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Archive for December 2nd, 2020

MINI Vision Urbanaut Concept

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2020

“The MINI formula has always stood for ’Clever Use of Space’. In a MINI Vision Urbanaut, we extend private space distant into a open realm, formulating totally new and enriching experiences,” explains Adrian outpost Hooydonk, Head of BMW Group Design.

The MINI moments.

“MINI sees a destiny self essentially as an enabler of and messenger for memorable times – what we competence call ‘MINI moments’. The MINI Vision Urbanaut uses 3 curated MINI moments – “Chill”, “Wanderlust” and “Vibe” – to benefaction a far-reaching operation of probable use scenarios. The Chill impulse invites we to locate a exhale and postponement in a here and now. The automobile becomes a kind of retreat, a breakwater where we can relax – or work with full thoroughness – during a journey. Wanderlust is a usually MINI impulse where a MINI Vision Urbanaut is being driven or pushing with automatic pushing functions. The impulse Vibe puts time with other people during centre theatre – in any way”, adds Oliver Heilmer, Head of MINI Design.
The extraneous and interior change to simulate a MINI impulse during palm and give a knowledge a best probable stage. An all-encompassing user knowledge design, tolerable materials and a quite electric expostulate element are additional mixture of a altogether concept.

The interior settlement – More Creative Use of Space.

As an innovative space concept, a MINI Vision Urbanaut was designed from a inside out. The designers combined a windy interior knowledge before building a exterior, regulating building plans, pieces of chair and wooden scale models to yield an denote of size. Over a march of a project, protracted existence was employed to emanate a digital model, that was afterwards evenly optimised. Unusually high for a MINI, though usually 4.46 m in length, a MINI Vision Urbanaut provides an interior space that can be used in many conflicting ways and offers a whole new palliate of transformation inside a car.

Electric expostulate element and automatic pushing functions also emanate new ways to use a interior.

Having been recognised from a opening as an electrically powered automobile with automatic pushing functions, a MINI Vision Urbanaut has afforded a designers a larger turn of leisure when formulating both a extraneous and interior.
“In 1959, a really initial Mini ushered in a small-scale series in automobile construction with a transversely mounted engine,” recalls Oliver Heilmer, Head of MINI Design. “With a MINI Vision Urbanaut we have been means to rethink and boost a serviceable aspect area inside a automobile even serve in propinquity to a footprint.”

One space, a crowd of possibilities.

The interior of a MINI Vision Urbanaut provides a ideal sourroundings in that to go on a journey, though is also a aim of a journey. Having arrived during a comparison destination, it can renovate into a vital room in usually a few elementary steps. Occupants enter a innovative cabin by a vast shifting doorway in a side of a car. The cutting-edge slip and pivot resource is a ideal settlement for civic pushing conditions where space is during a premium. There are no other doors on a driver’s side or front newcomer side.

Driver’s area with “Daybed” and “Street Balcony”; “Cosy Corner” in a rear.

An intensely stretchable four-seat blueprint provides a basement for a splendid interior. The twin front seats are designed to rotate, while a backrests for a easily sized chair aspect in a back can be folded manually (left back seat) and incited around (right back seat). When a automobile is stationary, a dashboard lowers and a driver’s area becomes a gentle seating dilemma – a “daybed”. Added to which, a windscreen can be non-stop upwards when still to emanate a kind of Street Balcony. This enhances communication with a car’s vicinity and creates an even some-more inexhaustible spatial experience.

The darker precinct of a cabin’s back territory yield a quieter space – a Cosy Corner. This area invites passengers to suffer some time to themselves. A textilecovered “Loop” extends over a chair dais and facilities a choice of LED backlighting. Between Cosy Corner and a driver’s area is a open and ethereal executive territory of a car, that offers discerning entrance to all seating areas. With a doorway open, it is even probable to lay on a floor. On a side of a automobile conflicting a entrance door, a tiny integrated list with a plant adds a finishing hold to a interior fittings. The list signifies a car’s new centre indicate – a place where passengers meet, face and rivet with one another.

User interface and communication settlement – “Analogue love, digital connection” as a running principle.

Intuitive, watchful user interface solutions concede required controls such as switches or buttons to be omitted. This creates a minimalist, cosy spatial knowledge while progressing full connectivity. The element of creation things as elementary as probable to use (“natural interaction”) is highlighted by a “analogue”, tactile, haptic knowledge of initiating a feature, e.g. a proceed hold operation choice in a Loop over a back chair bench. The round instrument is now positioned in a center of a automobile – a new centre of a transformation – and brings information to a place where people meet.

The “MINI Token” – a digital-analogue interface for MINI moments.

The MINI Token is a centrepiece of a MINI Vision Urbanaut’s knowledge worlds. It is roughly a same distance as a worry mill and activates a 3 preconfigured MINI moments – Chill, Wanderlust and Vibe – when placed in purpose-designed slots in a list during a centre of a car. Other MINI moments are conceivable, such as “My MINI moment”. Here, a MINI Token can be automatic to yield another kind of personalised experience, in that a user can configure their possess elite unfolding of fragrance, ambient lighting, music, etc. and call it adult directly during a after time.

The extraneous settlement – a suggestion of a formula in a new form.

The precisionist mono-volume settlement of a MINI Vision Urbanaut gives new definition to a “Creative Use of Space” approach. The flush, probably seamless aspect creates a complicated baseline mood, with high-quality sum adding delicately judged stylistic flourishes. In signature MINI fashion, a wheels are positioned during a outdoor corners of a body, with brief overhangs rounding off a compress and flexible appearance.

A new MINI face.

The front finish of a MINI Vision Urbanaut represents a transparent expansion of twin timehonoured MINI settlement icons – a headlights and radiator grille. Positioned underneath a milled aluminium structure with slotted openings, a headlights are usually manifest when switched on. Thanks to their multicolour energetic settlement settlement they can arrangement conflicting varicoloured graphics, that creates a new form of communication between a automobile and a outward universe to fit any moment. The lights on a MINI Vision Urbanaut element a front “grille” with a appealing demeanour particular to any MINI. The enclosed grille itself is now octagonal in shape, representing an expansion of a normal hexagonal form. Since a MINI Vision Urbanaut does not have a explosion engine requiring cooling air, a grille assumes a new function: it now serves as an comprehension row for automatic driving.

As with a headlights, mulitcolour energetic settlement back lights behind milled aluminium covers broach a uninformed cultured and benefaction conflicting looks in a several pushing modes and MINI moments. On closer inspection, a distinctive, convex surfaces also compensate loyalty to prior MINIs and a classical Mini. One tiny fact – a contour of a back windows – references a form of a front grille and underscores a car’s stylistic consistency.

The transparent form of a extraneous reserve a car’s colours, materials and sum with a ideal stage. The matt extraneous shade Zero Gravity transitions from a lead immature with blue flip outcome to a subtly toned grey. The windows uncover a settlement in physique colour, vanishing in a slope from bottom to top. This creates a agreeable transition from a automobile physique to a windows and roof. The settlement also provides a certain volume of remoteness though carrying to dim a windows; a interior stays bright.

Illuminated skateboard wheels yield visible flourishes.

The visible prominence of a MINI Vision Urbanaut when noticed from a side are a wheels, finished in a colour Ocean Wave, a bluish blue that sparks associations with a beach and a sound of a sea. The epitome Union Jack form of a wheels is a curtsy to a car’s British heritage, while their figure recalls skateboards – thereby serve highlighting a car’s liveliness and non-conformist MINI twist. The wheels also paint another proceed in that a automobile communicates with a surroundings. Transparent and bright from a inside, their coming changes according to a comparison MINI moment.

MINI attracts – pleasing loveables.

Occupying an unprotected position in a C-pillar on a driver’s side are a “charms”. They offer reminders of places travelled, festivals or other events in a form of pins or stickers, and are presented as striking collector’s equipment behind glass, as if in a arrangement cabinet. The MINI attracts are also an countenance of wanderlust and uncover what a owners has gifted with a MINI Vision Urbanaut – like a stickers on camper vans or badges on walking poles in days left by. One attract is dedicated to a #Next Gen height on that a MINI Vision Urbanaut will applaud a universe premiere. Another has a QR formula which, when scanned, takes we to MINI.com. In this way, a analogue and digital worlds come together in a car’s extraneous as well.
Expressing a MINI moments in a interior and exterior. If one of a 3 MINI moments is activated by fixation a MINI Token in a slots in a table, this is signalled on a outward of a automobile by a front and back surfaces and round rims. In a interior, a whole geometry – including a seats, a form of a dashboard/daybed and a backrest positions – can be practiced manually according to a MINI impulse selected. The round instrument arrangement also changes. Fragrance, sound and ambient lighting continue to heighten a baseline mood instituted by a comparison MINI moment.

MINI impulse Chill – an oasis amid a dispatch and discord of a city.

In a MINI impulse Chill, a MINI Vision Urbanaut becomes a private retreat, an civic oasis. While a back chair dais (Cosy Corner) invites several seating and fibbing positions, a backlit Loop above it takes on an coming desirous by a immature timberland canopy and can also be dimmed. Ambient song and windy sounds from inlet are combined to a mix. In a executive area, a round instrument folds down to turn a list lamp, expelling displays or switches that competence remind a patron of their automotive surroundings. From a outside, a MINI impulse Chill is suggested in a epitome illustration of a timberland canopy around a headlights, back lights and wheels.

MINI impulse Wanderlust – a fun of travelling together.

Wanderlust is a usually one of a 3 MINI moments where a MINI Vision Urbanaut is indeed moving. In this moment, a interior becomes a ideal place for pushing a car, or being driven by it, and enables business to rediscover a intrigue of travel. The user interface on a executive round instrument adapts a visuals to simulate a universe of transport desirous by tourism posters of a 1950s and 60s. Alongside an animation of a route, additional tour information – such as caller attractions and attainment time – is displayed here for those on board. The Loop above a back chair dais visualises a feeling of transformation with a unnatural fuzz of flitting view in a brew of orange and turquoise. When a patron wants to expostulate themselves, a daub of a finger on a MINI trademark brings out a steering round and pedals. A minimalist parallax arrangement in a dashboard provides track instructions or jeopardy alerts. There are no other driving-related displays in a dashboard. When automatic pushing mode is activated, a steering round and pedals redress and a pushing arrangement disappears from a dashboard. On a extraneous of a car, a light graphics in a LED settlement surfaces during a front and back ends vigilance possibly automatic mode has been intent or a patron is pushing themselves.

MINI impulse Vibe – celebrating community, pity moments.

In a MINI impulse Vibe, a MINI Vision Urbanaut opens adult to people and a surroundings, and provides an knowledge of togetherness and interaction. Opening a side doorway and folding adult a windscreen creates a welcoming stage that blurs a bounds between a outward and inside. Amid a colour universe of magenta and black with bluish highlights, a MINI Vision Urbanaut provides a executive assembly hub; one that can be possibly still or loud. The executive round instrument becomes a media control centre. An animation of striking equalizers relocating with a song is projected onto surfaces of a front, rear, wheels and Loop above a back chair bench, formulating a pleasing bar atmosphere. If those on house so desire, a automobile could even start to resemble a boombox.

Digital services connected with a MINI Vision Urbanaut

The judgment behind a MINI Vision Urbanaut includes services designed to make regulating a automobile an enriching and seamless experience. For example, a MINI Vision Urbanaut can be non-stop regulating intelligent inclination – so, in gripping with a standing as a mobility choice of a future, it can be accessed by anyone within a tangible round of family and friends. Playlists, audio books or podcasts to fit a track and a impulse can be explored while travelling in a Wanderlust moment. A personal tour planner displays tips and points of seductiveness (POI) tailored to a individual, as good as recommendations from a MINI Community. These can be due and comparison as desired.

Sustainable materials and a obliged mindset.

The MINI Vision Urbanaut is characterised by a obliged use of resources. As good as limit space within a tiny footprint and a all-electric expostulate system, a MINI Vision Urbanaut is committed to a obliged proceed to materials. This is achieved not usually by shortening a series of components in a extraneous and interior design, though also by enabling twin functions such as a dashboard/daybed. In further to a use of recyclates, this also means ensuring that a settlement is giveaway of chrome and leather. Along with a use of recycled materials, this also means avoiding chrome and leather. The widespread element in a interior is knitted textile, that combines cosiness and peculiarity with density and comfort. The use of cork on a steering round and sections of a building adds a special hold interjection to a healthy feel, and ensures an authentically pleasing interior climate.