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Volkswagen I.D. Buzz Electric Bus Confirmed for U.S.—in 2022

Sunday, August 20th, 2017

Volkswagen I.D. Buzz conceptVolkswagen I.D. Buzz concept

After primarily confirming a prolongation version of a I.D. Buzz electric van though naming either or not a U.S. marketplace would be means to buy one, Volkswagen has done it official. The automaker will sell a I.D. Buzz to business in a United States, nonetheless those business will have to wait a few years for a privilege.

To be fair, so will business in China and Europe, who also contingency wait until 2022, when Volkswagen puts a I.D. Buzz into production. First shown in judgment form during a 2017 Detroit automobile show, a remastered Microbus eschews a original’s air-cooled flat-four engine, compress dimensions, and cab-over-axle blueprint for an electric skateboard framework pressed with batteries. The modular design will be common with Volkswagen’s other arriving EVs, including a I.D. hatchback, that will kick a I.D. Buzz to market. Among VW’s promises for a electric outpost are a 250-plus-mile pushing range, newcomer and load versions, and accessible unconstrained capabilities.

Volkswagen I.D. Buzz conceptVolkswagen I.D. Buzz concept

Although it is certainly cold that Volkswagen is stability a Microbus origin with a retro-futuristic take on a classical van, we have churned feelings about a Buzz’s on-sale timing. Based on a extravagantly eager reactions of passersby in and around Monterey—VW done a proclamation during a upscale Pebble Beach golf review during Concours weekend and gathering a Buzz around a lot—we consider a electric train would be a best vessel for rising Volkswagen’s designed squadron of all-electric vehicles. Instead, a Buzz will follow a distant reduction interesting-looking (and mechanically similar) I.D. hatchback and several other I.D. models to marketplace by several years.

Volkswagen tells us this check has to do with a reservations over either or not to even build a Buzz during all. We’re blissful a preference to build it was made, though surely a stylish, cold product like a Buzz would have been a most improved approach to generate, uh, hum for a company’s betrothed 20 to 30 EVs by 2025 than a some-more required I.D. hatchback.


2017 Concours d’LeMons: The Choicest Hoopties and Jalopys from Monterey Car Week’s Show of Misfits

Sunday, August 20th, 2017

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VW Confirms That a I.D. Buzz is Headed to Production

Sunday, August 20th, 2017

After months of speculation, rumors, and reports, VW has finally reliable that it will furnish a I.D. Buzz, a all-electric loyalty to a Microbus.

The preference was announced currently during a Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, a partial of a prestigious Monterey Car Week.

The I.D. Buzz is being targeted during Europe, China, and—most excitingly—the US. Volkswagenpredicts that it will strike showrooms in 2022.

“After a presentations during a tellurian engine shows in Detroit and Geneva, we perceived a vast series of letters and emails from business who said, ‘please build this car’,” pronounced VW CEO Dr. Herbert Diess. “The Microbus has prolonged been partial of a California lifestyle. Now we’re bringing it behind by reinventing it as an electric vehicle.

The Buzz will do some-more than usually rekindle Beach Boys memories, though, it will also be put to work, as Eckhard Scholz, CEO of VW Commercial Vehicles, explained.

“Along with a minibus version, we’ll also be charity an I.D. BUZZ CARGO various for zero-emissions smoothness of goods,” pronounced Scholz. “With Level 3 unconstrained capability, this is an ideal judgment for an electric van, quite for delivering packages and products to a middle cities.”

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The I.D. Buzz was initial introduced during a North American International Auto Show and is formed on a exclusively electric MEB platform. With non-static amounts of batteries underneath a floor, and electric motors both front and aft, a Buzz advantages from a low core of sobriety and some-more interior volume than any likewise sized inner explosion engine competitor.

The height is also what allows a Buzz to indeed be produced. Over a years VW has constructed many concepts that sought to appreciate a cab brazen design, yet reserve considerations would have done prolongation versions unreal or ugly. This version, though, interjection to a miss of engine and VW’s entrance to complicated materials can pass reserve tests while also looking good.

“We are delighted,” pronounced Hinrich Woebcken, conduct of VW’s North American market. “This car is a ideal change between emotion, usability and sustainability, while also showcasing a technological leadership. The high seating position, load capacity, altogether flexibility and all-wheel expostulate choice finished into such an appealing pattern is usually what a business wish from us. And it’s a ideal fit for a zero-emissions American lifestyle.”

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Our Favorite Cars (and Not-Cars) during The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering

Saturday, August 19th, 2017

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Not a Main Event: The Quail Parking Lot’s Fabulous Cars

Saturday, August 19th, 2017


Several hundred yards divided from one of a premier automotive events in a country—The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering—lies nonetheless another annuity of head-turning machines. Yes, it’s The Quail parking lot, home to a whole operation of pleasing exotics, singular classics, and all else in between. 

Unlike a multimillion-dollar masterpieces on arrangement within The Quail’s sacred gates, a gems you’ll find sparse among a Camrys and a F-150s are not garage queens. Their owners see fit to use them as intended, during slightest during a festivities of Monterey Car Week.

We scoured a drift this year and found copiousness of cars to get vehement about: a classical Mercedes-Benz SL, a Volvo P1800, a Ferrari F50, a Honda kei-car trucklet, and more. Flip by a gallery to see some of a standouts found over a hedges of The Quail itself.


Limited-Run Jaguar XE SV Project 8 Fits Right in during Pebble Beach

Saturday, August 19th, 2017

Here’s a checklist for a new automobile to fit in during Monterey Car Week: it has to be rare, has to make lots of power, it has to demeanour crazy, and it has to have some motorsports component involved. Yes, a Jaguar XE SV Project 8 ticks all a boxes.

With prolongation capped during 300 units, this Jaguar will positively be a destiny classic, nonetheless buyers might be tempted to have some fun with this four-door super sedan. With scarcely 600 horsepower underneath a hood from a supercharged V8, a XE SV Project 8 hits highway speeds in usually 3.3 seconds. Other prohibited components in this automobile include adjustable suspension, race-inspired aerodynamics, CO ceramic brakes and an electronic differential.

An engaging turn for U.S. buyers is that they can’t get a true, two-seat lane package for the XE SV Project 8 that European business get. That’s usually excellent since doing so would have resulted in a back seats being chucked for a hurl cage.

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And if we were to embankment a back seats, you’d remove some of a nicer sum found in a XE SV Project 8, that embody singular stitched emblems and imagination CO fiber accents.

To serve a interest here in Monterey, Jaguar has a XE SV Project 8 super sedans over during a iconic Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca racetrack as well.

2018 BMW X1 in Depth: An Easy Favorite in a Segment of Winners

Saturday, August 19th, 2017

Overall Rating:

What creates a 10Best winning BMW X1 so good? It’s quick, nimble, spacious, good built, and certainly upscale. The heavenly turbocharged inline-four-cylinder engine revs eagerly, and a X1’s float is gentle though sacrificing desirous handling. Hauling massive cargo? The X1 succeeds there, too, creation it a loyal dual-purpose car for pushing enthusiasts with an active lifestyle. Exterior styling could mount to be some-more expressive, though no one will mistake a X1 for anything though a BMW, and that alone might be appealing to intensity buyers. It’s a whole package, and in this rarely rival segment, an easy favorite.

2017 Honda Civic Type R in Depth: A Wonderfully Wicked Winged Thing This Way Comes

Saturday, August 19th, 2017

What’s New for 2017?

It took Honda 20 years to move a mythological Civic Type R to a United States for 2017. Previous models had been sole in Europe and Asia, though a introduction of a tellurian height for a 10th-gen Civic lineup—introduced in 2016—was a matter for a long-awaited attainment on these shores. Assembled in England, a Type R is accessible usually as a four-door hatchback and manifests energy from an disdainful turbo 2.0-liter inline-four built in Ohio. While that engine wears a legendary i-VTEC insignia, it behaves really differently from a high-revving, naturally aspirated four-bangers of past Type Rs. In further to a special engine, a Type R adds wild-looking track-oriented aerodynamics, special framework tuning, and magnanimous use of red accents.

Tupac’s Hummer Sells for $206K on the Second Auction

Saturday, August 19th, 2017

This is a second time Tupac Shakur’s Hummer has left to auction, though hopefully this time a winning bidder indeed pays.

Last year, Shakur’s old Hummer crossed a auction retard offered for $337,144, though a winning bidder defaulted on payment. Since RR Auction was incompetent to collect on a vehicle, it crossed a auction retard again and this time, it sole for $206,531. That’s utterly a bit some-more than a guess of around $100,000 that a auction residence expected.

The Hummer H1 was a final car Shakur would squeeze in his lifetime on Aug 16, 1996, a small reduction than a month before his death. The entirely installed indication was customized by a late rapper with modifications like off-road lights, a 360-degree spotlight, grille guard, diamond-plate bumpers, off-road wheels and tires, and more. It’s powered by a 6.5-liter turbo-diesel V8 engine and has usually 10,101 miles on a odometer.

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According to Boston-based RR Auction, a winning bid came from a businessman in Baltimore who wishes to sojourn anonymous.

“It’s an implausible square of hip-hop history, and we are anxious to have played a purpose in assisting to find a new home,” pronounced Bobby Livingston, executive clamp boss during RR Auction. “Accompanied by implausible provenance and purchased a month before his death, a car will no doubt usually continue to go adult in value.”

GM Reportedly Rushes to Block Ignition-Switch Settlement, Still Faces Billions in Liabilities

Saturday, August 19th, 2017

DETROIT, MI - JUNE 6: The General Motors Global Headquarters, site of today's GM 2017 Annual Meeting of Shareholders, is shown Jun 6, 2017 in Detroit, Michigan. (Photo by Bill Pugliano/Getty Images)

DETROIT, MI - JUNE 6: The General Motors Global Headquarters, site of today's GM 2017 Annual Meeting of Shareholders, is shown Jun 6, 2017 in Detroit, Michigan. (Photo by Bill Pugliano/Getty Images)

Lawyers behind a $10 billion class-action fit opposite General Motors for poor ignition switches are claiming a automaker blocked a allotment during a final notation that would have forced a company to compensate potentially billions some-more in indemnification ensuing from a 2014 scandal.

GM’s trust representing a pre-2009 failure assets, strictly famous as the General Unsecured Creditor (GUC) Trust, corroborated divided from a $15 million allotment this week that would have forced a automaker to compensate a trust’s existent personal damage and mercantile detriment claims with $1 billion of association stock. The trust is partial of Old GM, a legally apart vestige that is profitable a broke company’s creditors for claims before Jun 2009, when New GM was combined after a company’s failure approval. The settlement, that was available a trust’s signatures, would have changed a $10 billion fit into GM’s list of “approved claims,” according to Automotive News. That would have triggered a proviso GM concluded to during a failure proceedings, that settled that a association would need to lift $1 billion in stock if a trust’s authorized claims reached $35 billion.

The fit seeks indemnification for roughly 12 million stream and former owners of GM vehicles, including those that were not removed as a outcome of a low-torque ignition switches that led to a reliable 124 deaths and 275 injuries.

Hagens Berman, that filed that class-action fit in Oct 2014, was co-signer on a justice filing Thursday saying that GM’s “malodorous change of heart does not remove a GUC Trust’s contracting acceptance of a allotment agreement.” The trust did not indeed pointer a settlement. According to Reuters, GM told a trust (which is, technically, partial of GM) that it would compensate it to continue fighting a fit if it concluded to travel divided from a settlement. The U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Manhattan is now questioning either anyone released threats that led to a settlement’s breakup. GM orator Jim Cain told Automotive News that “now a concentration can lapse to where it belongs, that is a merits of a plaintiffs’ remaining claims,” that he pronounced “lack merit.”

In 2015, GM settled rapist charges with a U.S. Department of Justice for $900 million and paid adult to $625 million for a victim-compensation fund, $300 million to a New York teachers’ grant account for mislaid shareholder equity, and $275 million to settle some-more than 1380 genocide and damage claims that were not partial of a remuneration fund. The failure justice had positive GM that any cases involving vehicles sole before to a 2009 failure would be blocked. An appeals justice overturned a statute in Jul 2016. This past April, when GM appealed a appeal, a Supreme Court inspected a decision.

Through Jul 17, GM pronounced it knew of some-more than 100 class-action lawsuits in a U.S. and Canada alleging mercantile losses, investigations by 49 state attorneys general, apart investigations by a Arizona profession ubiquitous and a district profession of Orange County, California, and “several hundred” particular lawsuits alleging injuries and deaths, according to a second-quarter SEC filing. The association will face additional trials of comparison cases from a multi-district litigation, famous as bellwether cases, this year and in 2018 to establish probable settlements for a remaining cases.