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Archive for January 11th, 2020

2020 Harley-Davidson GMC Sierra brings a iconic code to a new truck

Saturday, January 11th, 2020

The Harley-Davidson Ford F-150 rides alone no longer. Thanks to a Tuscany Motor Company, it now has a associate lorry associate to journey with corresponding on a open roads. Introducing a 2020 Harley-Davidson GMC Sierra, that will make a central entrance during a 2020 Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale auction.

For years, a Harley-Davidson special book package has been compared with a Ford F-150 nameplate. Although Ford does not offer a approach choice from a factory, Tuscany Motor Company answered a direct and now builds lorry packages that lift a famous American motorcycle name. With a instruction of Harley-Davidson, Tuscany creates interior and extraneous customizations that simulate important and iconic facilities of a bikes.

This year is a initial time Tuscany has ever offering a Harley-Davidson package on a GMC Sierra, and as expected, it’s flattering identical to a one offering on a F-150. The package includes during slightest 60 disdainful parts, and a Sierra is accessible in Onxy Black, Summit White, or Satin Steel Metallic. 

Setting a tinge are Fatboy-inspired 22-inch milled aluminum wheels wrapped in corpulent 35-inch all-terrain tires. As Tuscany is a multiplication of Fox opening parts, a lorry rides on a specifically designed BDS cessation with tuned Fox shocks and parallel fortitude bars. The lorry also has a redesigned front buffer and grille with an integrated LED light bar for off-roading, energy using play with stone ensure trim and entrance lights, color-matched Harley-Davidson-designed buffer flares, tradition front buffer vents with a Harley logo, an induction-style hood, a redesigned back bumper, and a tuned empty with shelter tips. More badging, tailgate cladding, a windshield header, orange draw hooks, and a bed carpet supplement additional pizzazz. Finally, for all a planes, drones, and aliens who are eyeing pickups from a sky, a tonneau cover is debossed with a Harley-Davidson logo. 

Inside, a fan container includes leather seating with orange solid stitching, and piano black doorway panels, console, and trim. Harley-Davidson badging and branding is on a seats, on a core console, on a building mats, a doorway sill inserts, a instrument gauges, and even a pedals. 

If this is adult your alley, and you’re meddlesome in buying, a Sierras, no matter a color, start during $94,995 before taxes and fees. For some-more information, revisit Tuscany.

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The 10 Best-Selling Cars of 2019 Mostly Weren’t Cars

Saturday, January 11th, 2020

The numbers are in, and they endorse what we already knew: everybody is shopping crossovers (and trucks).

America bought 17.1 million vehicles in 2019, according to Edmunds. That was a slight diminution over a prior year, yet it was adequate to set a record as a fifth uninterrupted year of sales totalling over 17 million.

There are few surprises in a tip 10, with a Ford F-Series pickup maintaining a tip mark given time immemorial. It sole scarcely 3 times as many models as a 10th place car, a Toyota Corolla. The Corolla is usually one of 3 cars to seem on a list: a rest are all crossovers or pickup trucks.

Another fun fact: a tip 10 accounted for around 65 percent of all 2019 automobile sales on a own. The normal entrance MSRP is $25,155, with a fifth-place Honda CR-V a closest to that series during $25,050. The cheapest automobile to get into is a tenth-place Corolla; a most-expensive, a Ram 1500. Three offer two-door models: a Honda Civic, Chevrolet Silverado, and Ford F-Series. Only a Civic and Corolla offer a primer transmission, including a hardcore Civic Type R.

With all that said, here are a best-selling cars, trucks and SUVs of 2019, in descending sequence of sales figures.

10. Toyota Corolla: 304,850 units sold

The common Corolla usually done a cut this year. Unlike many of a traditionally-shaped competition, Toyota’s compress saw a sales boost final year contra 2018. The disproportion was slight, relocating usually over 1,000 units some-more than a prior year. No doubt assisting was a Corolla’s newfound clarity of fun. It started with a hatchback model, and 2019 saw a roll-out of a sedan, pity a new TNGA-C platform. The stream indication ships with possibly 1.8- or 2.0-liter 4 cylinders, a choice of six-speed primer or a CVT (now with a earthy initial rigging for improved off-the-line performance).

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New for North American shoppers is a Corolla hybrid. It’s radically a Prius yet a Prius shell, and for some that’s a flattering absolute proposition. That knock of electric torque creates it surprisingly swift around city streets too.

09. Honda Civic: 325,650 units sold

The Civic stays a indication of coherence for Honda. It hasn’t found itself in a tip 5 for a few years now, yet numbers remained unchanging in 2019. At 325,650 units sold, a Civic changed usually 110 models reduction than it did in 2018. With a new facelift opposite a operation it should continue to anchor a sedan side of a Big H’s sales sheets.

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Current Civic buyers have innumerable options, some-more so than any of a competitors. There’s a ample sedan, a sporty-looking coupe, and a five-door hatchback option. The fun and spare Si, with a turbocharged 1.5-liter, 205 hp engine and six-speed primer is accessible in both sedan and coupe form. Want a Nürburgring-dominating Civic Type R? That’s manual-only too, and offering usually in a hatchback shape.

08. Toyota Camry: 336,978 units sold

The Camry stays a best-selling sedan in a 50 states, yet that isn’t adequate to pierce it past eighth place on a 2019 charts. Toyota saw a 1.9 percent drop in Camry sales year-on-year, notwithstanding a new refresh.

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In a stream form a Camry is arguably a many enchanting it’s been this millennium. Sticking to a sedan figure only, it marries some-more enchanting styling with a mature drive, smooth-shifting eight-speed delivery and a fuel-efficient 2.5-liter 4 cylinder. A hybrid indication turns it into a genuine fuel-sipper. Toyota combined a sporty TRD choice for 2020, finish with 301 hp V6. Coming after in a year is an all-wheel expostulate option, that should boost a interest in snowier climes.

07. Chevrolet Equinox: 346,048 units sold

The Bow Tie brigade’s crossover enjoyed a 4.0 percent sales boost in 2019, an considerable attainment for a car with small changes (it was new for 2018). The Equinox leapfrogged a 3 cars on a list to join a high-riding brethren in a tip seven.

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With Chevy discontinuing a diesel engine option, a Equinox offering dual small-displacement turbo-fours for 2019. The 1.5-liter choice offers a ideally adequate 170 hp and 203 lb-ft, while a incomparable 2.0-liter brings a energy with 252 hp and 260 lb-ft. Power routes to a front or all 4 wheels around a six-speed automobile on a former; a incomparable engine utilizes a nine-speed ‘box.

06. Nissan Rogue and Rogue Sport: 350,447 units sold

Nissan’s double-header entrance went into free-fall this year, shipping a sizeable 15 percent reduction than it did in 2018. That’s all a some-more startling deliberation a Japanese association includes both a strange Rogue and a Rogue Sport—known as a Qashqai in all other markets. The two-pronged proceed offers 5 seats, a CVT transmission, and accessible all-wheel expostulate in possibly shape. Pick a Sport and you’ll find a nat-asp 2.0-liter engine underhood putting down 141 hp. The bigger Rogue bumps that to a 2.5-liter, with 170 hp.

As a pointer of a perfect scale of sales in a tip half of this list, even if a Nissan span strike a 2018 volume (412,110), it would usually be good adequate for fifth.

05. Honda CR-V: 384,168 units sold

The CR-V was Honda’s best-selling car again this year, adding over 5,000 units to a bottom line for a best-ever performance. Over a 5 generations a CR-V has morphed from a “Comfortable Runabout Vehicle” to a dedicated family hauler.

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The 2019 CR-V came with a choice of possibly a 2.4-liter windy four-cylinder or a 1.5-liter turbo-four. That changes for 2020: out goes a bottom engine, while a hybrid option, pairing a battery with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder, joins a lineup.

04. Toyota RAV4: 448,071 units sold

The RAV4 continued to supplement to a sum for 2019, bumping a series adult a healthy 5 percent. That came on a behind of a successful new indication launch, with a butch extraneous and a accumulation of trim levels for all tastes. Just in box it indispensable repeating: people want, and get, crossovers.

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Even bigger here is a hybrid model’s success: a battery-bundled crossover saw a towering 92.3 percent sales boost over a 2018 model, changeable 92,525 units. That strictly done a RAV4 a best-selling Toyota hybrid of a year too: yes, violence out a Prius. 2020 sees a further of a TRD Off-Road package for a gasoline model, while a 302 hp plug-in hybrid called Prime will turn a second-quickest car in Toyota’s lineup.

03. Chevrolet Silverado: 575,600 units sold

Welcome to Truck Town. The tip 3 being trucks is no surprise, yet a Silverado grabbing a lowest step on a lectern competence be. Sales fell dual percent year-on-year, yet it’s still copiousness closer to second place than it is to fourth.

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With a far-reaching operation of bed, cab, and engine options, a Silverado covers a widespread from simple workhorse to oppulance cruiser. An accessible diesel engine in a half-ton indication helps during a pumps, too.

02. Ram Pickup: 633,694 units sold

If a Rogue is 2019’s biggest loser, Ram’s core indication is a winner, surging adult 18 percent contra 2018. It’s easy to see why: large new looks, copiousness of trim options, and—like a Silverado—an accessible diesel indication in a light-duty 1500 operation adds adult to a hugely appealing package.

01. Ford F-Series: 896,526 units sold

What can we contend about a F-Series that hasn’t already been said? A slight 1.4 percent diminution wasn’t adequate to stop it from claiming a climax once more, again by an positively outrageous margin. Just as shocking: sky still blue, H2O still wet, etc etc.

SEE ALSO: 2018 Ford F-150 Power Stroke Review

The F-150 is usually about due for a indication change soon, yet we wouldn’t design Ford to drastically change a formula. Why would it? Expect a subsequent indication to arrive with a identical lineup of indication options, with one large difference: an all-electric version. The Mustang Mach-E will lead a Blue Oval electric assign this decade.

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