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Archive for August 2nd, 2020

No Oil Test: Honda vs. Ford vs. Peugeot

Sunday, August 2nd, 2020

The exam isn’t about indeed pushing a cars though fluids. Instead, they put rocks on a accelerator pedals to force a engines into their redlines and incited a ignition on. And a timer, to see that automobile lasts longer. The Ford died first, durability usually 20 seconds though fluids. The Peugeot lasted a bit longer, though it started smoking before a engine stopped after 47 seconds. The Honda, on a other hand, kept using for some-more than dual minutes, so a man doing a exam motionless to expostulate it in circles for a small bit.

The Civic kept using for around 4 some-more mins for a grand sum of 6 mins and 22 seconds. But things didn’t finish here for a Japanese car. The motorist poured some Menthos and Coca Cola into a oil vessel and managed to start a automobile again and expostulate it for a few seconds before it came to a finish stop again. While it’s extraordinary that a Civic managed to run though fluids for this long, it’s not something we should try with your possess car. Now watch a video next to learn what NOT to do to your daily driver.

Woodward Dream Show gives would-be Cruisers an online alternative

Sunday, August 2nd, 2020

While a central 2020 Woodward Dream Cruise events have been called off due to a ongoing coronavirus health crisis, one classification has an choice for would-be attendees: a 2020 Woodward Dream Show, hosted by M1 Concourse in Pontiac, Mich., will be presented in a practical format for your online observation pleasure. 

The Woodward Dream Show will take place over dual days (August 13-14), with day one dedicated roughly exclusively to standard car show elements and a second focusing on lane events to be hold on a M1 Concourse highway course. In-person appearance in a events will be by invitation only, though a organizers surveillance a online component’s ability to accommodate nigh-infinite practical spectators. 

“Viewers around a universe can suffer dual days of tone commentary, live racing footage, and featured interviews with drivers and owners of cars – some never seen or raced before – in a jubilee of a passion and fad of a universe of automobiles,” a eventuality proclamation said.

The uncover apportionment will commend vehicles entered in 11 categories: Judge’s pick; Corvette; Mustang; Muscle Cars; Big 3 Class of 1958-1963; Hot Rods; Exotic Super Cars; Modern Muscle; Legends of Woodward; Contemporary Custom Car Builders and People’s Choice.

The on-track apportionment will be headlined by a time conflict competition. Practice runs will start during 9:00 a.m. Friday and a rival runs will take place via a afternoon. Prizes will be awarded during a late-afternoon ceremony. 

The Dream Show, that will be presented by a Pontiac Motorsports Exposition, is not rigourously dependent with a organizers of a central Woodward Dream Cruise. The eventuality was creatively recognised to be an captivate for cruise-goers and spectators, though like a Dream Cruise itself, those skeleton were waylaid by a COVID-19 pandemic.