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Archive for June 19th, 2017

Honda Is Preparing An Invasion Of Civic Type R Variants

Monday, June 19th, 2017

Three words: Oh. My. Goodness.

You know that feeling of watchful for this specific present to arrive underneath a Christmas tree, usually we had to wait years before finally removing it? Now suppose if, after all that waiting, we learn that there are other versions of that present that you’ve been so unfortunate to get. That’s kind of a feeling we had when we listened about Hideki Matsumoto’s comments to Automotive News.

Granted, we will leave some space for interpretation here given even with somebody as plugged into a business of a Honda Civic is as a male who’s a arch operative of a tangible model, Honda itself hasn’t finished any announcements on this matter. But even with that space, it’s also value mentioning Matsumoto’s standing within a company. If he says that some-more variants are on a way, that’s flattering revelation of what Honda’s skeleton are. The pretence here is joining those dual trains of suspicion so that confidence stays for these other Civic Type R variants even though an central immature light for Honda. Hopefully, an central answer arrives earlier than after given a automotive universe is going to remove a common minds should Honda confirm to go down this path.

Suppose that it does, a unfolding of saying a toned-down chronicle of a Civic Type R and a some-more hardcore chronicle is a many expected to happen. Another probable chronicle could be an all-wheel expostulate indication given a lot of a Civic Type R’s closest foe – a aforementioned Focus RS, a Golf R, and a Subaru WRX – all use this form of configuration. If Honda wants a Civic Type R to be during a epicenter of prohibited induce domination, an AWD chronicle is a must. At some point, sedan and coupe versions of a Civic Type R could also be in a works. Honda already has a bottom variants to make it occur so it would be ridiculous to count them out if Honda unequivocally wants to maximize a full range of intensity that a Civic Type R provides.

Is it probable though?

It’s easy to suppose all these scenarios though stepping behind and saying either these skeleton are even feasible. Fortunately, Honda’s a kind of vital automaker that can make it work. It has a resources and a expertise to make this reported devise flourish. Besides, it’s not like other automakers haven’t used a “more variants” plan for their possess benefits. Porsche has finished a masterclass with this line of thinking, as have Mercedes-AMG, BMW, and even Chevrolet.

Having some-more variants of a same indication not usually helps keep a name fresh, though it also broadens consumer interest while progressing clever sales total for a automaker. It doesn’t always work relations to a company’s goals, though if finished right, it could infer to be a golden sheet towards clever sales numbers. The good news for Honda, in this case, is that it finally has a indication that can do it.

After all, a attention doesn’t call a Honda Civic Type R a “forbidden fruit” for no reason.

Read a full examination on a Honda Civic Type R here.

Source: Automotive News

Volkswagen I.D. Buzz EV judgment slated for production

Monday, June 19th, 2017

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Be Humble, Sit Down: 2018 Subaru Crosstrek Priced from $22,710

Monday, June 19th, 2017

2018 Subaru Crosstrek

2018 Subaru Crosstrek

Not everybody needs a Ford F-150 Raptor for their off-pavement adventures. A Subaru Crosstrek can hoop approach some-more than you’d expect—as we schooled with a last-gen induce in Iceland. The all-new 2018 Crosstrek bolsters that off-road capability during a really teenager cost boost over a 2017 model.

The 2018 Crosstrek rides on Subaru’s new Global Platform that underpins a 2018 Impreza and will eventually slip underneath all Subaru models. The association claims a 70 percent boost in torsional acerbity with larger float comfort and reduction sound due to new cranky sections in a support and stiffer joints. Ground clearway stays a same during 8.7 inches—that’s some-more than in a Honda Ridgeline—while brake-based torque vectoring is now standard.

2018 Subaru Crosstrek

2018 Subaru Crosstrek

At $22,710, a 2018 Crosstrek 2.0i is $140 some-more than a 2017 version; all Crosstrek models are adult by that same volume save for a Limited, that sees a cost arise by $1140. Step adult to a new 2.0i involuntary (formerly, a bottom trim was primer only) during $23,710. With a invariably non-static automatic, a Crosstrek now adds mountain skirmish control along with X-Mode, Subaru’s tricky-spot supporter that regulates torque, a CVT’s 7 unnatural rigging ratios, and individual-wheel braking.

Manual-transmission models don’t get a X treatment, yet stick-shift drivers suffer a sixth spoke where a 2017 indication was usually a five-speed. And yet, somehow, a manual’s EPA-estimated highway fuel economy drops 1 mpg to 23 city/29 highway. CVT models urge city mileage by 1 mpg and are now rated during 27 city/33 highway. The carryover 2.0-liter fighter 4 creates 152 horsepower, a four-pony bump.

2018 Subaru Crosstrek

2018 Subaru Crosstrek

The 2.0i Premium trim during $23,510 adds a new acoustic insulated windshield and extraneous acquire lighting. The Starlink Multimedia system’s 6.5-inch touchscreen measures 0.3 in. wider and also includes a telematics use with involuntary 911 dialing, “enhanced” roadside assistance, and car evidence alerts. As with a bottom trim, selecting a CVT on a Premium adds $1000. But here, that preference opens adult additional options such as a EyeSight package of motorist assistance systems, blind-spot monitoring, and a sunroof.

A medium oppulance knowledge awaits with a 2.0i Limited, that is CVT usually and starts during $27,210. In further to leather and a six-way energy driver’s seat, a Limited brings bi-LED adaptive headlights, keyless entrance with push-button start, and 18-inch wheels, all newly customary for 2018 (thus a large cost burst for this model). The infotainment shade grows an in. and a half to 8.0 inches, and a new Harman Kardon stereo is discretionary on Limited models, yet it’s buried within a $3445 choice package. Look for a 2018 models, if we can tell them detached from a 2017s parked in a woods, starting this summer.

2017 Mini Cooper Countryman ALL4 1.5T Manual: Mini Gets Maxi

Monday, June 19th, 2017

Sir Alec Issigonis, a male obliged for a strange Mini, certainly never expected a Mini crossover SUV. Even so, he might have begrudgingly authorized of BMW’s initial moment during a Countryman variant, which, for all of a faults, gathering like a plus-size Mini Cooper. The all-new Countryman, though, moves a needle even serve divided from a strange Mini ethos.

Longer and heftier, a newest indication trades a predecessor’s buoyant lively for an total clarity of refinement. If a prior Countryman was an engorged Mini Cooper Hardtop, afterwards a redesigned Countryman is a shrunken BMW X1.

No surprise, then, that a new Countryman sits on a same height that underpins a X1 (as good as a wagonlike Mini Clubman). Dubbed UKL2, a Countryman’s framework is stiff, imbuing a $28,950 all-wheel-drive crossover with a plain substructure that likewise labelled competitors lack. No doubt, a Countryman is competent. It simply no longer drives like a Mini.

Mini Defined

The Cooper Countryman really many looks a partial of a Mini. Oversize headlights and taillights, a graphic grille design, and a two-tone paint intrigue now code a Countryman as a product of a British brand. From a driver’s seat, though, we missed a light and tossable dynamics that have tangible a code given it reentered a marketplace during a commencement of a century. That initial “new” Mini was many bigger than a original, yet it though gathering small. This new Countryman moves with a clumsy restraint of a BMW SUV. On a whole, this isn’t a bad thing, as a Cooper Countryman outlines down a highway with a confidence of a bigger automobile while progressing a clarity of pushing engagement.

Take a Cooper Countryman to your favorite behind highway and a precise, well-weighted steering is happy to tell we when front-end hold has been exceeded. Fortunately, hold is comparatively plentiful, as a Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Run Flat tires that came with a exam car’s discretionary ($750) 18-inch wheels stranded to a 300-foot skidpad during a important 0.85 g. Still, a Countryman’s kind appearance differs from other Mini models.

Minimal Motivator

Arguably, some of a antipathy for this Countryman’s energetic function stems from a exam car’s powertrain. Although Mini offers a Countryman in some-more absolute Cooper S, Cooper S E plug-in hybrid, and John Cooper Works (JCW) trim levels, a bottom-of-the-barrel Cooper relies on a brand’s 134-hp turbocharged 1.5-liter inline-three for momentum. Fitted with all-wheel drive—ALL4 in Mini parlance, a $3000 upcharge ($2000 for 2018 models) and, maybe some-more to a point, 210 pounds heavier by Mini’s accounting—and a customary six-speed primer delivery (an involuntary is accessible for $1500), a tested Cooper Countryman sloping a beam during a pithy 3538 pounds, or 433 pounds heavier than a front-wheel-drive Cooper Clubman with a primer transmission.

The three-pot’s 162 lb-ft of torque comes on during a diesel-like 1250 rpm, permitting a subcompact crossover to lift divided from stoplights with reasonable pep. But a triple’s slight powerband peaks by a time a tach crosses 5000 rpm (1600 rpm before redline), creation visit shifts necessary. Thankfully, a six-speed gearbox is a pleasure to row, with frail movement and well-defined gates.

Still, a ALL4 model’s mass overwhelms a bottom engine. Zero to 60 mph compulsory 9.1 seconds, 1.1 seconds longer than a front-drive stick-shift Clubman. Top-gear flitting acceleration was likewise laggard, with a crossover toll in 30-to-50-mph and 50-to-70-mph times of 14.6 and 13.6 seconds, 4.4 and 3.5 seconds longer than was indispensable by a Clubman. Mass also affects braking, as a crossover compulsory a extensive 189 feet of tarmac to come to a hindrance from 70 mph—27 feet longer than a Cooper Clubman and 26 some-more than an all-wheel-drive Fiat 500X.

Even so, and notwithstanding a complicated left feet, a Countryman managed to compare a EPA total rating of 26 mpg during a stay with us. And it kick a EPA figure on a 75-mph highway fuel-economy test, recording 34 mpg to a government’s highway rating of 32.

Maximum Mini

Compared to a firmly finished predecessor, though, a Countryman’s behind seating area presents a far-reaching and ethereal space with HVAC vents and a gentle 40/20/40 split-folding behind dais chair that both slides and reclines. An plenty 37.6 inches of behind legroom outlines a 3.8-inch benefit over a aged Countryman. Cargo room is a intermediate 18 cubic feet, besting a 12 cubic feet afforded by a Fiat 500X yet descending brief of a Jeep Compass’s considerable 27.

The Countryman’s interior pattern follows a instance of a extraneous in being specially Mini, and facilities apparatus such as a column-mounted sign cluster, a round housing for a infotainment system, and toggle switches for handling apparatus such as a beyond lights, a ignition, and a involuntary stop-start system. Standard apparatus includes a breathtaking sunroof, proximity-key entry, a rearview camera with parking sensors, involuntary headlights, and a 6.5-inch touchscreen infotainment system.

Our all-wheel-drive exam automobile also came customary with exhilarated seats and an collection of total extras, a many costly of that was a $2250 Technology package that includes an preliminary device-charging pad, a self-parking complement that can drive a Countryman into parking spaces (the motorist manages a pedals), a head-up display, and an 8.8-inch infotainment complement with built-in navigation. Running Mini Connected 5, a brand’s latest infotainment software, a upgraded infotainment complement is Apple CarPlay–compatible and can be tranquil regulating a touchscreen display, a dial mounted abaft of a change lever, or by voice command. Very BMW-ish, all that.

Other options on a exam automobile enclosed a $500 cloak of Light White paint, a span of $300 Sport seats—plus another $750 for leather-and-cloth upholstery that also relates to a behind chair and doorway panels—and $250 value of black superstar (gray is standard). Other costs embody $300 for satellite radio with a year’s subscription, $500 for rear-window remoteness glass, and $250 for a Mini Excitement package, that includes ambient interior lighting and reservoir lamps mounted on a underside of a extraneous mirrors that plan a Mini trademark onto a ground. All told, a exam automobile wore an as-tested cost of $34,800. If it were adult to us, we’d embankment $600 value of this discretionary pack and instead squeeze a livelier 189-hp, $34,200 Cooper S Countryman ALL4 with a Technology package.

Regardless, a 2017 Mini Cooper Countryman trades a brand’s energetic duende for advancements in excellence and practicality. It’s a understanding with a demon that creates a Cooper Countryman a muted Mini yet a improved subcompact crossover, even if it’s a tad indolent for a taste.

An All-Electric Audi Supercar Could Still be Coming

Monday, June 19th, 2017

Don’t give adult all wish usually nonetheless for an all-electric Audi supercar.

Speaking during a new Formula E Berlin e-Prix, Audi’s conduct of development, Peter Mertens, summarized a brand’s skeleton for a electric vehicles, that embody an electric supercar and opening versions of a arriving e-tron models.

“You can really good suppose that during some indicate we will have an electric supercar,” Mertens told Car and Driver. “The doubt is, ‘Would we like to make it occur sooner?’ and a answer is, ‘Yes, of course.’ It is partial of a plan.”

Mertens also suggested that an electric supercar would be a good event to deliver an 800-volt charging system, like a one designed for Porsche’s Mission E concept.

“800-volt puts a poignant additional cost on a bill. We need to weigh either business will be prepared to compensate that,” Mertens told Car and Driver. “In segments like super sports cars, it will be yes, no doubt about it.”

SEE ALSO: 2017 Audi R8 V10 Plus Review

Performance versions of some-more affordable electric cars were also of seductiveness to Mertens, who pronounced that S and RS versions of e-tron models were on a horizon.

Audi’s final electric supercar, a R8 e-tron suffered a formidable gestation. Canceled once during planning, and afterwards again 19 months after sales started, a brief lived electric R8 was RWD-only and fewer than 100 of a million dollar cars were sold.

Mertens’ latest comments advise that destiny attempts during electric speed will come from dedicated electric cars, rather than retrofitted inner explosion cars.

A chronicle of this story creatively seemed on Fourtitude

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Upcoming Mercedes-Benz A-class Sedan Is All About That Base

Monday, June 19th, 2017

Mercedes-Benz Concept A SedanMercedes-Benz Concept A Sedan

When the Mercedes-Benz CLA-class done a debut, marketers done grain with a sub-$30,000 bottom price. That starting figure has given drifted adult to $33,625 (with destination), that evidently has a code meditative about fielding a new A-class various that would again aim a sorcery $30,000 mark. That’s the word according to Automotive News, that reports that during a brand’s new play assembly in Miami, attendees were shown a new A-class sedan that will join a lineup in a tumble of 2018 labelled during around $30K.

“But a CLA already is an A-class sedan,” we competence protest. Actually, no. In a micro-sliced area of German luxury-brand automotive marketing, a CLA is a four-door coupe. Which means a somewhat aloft ask than for a boxier four-door.

Mercedes-Benz Concept A SedanMercedes-Benz Concept A Sedan

We got a initial demeanour during that boxier four-door in a form of the Concept A sedan that done a entrance a few months ago during a Shanghai automobile show. The indication previews a styling of a next-generation A-class; a sedan physique character is a initial for a front-drive, baby-Benz lineup, which is approaching to grow from a stream 5 offerings (three of that are sole here) to eight. The concept’s wide-body position and Panamericana grille suggests that an AMG chronicle also competence be in a works, equivalent to a stream Mercedes-AMG CLA45.

Mostly, though, a new indication would be all about that bottom price, disorder in shoppers who competence differently usually cruise mainstream brands.


83 per cent of sports now give group and women equal esteem money

Monday, June 19th, 2017

83 per cent of sports now compensate group and women a same volume in esteem money, investigate has revealed.

A investigate conducted by a BBC into 68 opposite sports shows that a compensate opening has narrowed vastly in new years, with rewards in women’s sports on a rise.

However, football defended a outrageous inconsistency between esteem income for group and women, quite in a disproportion between a Premier League and a Women’s Super League.

Of a 68 ruling bodies contacted, 55 responded to researchers and of those, 44 sports compensate esteem money. Two of those sports (synchronised swimming and nordic combined) see group and women contest alongside any other, and of a remaining 42, 35 compensate esteem income in equal measures – making up 83 per cent.

The final time this investigate was carried out, behind in 2014, only 70 per cent of sports boasted equivalence in terms of prize money. As recently as 1973, not one competition rewarded group and women equally.

All a Buzz: Volkswagen I.D. Buzz Confirmed for Production

Monday, June 19th, 2017

Volkswagen I.D. Buzz conceptVolkswagen I.D. Buzz concept

The Volkswagen I.D. Buzz concept reportedly has been authorized for prolongation and will symbol a lapse of a Microbus to Volkswagen’s lineup.

News of a I.D. Buzz’s immature light for prolongation comes around Volkswagen house member Herbert Diess, who spoke to a U.K. publication Auto Express. “Emotional cars are really critical for a [Volkswagen] brand,” he said, adding that along with cars like today’s Beetle, “[Volkswagen] will also have a Microbus that we showed, that we have recently motionless we will build.”

The new Microbus is expected to lift a flame illuminated by a I.D. Buzz judgment that made a entrance in Jan during a 2017 Detroit automobile show. This includes a concept’s all-electric drivetrain as good as a use of Volkswagen’s MEB modular electric-vehicle architecture. Thanks to a model’s vast footprint, Volkswagen should be means to fit a large adequate battery container underneath a building to broach an all-electric operation of some-more than 200 miles on a EPA cycle. The I.D. Buzz judgment boasted a 373-mile operation on a singular charge, though that was regulating calculations formed on a notoriously confident European pushing cycle.

Regardless, a new-age electric Microbus is all though guaranteed to make a proceed to a shores when prolongation commences someday before a center of subsequent decade. Thank Volkswagen’s allotment with a EPA on diesel emissions, that requires a automaker to make a multibillion-dollar investment in zero-emission vehicles, infrastructure, and promotion.

Of course, a market’s nostalgia for a strange Microbus and inclination for purchasing large people-carrying vehicles positively creates an additional business box for offered a new Microbus here.

How most Volkswagen will assign for a new Microbus when it finally goes on sale stays adult in a air. It wouldn’t warn us if Volkswagen were to take a Tesla-like proceed and offer a new Microbus with mixed battery-pack options to assistance expostulate down a retro van’s starting price.


EPA Has Suspected FCA Of Emissions Cheating Since 2015

Monday, June 19th, 2017

The Environmental Protection Agency initial began to think Fiat Chrysler of regulating an bootleg emissions control device on a EcoDiesel V6 engine behind in 2015, it has been revealed.

According to emails performed by a Freedom of Information Act, EPA regulators initial approached FCA about a purported use of an emissions control device in Nov of 2015. One of a emails, sent by EPA executive Byron Bunker in Jan of 2016, pronounced how a group was “very endangered about a unacceptably delayed pace” of FCA to residence a high nitrogen oxide levels constructed by a 3.0-liter EcoDiesel V6 engine.

Mike Dahl, FCA’s conduct of car reserve and regulatory correspondence in a U.S., responded to a EPA’s email observant it was operative tough to residence a matter and famous a consequences that might come if it a automaker was found to be regulating a lie device. The email sell occurred usually months after VW certified to regulating an bootleg emissions control program in a 2.0-liter TDI engines, that eventually resulted in a automaker recalling 500,000 cars and identical to compensate $4.3 billion in penalties.

SEE ALSO: Ram, Jeep 3.0L EcoDiesels Accused of Using Emissions Cheating Software

FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne has pronounced he doesn’t trust his association used an emissions control device with a specific vigilant of violation a law. Last week a Italian-Canadian executive pronounced he is “confident of a fact that there was no goal on a partial to set adult a better device that was even remotely identical to what (Volkswagen) had in their cars,” and that he hopes regulators will approve a program repair that will re-certify a EcoDiesel engine.

FCA has been indicted of unwell to divulge a participation of an emissions control device in 2014-2016 indication year EcoDiesel-equipped Jeep Grand Cherokee SUVs and Ram 1500 pickup trucks. The EPA and a U.S. Justice Department lay a device alters the engine’s emissions output in certain pushing scenarios, ensuing in lower-than-accurate nitrogen oxide levels in lab tests. FCA’s due program repair would change a engine’s opening to belong to U.S. emissions regulations in all pushing conditions.

[Source: Autoblog]

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Revealed: The tip 20 many successful women in British sport

Monday, June 19th, 2017

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