car Strikes Back

It seems like ages ago that we initial saw a Supra—a covenant to how discerning this year has gone—but a exhibit was usually behind in Jan 2019. This is Toyota covering a other finish of a spectrum: a halo indication two-seater, reviving a storied nameplate that sat asleep for dual decades.

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The association did it in a usually approach it saw as possible: operative with another brand, usually as it did for a 86. Instead of Subaru, this partnership was with BMW, that means a Supra has a Bavarian heart. And chassis. And switchgear.

Our answer to that: so what? If any association can build turbo inline sixes, a normal engine blueprint of Supras, it’s BMW. Had a dual not teamed up, we would usually be vital in a universe though a Supra, and that honestly sounds like a darker timeline to us. The new Supra isn’t perfect, though it’s comparatively lightweight and copiousness quick. Most importantly, it’s fun, something that has been swelling opposite a Toyota operation over a final decade. That’s something we applaud.

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