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We Play Mike Hawthorn, All Sideways in a 2016 Jaguar F-type Project 7

The British are lustful of their story for good reason. From Stonehenge to Brexit, it’s been zero if not a fascinating ride. Along those lines, it has been a prolonged while given we’ve been means to attend a Jaguar press eventuality yet some discuss of a Jaguar E-type, out of prolongation for 41 years and still, indisputably, one of a loveliest cars ever made. The XK-E is a clearly lavish source of fuel for Jag’s unconstrained nostalgia play, in that a stream F-type sports automobile is billed as a E’s devout successor. For this year only, there is a chronicle of a F, the limited-edition Project 7, that traces a origin behind to a racing Jaguar D-types, a XK-E’s possess predecessor. From E we get F, and now an F that evokes D. Got it?

Does a topless F-type with a shark-fin fairing and white roundels over British Racing Green paint make flattering mental cinema for we of a Le Mans array time and Mike Hawthorn sawing during a circle of his 1956 D-type? If so, afterwards maybe a $175,995 cost on this sold Project 7 seems value it, representing as it does a extraordinary $110,000 reward over a bottom F-type coupe. (Standard tone choices are white or an Ecurie Ecosse–like blue for fans who know their story from 60 years ago, while a factory-team BRG paint on this automobile total $10,000 to a bottom line.)

Ah, yet usually 250 of these cars are being built—and Jag says they’re all oral for, including a small 50 designated for U.S. sale, so there’s exclusivity to cause in. And a Project 7 delivers some-more salsa than a next-burliest F-type, what with a 5.0-liter supercharged V-8 juiced to 575 blatting horsepower. The 25-hp engine upgrade, as good as cessation and trim tweaks, creates a Project 7 fundamentally an SVR automobile ($129,795) reduction a electric tip and all-wheel drive, for $36,200 more.

Instead of a SVR’s power-folding softtop, we get a arrange of sleet fly that snaps to a physique in a few places and looks groundless as it says to a world, “Please, take me off.” And instead of all-wheel drive, we get tire-frying wheelslip in behind and massive, waggish oversteer. To a car, a Jaguars we’ve taken to marks in new years have stood out as laterally drifters. It’s a multiple of high horsepower, less-than-optimal grip, and a trait that a British adore in their cars above all things: hyper-reactive steering total with rock-rigid hurl control. Thus, large oversteer rather than safe, respectable, lifeless understeer. It might perform we and blanche your passenger, yet it will not make we generally discerning around a circuit.

The Project 7 fits a Jaguar pattern, a brief wheelbase and a blown V-8 usually adding to a thrills. The Continental ContiForceContact tires aren’t adult to a charge of containing all that rage, a automobile pang problems both branch and laying down a power, that led to a path of Virginia International Raceway’s 4.1-mile Grand Course during this year’s Lightning Lap foe in 3:02.2 that was, if not accurately terrifying, afterwards somewhat shocking in a grade of frustration.

Like all stream R- and SVR-rated Jags, a Project 7 rips a atmosphere with pleasant chortles from a none-too-muffled pipes. The brakes are intensely stout, and a automobile can substantially be done to dance with fortify with usually a few modifications. It’s damn expensive, though, and will be clobbered by cheaper (though quieter) cars on lane day.

Keep this sold cat out of a jungle, however, and it’ll croon sweetly for you. The F-type is one of a bawdiest sports cars out there during a moment, both voluptuous and severely quick. Add a shark fin and you’ve got a roadster dripping in British persona.

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202-mph Spur: New Flying Spur W12 S Is Fastest Bentley Sedan Ever

2017 Bentley Flying Spur W12 S

The all-new 2017 Bentley Flying Spur W12 S represents a comprehensive tip of the Flying Spur iceberg interjection to a modest 10-hp strike that assists in holding a “entry level” Bentley to a claimed tip speed of 202 mph. This creates it 2 mph faster than a run-of-the-mill, W-12–powered Flying Spur and grants it station as the fastest ever four-door constructed by a group in Crewe.

Like a some-more mundane sibling, a Flying Spur W12 S relies on a 6.0-liter twin-turbocharged W-12 engine to channel a flesh to all 4 wheels. Bentley predicts a new alpha dog, producing a healthy 626 horsepower and 605 lb-ft of torque, will rocket to 60 mph in 4.2 seconds. Adding to a W12 S’s sportier impression is a retuned cessation that Bentley says improves a car’s doing though sacrificing a tawny float peculiarity that a business expect.

2017 Bentley Flying Spur W12 S

Meanwhile, special bodywork incorporates pattern cues found on the 190-mph Flying Spur V8 S, letting the universe know this isn’t any normal Flying Spur. In sequence to make certain passersby don’t upset a most pricier W12 S with a obtuse V8 S stablemate, Bentley coats a top-of-the-line model’s extraneous brightwork in gloss-black paint. Tinted front and back lamps, as good as C-pillar-mounted W12 S badging and trim-specific seven-spoke, 21-inch wheels further compute a model.

Likewise, Bentley has spruced adult a W12 S’s insides, adding knurled paddle shifters behind a three-spoke steering wheel, black engine-turned trim, and a two-tone leather interior. In box we forget that Flying Spur indication you’re entering, Bentley also includes W12 S stitching in a headrests as good as W12 S kickplates. Options embody carbon-fiber interior trim, carbon-ceramic front brakes, and five-spoke, 21-inch wheels, not to discuss an all-but-inevitable list of pricey bespoke facilities that will surely be accessible to customers.

Bentley has nonetheless to recover pricing for a 2017 Flying Spur W12 S, though it’ll certainly cost some-more than a $228,025 non-S 12-cylinder model. The association said customer deliveries will start before a calendar year turns over.


Singapore is Home to a First Self-Driving Taxi

Press Release

Cambridge, MA and Singapore, Aug 25, 2016 — nuTonomy, a heading developer of state-of-the art program for self-driving cars, currently launched a first-ever open hearing of a robo-taxi service. The trial, that will continue on an persisting basis, is being hold within Singapore’s one-north business district, where nuTonomy has been conducting daily unconstrained automobile (AV) contrast given April.

Beginning today, name Singapore residents will be invited to use nuTonomy’s ride-hailing smartphone app to book a no-cost float in a nuTonomy self-driving automobile that employs a company’s worldly software, that has been integrated with high-performance intuiting and computing components. The rides will be supposing in a Renault Zoe or Mitsubishi i-MiEV electric automobile that nuTonomy has specifically configured for unconstrained driving. An operative from nuTonomy will float in a automobile to observe complement opening and assume control if indispensable to safeguard newcomer comfort and safety.

Throughout a trial, nuTonomy will collect and weigh profitable information associated to program complement performance, automobile routing efficiency, a automobile engagement process, and a altogether newcomer experience. This information will capacitate nuTonomy to labour a program in credentials for a launch of a widely-available blurb robo-taxi use in Singapore in 2018.

Earlier this month, nuTonomy was comparison by a Singapore Land Transport Authority (LTA) as an RD partner, to support a growth of a blurb AV use in Singapore. This hearing represents a first, fast outcome of this partnership. nuTonomy is a first, and to date only, private craving authorized by a Singapore supervision to exam AVs on open roads.

CEO and co-founder of nuTonomy, Karl Iagnemma, said, “nuTonomy’s first-in-the-world open hearing is a approach thoughtfulness of a turn of majority that we have achieved with a AV program system. The hearing represents an unusual event to collect feedback from riders in a real-world setting, and this feedback will give nuTonomy a singular advantage as we work toward deployment of a self-driving automobile swift in 2018.” In May of this year, nuTonomy finished a $16M Series A appropriation led by Highland Capital Partners that enclosed appearance from Fontinalis Partners, Signal Ventures, Samsung Ventures, and EDBI, a dedicated corporate investment arm of a Singapore Economic Development Board.

In further to Singapore, nuTonomy is handling self-driving cars in Michigan and a United Kingdom, where it tests program in partnership with vital automotive manufacturers such as Jaguar Land Rover.

2018 Audi A5/S5 Sportback Debuts, Coming to a U.S. for a First Time

Audi is now rising cars that demeanour so identical to their predecessors, it’s tough to tell that a new products are in fact, we know, new. The latest examples are a A5 and S5 Sportbacks. Good fitness revelation them detached from a prior indication generation, that was launched in 2009. But this teenager emanate is distant reduction critical for a U.S. market, for we will be removing a neat five-door hatchbacks here for a initial time.

Think of a span as attractively restyled and somewhat some-more upscale versions of a A4 and S4, a Audi homogeneous of a attribute between a BMW 4-series Gran Coupe and a 3-series. In a U.S., a A5 Sportback will be powered by a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder rated during 252 horsepower and 273 lb-ft of torque; a S5 indication packs a 3.0-liter turbo V-6 that produces 354 horsepower and 369 lb-ft of torque. While a obtuse chronicle routes energy by an glorious seven-speed dual-clutch automatic, a some-more absolute S5 gets an eight-speed torque-converter automatic. No primer delivery will be offering here in possibly car; in this way, a S5 Sportback follows a instance of a latest chronicle of a new S4. Quattro all-wheel expostulate will be customary on all U.S. A5 and S5 Sportbacks.

As we competence expect, a A5 Sportback mirrors a mint A5 coupe in terms of record and style. Built on Audi’s uninformed MLB Evo architecture, it is pronounced to be extremely lighter than a predecessor. It also comes with an considerable list of customary and discretionary telematics systems, including semi-autonomous pushing functions. But what we caring many about are out-of-date pushing dynamics, and this is an area where a MLB Evo models, with their accurate steering and glorious chassis, unequivocally shine. We have driven probably all other models on this platform, and we design that a A5 Sportback will be among a best-handling and sportiest models in a class.

Inside, probably all carries over from a A5 coupe, and that’s a good thing. The slim, unconventional dashboard is as appreciative to a eye as it is discerning to use. Rear-seat room is adequate for a mid-size sedan, and a case can lift as many things as an A4’s with a reward of being simply permitted by a vast liftgate.

There are unequivocally dual reasons to select an A5 Sportback over an A4 (or another competitor): character and utility. This fastback has dramatic—if understated—looks in comparison to many other sedans, with a window line that sweeps ceiling in a seemly arc and a shoulder line that flows above both a front and a back wheels, as on a A5 coupe. Regarding utility, station-wagon enthusiasts competence find a A5 Sportback to be a legitimate choice to a A4 Avant of old, generally those who find a A4-based Allroad’s cladding a bit of overkill.

The Sportbacks will seem on U.S. shores in a initial entertain of 2017, with prices approaching to come in during around $45,000 for a A5 and $55,000 for a S5.

Lotus Elise 250 Special Edition

Press Release

In a jubilee of impression and lightweight performance, and assisting symbol a 50th anniversary of a company’s famous Hethel site, Lotus has suggested a latest further to a collection: a disdainful Elise 250 Special Edition.

Based on a critically acclaimed Elise Cup 250 launched progressing this year, though featuring a raft of disdainful components as standard, a new Lotus Elise 250 Special Edition offers an superb multiple of opening and panache. With a supercharged 243 hp engine, a 0-60mph time of 3.9 seconds, and a unique, hand-finished interior, it ideally defines a quintessential British sportscar in this jubilee year.

As an remedy to sterilised and undisturbed complicated cars, Lotus’ proceed continues to broach a purest, unmixed pushing experience. Tipping a beam during only 899 kg, by a utilization of modernized materials including CO twine and aluminium, a Elise 250 Special Edition stays loyal to a company’s truth of ‘Light is Right’ and is able of humbling distant some-more common, nonetheless expensive, rivals.

Powered by a high-output, supercharged, 1.8-litre 4-cylinder engine, a Elise 250 Special Edition boasts 243 hp (246 PS) during 7200 rpm and 250 Nm of torque between 3500 rpm and 5500 rpm. This, along with a car’s 899kg kerb weight, contributes to a substantial 270 hp/tonne title figure.

However, distant from being only opening orientated, a Elise 250 Special Edition is designed to interest aesthetically as good as dynamically. A preference of beautifully finished carbon-fibre components come as standard, including a front splitter, back wing, tailgate and front entrance panel, all giving a automobile substantial kerb appeal.

Drawing impulse from some of a company’s many alluring models, a new Elise is a ideal mix of both impression and substance. As fitting a hand-built sports automobile from one of a world’s many famous marques, it’s beautifully notation and recognised as a reverence to one of large Lotus fans’ favourite cars. The Lotus Elan, launched in 1963, determined itself as one of a icons of 60’s motoring and even became a star of shade in strike TV shows of a time, including a classical array The Avengers.

Draped in a combination physique and finished in one of 4 of a firm’s favourite colours, a Elise 250 Special Edition is singular to only 50 examples. With a high selection as standard, it combines normal British craftsmanship with a best of contemporary design. From a hand-made CO components, to a hand-finished leather seats, it sets a benchmark for disdainful sports cars.

Jean-Marc Gales, CEO of Group Lotus plc, commented, “When we initial introduced a Elise, it redefined how involving and exciting, nonetheless civilised, a sports automobile could be. As a Elise was conceived, designed, engineered and is built during Hethel, we wanted a 50th reverence that’s even lighter than a fastest road-going Elise we’ve ever produced. The new Elise 250 Special Edition achieves that, so it’s magnificently discerning and agile, though it’s also splendidly finished and overwhelming to demeanour at.”

Helping applaud a company’s 50 years in Norfolk, a automobile is accessible on a first-come, first-served basis. The Elise 250 Special Edition is a latest in a array of singular products imprinting this poignant miracle in a company’s history.

The opening and doing characteristics of any Lotus are grown on a famous site’s exam track. Over a final 50 years it’s been obliged for honing all a company’s ancestral models, including a Elan, and Esprit, as good a fastest ever cars, a extraordinary Evora 400 and ballistic 3-Eleven.

Lotus Elise 250 Special Edition

The Elise 250 Special Edition is accessible in choice of 4 colours, any a long-standing favourite over a final 50 years. Classic lead blue, red, yellow and white finishes are all complemented by ultralight fake wheels in silver, or black as an option. An discretionary CO twine hardtop roof row is also available.

The same courtesy to fact continues inside, with a carbon-fibre sports seats finished in possibly dim blue or dim grey leather, and stitched with a choice of resisting colours. The car’s doorway trim is afforded a same hand-stitched finish.

Despite a sophistication, a Elise 250 Special Edition is only during home on a lane as it is on Bond Street. The new automobile laps a company’s Hethel exam circuit in 1 notation 34 seconds, a fastest available time for a prolongation road-going Elise. The automobile carries over a same cessation and braking components from a Elise Cup 250, including Bilstein sports dampers and Eibach coaxial curl springs and double wishbone suspension. AP Racing twin-piston front calipers, and Brembo single-piston back calipers work in and with a track-tuned ABS system.

Fitted with a slick, six-speed primer gearbox, a Elise 250 Special Edition includes an Electronic Differential Lock as customary to give improved traction and faster exit speeds when cornering.

The new Elise also facilities motorist selectable ESP modes, providing ‘Sport’ and ‘Race’ settings. Proportionally augmenting stifle response, obscure traction trip thresholds and stealing understeer recognition, it allows extended control before a complement intervenes.

An integrated in-car party complement can also be specified, including iPod® connectivity and Bluetooth® functionality, along with atmosphere conditioning, journey control, auxiliary pushing lights, full carpets, building mats and extended sound insulation.

The new Elise 250 Special Edition can also be personalised by a Lotus Exclusive programme. Combining craftsmanship with complicated design, a use inspires business to spend time tailoring a impression of their Lotus with a extensive array of options to fit any budget.

News of a special book follows a Lotus Elise’s success as Readers’ Champion during a prestigious Autocar Awards. From a starting register of 50, tens of thousands of motoring fans voted for a iconic automobile as partial of an online competition.

The hand-built sports automobile from Norfolk has prolonged been regarded as a benchmark within a industry, providing a turn of pointing and motorist impasse that rivals can’t match. Perfectly tuned for British roads a Lotus Elise, cleverly versed and surprisingly usable, allows owners to suffer pushing day in, day out.