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Archive for October 26th, 2020

Honda Grom gets an updated engine and a new clarity of style

Monday, October 26th, 2020

It’s been 6 years given Honda introduced a lovable small Grom mini machine, and during this indicate it’s protected to contend it’s had a really successful run. Now it’s time for a refresh. The updates seen here privately request to a European chronicle of a Grom, though Honda’s U.S. Powersports arm promises we’ll see a new Grom Stateside during some indicate in a not-too-distant future.

The Grom soldiers onward with a single-cylinder 125cc engine, though it’s been updated and is now agreeable with EURO5 emissions regulations. Power is adult a fragment of a horsepower, though a large news is a serve of a five-speed gearbox to reinstate a aged four-speed unit. Honda says a Grom’s tip speed increases from 54 miles per hour to around 59 mph, and while that isn’t a large increase, we’d peril around-town, seat-of-the-pants opening will see a some-more suggestive improvement.

Besides a additional rigging and lowered emissions, a new Grom’s bodywork is a vital depart from a mini-sportbike demeanour of a prior edition. Honda says there’s “a new kind of quirkiness” to a Grom’s styling, and we have to determine it’s unique. Six fasteners reason a cosmetic pieces to a steel fortitude frame, and we’re meditative that will concede owners to serve separate their bikes. See for yourself in a print gallery above, and stay tuned for some-more information from Honda about U.S. pricing and availability.

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Whatever You Drive, Liqui Moly Has a Right Oil for You

Monday, October 26th, 2020

Motor oil has developed a lot over a decades, and today’s modernized fake engine lubricants would be probably unrecognizable to a chemists of yesteryear, with their detergents, dispersants, flexibility modifiers, and other high-tech additives. For drivers, a proliferation of modernized fake engine oil options means softened engine protection, longer oil change intervals, and even softened fuel economy; a thinner a oil, a reduction appetite is mislaid perplexing to siphon it, and complicated chemistry has non-stop a doorway to a whole new stand of low-viscosity oils.

But engineering such oils to perform in today’s inner explosion engines takes some doing. Lower-viscosity oils tend to be some-more volatile, posing hurdles when it comes to oil longevity, and a reduced film density means there’s reduction invulnerability opposite wear as tools slip over one another, putting some-more vigour on a oil additives to conflict wear.

In other words, not all engine oils are combined equal, and a liniment is usually as good as a sum of a components—and a imagination of a people who formulated it.

Liqui Moly is an attention personality on both counts, with some-more than 60 years of knowledge formulating engine oils and oil treatments that have proven their value in all from competition cars to daily drivers a universe over. Founded in Germany in 1957, Liqui Moly’s initial product was MoS2, a plain liniment cessation anti-friction oil diagnosis that, incredibly, is still on a market. Today, a association manufactures a far-reaching operation of modernized engine oils and treatments formulated to boost engine longevity, urge performance, and accommodate (or exceed) a severe final put onward by a world’s automotive OEMs.

Long-Lasting Additives

What’s authorised Liqui Moly MoS2 to sojourn on a marketplace after all these years? It all comes down to proven performance. The plain liniment cessation forms a durability friction-reducing, wear-resistant film on vicious engine components. It’s effective underneath normal operation, to be sure, though nowhere is it some-more essential than in low- or no-oil-pressure situations—like after a cold start, before heavy, gelatinous oils like a arrange used in high-performance travel cars and lane cars has warmed adequate to start flowing. That creates it an indispensable apparatus in a arsenal of a complicated mechanic, regardless of either a energy adder is present.

Liqui Moly Cera Tec, a some-more complicated homogeneous to MoS2, achieves radically a same idea operative on a same principle, though there’s one vital difference: instead of relying on molybdenum disulphide to emanate a friction-reducing film barrier, it uses hard-wearing ceramic particles. Those micro-ceramic particles are so tough and volatile that, typically speaking, Cera Tec is means to final several times longer before requiring another application, and it provides higher insurance right out of a gate.

Another best-selling product in a Liqui Moly operation is Motor Oil Saver – an oil diagnosis formulated to delayed or stop leaks from rubber engine gaskets and seals by rejuvenating old, dried-out rubber. If you’re sleepy of cleaning adult after your car’s unconstrained oil spills, or you’ve been vital with clouds of blue empty fume from a tailpipe, we don’t need to explain a advantage to you. Dumping a small bit of product into your crankcase is, of course, distant easier than replacing a front categorical sign or a set of valve branch seals, which, depending on a complexity of your engine, can operation from disorderly to nightmarish—making Liqui Moly Motor Oil Saver same to a lifesaver.

Choosing a Right Liqui Moly Oil for Your Car

And, of course, in further to a many oil treatments, Liqui Moly also sells a full line of high-quality engine oils, with weights and formulations suitable for many each prolongation automobile on a planet, either it’s an Asian or European import or a homegrown domestic. Being a top-tier engine oil producer, many Liqui Moly lubricants accommodate or surpass OEM peculiarity standards, including BMW’s Longlife-01, Porsche’s A40, and countless ACEA and API systems. This means there’s roughly positively a Liqui Moly oil for your daily driver, competition car, tractor unit, motorboat, mud bike, or any other appurtenance that we need it for, and we can count on it to work as expected, vital adult to a harsh standards determined by a OEM.

Choosing a right oil for your automobile is of peerless importance; a scold oil keeps your automobile behaving during a best. Using a wrong oil is probable to means engine damage. Of course, not everybody knows that oil capitulation standards are endorsed for their engine, that is because Liqui Moly’s website facilities a accessible oil guide to indicate business in a right direction. Just enter a make, model, and indication year operation of your appurtenance and Liqui Moly’s oil beam will furnish a list of all a concordant endorsed engine oils available.

Proven in a Lab, and on a Race Track

Lab tests are one thing, though how can we be certain that Liqui Moly’s engine oils will indeed perform in a feverishness of a moment? Easy. If it’s good adequate for racing, it’s good adequate for even a many exhausting of normal use cases, and Liqui Moly is no foreigner to racing. From lubricating a restless 500-hp 6.2L V8 in a Stevens-Miller Racing Ford Mustang to portion as a disdainful liniment retailer to a Moto2 and Moto3 motorcycle racing array to ancillary a really possess Liqui Moly Racing Team in Prague, Liqui Moly’s impasse in motorsport runs deep—and a association shows no signs of negligence down.

Any oil that can yield lubrication and insurance for a high-revving, high-output racing engine being run during tighten to redline nonstop for several hours true will reason adult usually excellent in your daily commuter car. So if we wish a proven, high-quality engine oil we can rest on, Liqui Moly has got we covered.

Visit Liqui-Moly.com for more.