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Ford Mustang Recreates "C'était un Rendez-Vous"

It’s a film that has turn a fable for petrolheads – a motorist racing by a streets of Paris for a date that only can’t wait. Now Ford has given brief film “C’était un Rendez-Vous” a really complicated reboot with a Mustang, to pitch a 40th anniversary of a strange 9-minute shave – with 360 views and practical existence technology.

The strange 1976 movie, combined by French film builder Claude Lelouch, prisoner an brazen expostulate by Paris in a early hours of a morning. For “Re-Rendez-Vous”, Mustang is a star. Conceived by GTB (Ford’s WPP tellurian agency) in partnership with Lelouch, “Re-Rendez-Vous” follows a identical track past landmarks that includes a Arc de Triomphe, Sacré Cœur Basilica, and Montmarte. For a remake, a motorist is a woman.

Lelouch achieved Oscar success for a 1966 film “A Man and a Woman”, in that a categorical impression gathering a white Mustang in a Monte Carlo rally.

“I had crow bumps examination ‘C’etait un Rendez-Vous’ forty years after in practical reality. At a time, my film was about a feeling of leisure and a pleasure pushing generates,” Lelouch said. “I knew that Ford would do some-more than only a reverence to a strange in this new version. we am gay to see a Mustang again and to tighten a loop fifty years after ‘A Man and a Woman’”.

Perfectly recreating a categorical aspects of a track was a challenge. Some roads have prolonged given disappeared. Due for recover after this month, “Re-Rendez-Vous” will initial atmosphere online and can be noticed in 360 on mobile inclination or regulating a practical existence headset. There are skeleton for a film to be shown online around an expandable ensign – a practical existence first.

“Mustang is a pitch of a leisure and disturb of driving. Recreating Lelouch’s cult brief film ‘C’etait un Rendez-Vous’ was a ideal approach to constraint this suggestion for a new audience,” pronounced Anthony Ireson, director, Marketing Communications, Ford of Europe.

The Ford Mustang in a new shave is a 5.0-litre V8 fastback. The iconic automobile is also accessible as a convertible, and with a 2.3-litre EcoBoost engine. Almost 25,000 cars have been sole and systematic in Europe, given a indication was launched here in 2015.

2017 Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid Driven: A Legitimate Prius Fighter, 12 Years in a Making

Gas prices are expected to stay low for a subsequent integrate of years, so what’s with Hyundai rising a Toyota Prius warrior now? The reason a 2017 Hyundai Ioniq hybrid is here, according to Hyundai executives, is that they’re personification a prolonged diversion that downplays regulatory landscapes and fuel prices. Toyota had a same lost aim when it started a hybrid growth in a identical meridian in a 1990s, and that proceed has warranted Hyundai a legitimate place during a list today.

Dr. Ki-Sang Lee, who has seen a plan by scarcely 12 years of development, from a arrangement of an eco-car powertrain multiplication in 2005 to a initial Ioniq deliveries to dealerships in a United States this year, pronounced a thought from a opening has been to kick a Prius in fuel economy. And now Hyundai has a denote that does accurately that, with an EPA total rating of adult to 58 mpg.

Of course, that series has to mount adult in a genuine world, and it bears tighten inspection deliberation a company’s 2012 EPA-mileage liaison here in a U.S., where Hyundai was held inflating a mpg estimates. But where Hyundai’s offerings once were heavier and thirstier than those from rivals Toyota or Honda, a association is now entirely competitive. The Sonata hybrid has graduated from awkward to contender, for example, stacking adult good opposite hybrid versions of a Toyota Camry and a Honda Accord.

Just as in a Sonata hybrid, a Ioniq has an electric motor/generator that’s bound to a transmission’s submit shaft; a multiplate purchase brings a engine into a brew whenever it’s needed. But flattering many all else is different. The Ioniq deploys a full arsenal: a 104-hp Atkinson-cycle 1.6-liter gasoline engine with a claimed 40 percent thermal potency (a figure that’s still comparatively singular outward of diesels); a dual-clutch involuntary delivery selected for a levity and low attrition losses; a lightweight 1.6-kWh lithium-ion battery pack; an aluminum hood, liftgate, and cessation components; a height (shared with a Kia Niro) that’s prepared for unconstrained technology; and an extraneous that has been finessed to grasp an astonishingly low 0.24 fellow of drag.

Embracing Normalcy

Despite a Ioniq’s wind-cheating Kamm-back profile, a styling is distant some-more regressive than that of a polarizing Prius. The Ioniq hybrid is likewise candid inside, with a horizontally oriented dashboard, a trace of splendid trim, and copiousness of soft-touch materials (in this box subsequent from sugarcane). The change push is a normal PRND event rather than something like a Prius’s oddity stalk, and a instrument cluster has a elementary analog look, with a spin speedometer flanked by an eco-driving sign on a left and a battery state-of-charge scale on a right. You can call adult a tiny power-source striking and a few other potency tallies on a touchscreen, nonetheless we won’t need Starfleet Academy accreditation to work anything.

How Goes It

With a delivery in expostulate and a light feet on a gas, a Ioniq takes off kindly from a station start propelled by electric energy alone—the inline-four engine generally won’t start pitching in until about 20 or 25 mph. You hear shifts from a six-speed involuntary nonetheless don’t indispensably feel them, as a engine complement has a damping effect. In drive, upshifts occur utterly early and any discerning poke of a accelerator is met with a duration check before a additional bearing arrives. Sliding a change push to a left engages Sport mode, that creates stifle tip-in distant some-more aggressive, changes a change points, and lets a engine rev a lot aloft in general. Sport mode quickens a response of a accelerator nonetheless keeps a gasoline engine on whenever a automobile is moving, during a responsibility of fuel economy.

The Ioniq’s hybrid powertrain suffers a few drivability quirks. Under really light throttle—when parking, for instance—there’s an uncomfortably prolonged postponement before energy arrives, and on an slip a Ioniq will infrequently hurl back in a meantime. But we couldn’t replicate a low-speed bucking and rolling-stop uncertainties we beheld in a closely associated Niro—perhaps an denote that Hyundai has serve polished this system.

The biggest drivability beating with a Ioniq hybrid is a finish miss of regenerative braking when coasting. There is small or no engine braking, and a Hyundai doesn’t have anything like a Prius’s selectable B (braking) mode. Manually downshifting to a lowest accessible rigging in a Sport embankment usually revs a engine aloft nonetheless providing regenerative braking. Riding a stop pedal and decelerating around a journey control were a usually work-arounds we could find.

On a other hand, we’re tender during how unobtrusively a gasoline engine goes in and out of a mix. We saw a engine spin off for a improved partial of a notation while going some-more than 70 mph on a long, peaceful downhill grade, afterwards react a bid with no obvious quivering when a highway leveled. The powertrain is set adult for coasting, and a Ioniq’s navigation complement even includes a underline incorporating GPS data, advising a motorist when to lift off a accelerator for turnpike off-ramps, for instance.

Achieving a Ioniq’s thought to also kick a Prius boldly would have been a string opposite a previous, third-generation Toyota model. However, a redesigned cessation in a stream fourth-generation chronicle of a Prius creates it rather some-more jaunty when a highway twists and turns. The Ioniq plays on a same field, though, definition it doesn’t indispensably make any wrong moves nonetheless isn’t all that inspiring. Shifting to Sport mode also changes a steering parameters slightly, adding some-more off-center effort.

One pivotal disproportion in a Ioniq’s favor: a sounds that emanate from a engine compartment. Open a windows underneath full-throttle acceleration and a Ioniq, well, it might not sound like a sports car, nonetheless it doesn’t sound like a Prius either.

Inner Space

From a front seat, we could be pushing a easily embellished Elantra—the Ioniq has a really customary compact-sedan pushing position. Hyundai officials told us that they benchmarked a Prius seats—probably not a best choice, as a previous-generation Toyota was no resplendent guide of comfort. Hyundai claims some-more interior volume than both a Prius and a Niro, nonetheless anyone some-more than six-feet high is going to find back headroom lacking; with a accessible sunroof, a Ioniq’s front-seat headroom also feels reduction inexhaustible than that of a Prius. The Hyundai hatchback’s load reason is generally deep, though, and there’s a lot of coherence and practicality baked into this form of automobile design. Outward prominence is strike and miss; on a one hand, there are large door-mounted side mirrors, nonetheless a back pillars make parking maneuvers a challenge.

The thought of what it means to be immature appears to be changing in genuine time. In a bid to strike that relocating target, Hyundai is fielding a whole family of Ioniq models. In further to this required hybrid, a entirely electric Ioniq with no internal-combustion engine arrives during dealerships in April, and a Ioniq plug-in hybrid arrives this tumble with a Hyundai-estimated 27 miles of electric-only driving.

Hyundai has undercut a Prius on pricing, and it’s value observant that if we wish a many fuel-efficient Ioniq it’s also a many affordable one—the $23,035 Ioniq Blue, that includes a good set of customary facilities nonetheless does skimp on some sound insulation and trim. We spent a pushing time in a gussied-up Ioniq Limited with a Ultimate package, that includes swiveling headlamps, adaptive journey control, and Infinity reward audio, among other goodies. That chronicle is rated during 55 mpg city, 54 highway.

Does fuel potency matter anymore? Well, a Toyota Prius rose to sales success during a time when gas was comparatively cheap, a attainment that done a initial swell as a volume seller such a coup. The Ioniq passes pattern as a normal car, that is Hyundai’s possess manoeuvre in a segment. Now we wait to see how it fares in a not-so-welcoming hybrid market.

Mercedes-Benz A-Class

The third-generation A-Class has been around for usually 5 years as of 2017, nonetheless Mercedes-Benz is already operative on a mint model. That’s not accurately startling though, as a Germans are looking to reinstate any indication after a six-year cycle in a future. This means that a new A-Class should arrive for a 2018 indication year, and we shouldn’t be astounded that a Stuttgart-based association is already contrast a fourth-generation indication on open roads.

Spotted stretching a wheels somewhere in Southern Europe, a arriving compress appears to be in a early contrast proviso formed on a complicated volume of deception covering a body. And even nonetheless some elements are distant from finalized, a antecedent provides utterly a few hints about a changes Mercedes-Benz done to a hatchback.

The engaging thing about a arriving A-Class, aside from a common upgrades involving sportier looks, a refined, roomier interior, and some-more absolute and fit engines, is that Mercedes is rumored to be deliberation dual physique styles. The five-door induce could be assimilated by a four-door sedan, nonetheless this information has nonetheless to be confirmed. Word also has it that it could be a China-model only.

We should find out some-more about that in due time, including specific sum about a open debut. The fourth-gen A-Class is approaching to mangle cover during a 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show, nonetheless we’ll be behind to refurbish this date as shortly as we get confirmation. Meanwhile, have a demeanour during my suppositional examination for some-more info on a new compact.

Updated 02/17/2017: The arriving Mercedes A-Class was held contrast once again, this time divulgence partial of a interior.

Continue reading to learn some-more about a 2018 Mercedes-Benz A-Class.

Spy Shots

February 17,2017 – Mercedes A-Class reveals tools of a interior

Mercedes-Benz A-Class Mercedes-Benz A-Class Mercedes-Benz A-Class

September 22, 2016 – Mercedes A-Class held contrast during Nurburgring

Mercedes-Benz A-Class Mercedes-Benz A-Class Mercedes-Benz A-Class

July 26, 2016 – First contrast session

Mercedes-Benz A-Class Mercedes-Benz A-Class Mercedes-Benz A-Class


Styling-wise, a new A-Class should underline an evolutionary design, nonetheless during a same time underline mint pattern elements. Due to a complicated camo and a fact that a exam automobile still has thw pre-production front grille and taillights, it’s formidable to theory a new design, nonetheless it will many approaching have sportier front and behind fascias and, given a new roofline, an altogether sleeker design.

The biggest change that’s clear in these view shots is a longer wheelbase and stretched behind doors. This will matter a many inside a behind newcomer compartment, nonetheless it will also give a A-Class a opposite look. The side mirrors have also been re-positioned on a doors instead of a A-pillars, that should raise visibility. Around back, it appears that a A-Class will get a bigger case opening and separate taillights.


Mercedes-Benz A-Class

Note: interior from 2015 Mercedes A-Class shown here.

The interior should also get some-more than usually a few nips and tucks, nonetheless we pattern a blueprint to sojourn rather identical to a stream one. The biggest change we should demeanour brazen to will be an infotainment shade integrated into a core smoke-stack instead of a “floating” arrangement in a stream model. This will also lead to a reconfiguring of a reduce core stack, nonetheless Merc should keep a three-piece A/C opening configuration.

There should be new trim for a dashboard, reconfigured seats for softened comfort (sportier for a AMG model), new colors and materials, and a revised steering wheel. The hatchback should also get Mercedes Mercedes ’ latest technology, nonetheless it stays to be seen how many of a reserve features, drivers aids, and gadgets stream accessible in incomparable models will make it into a A-Class.


Mercedes A-Class

Note: 2013 Mercedes A-Class shown here.

Under a hood, a A-Class will get a common brew of small-displacement gasoline and diesel engines. The stream lineup includes a array of 1.6 to 2.1-liter engines, nonetheless this might change with a new platform. The new A-Class is approaching to float on an updated chronicle of a MFA pattern (called a MFA2), that will be lighter, a bit longer, and will concede some-more drivetrains than ever before.

While some powerplants will be revised, others will be transposed altogether. But notwithstanding these changes, pattern a gas A-Class models to beget between 130 and 220 horsepower and a diesel variants to holder out between 90 and 180 horses (and adult to 270 pound-feet of torque). Besides a common gas and diesel units, a A-Class will also get an AMG chronicle with an refurbish various of turbocharged, 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine. Now rated during 375 horsepower, a beefed-up four-pot could broach roughly 400 horses in a new configuration.

In a delivery department, a hatchback should get softened versions of a six-speed primer and seven-speed automatic. Of course, a AMG A45 indication will come with a AMG Speedshift dual-clutch.


Mercedes-Benz A-Class

As with many redesigns, a fourth-gen A-Class should come with a poignant reward over a stream model. With a 2016 hatchback attractive €23,746 (about $26,250) before options, a next-gen indication could start from around €25,000 (around $27,630). Unfortunately, like a stream car, a new A-Class isn’t approaching to cranky a pool to a U.S. due to low direct for hatchbacks in a reward segment.


BMW 1 Series

BMW 1 Series

The usually rear-wheel expostulate indication in a segment, a BMW 1 Series perceived it mid-cycle facelift for a 2016 indication year. Although frequently criticized for a design, a 1 Series is seen as a sportier indication of a bunch, notwithstanding a fact that it doesn’t indispensably surpass in terms of engine energy or cessation sportiness. Besides a some-more appealing extraneous pattern and an updated interior, a rested 1 Series also perceived a collection of new engines, including a integrate of three-cylinder units borrowed from a Mini Cooper. Outputs operation from 109 to 218 horsepower in gasoline models and from 116 to 224 horses (199 to 331 pound-feet) for diesel, definition there’s a trim for scarcely each chronicle a A-Class will move to a table. BMW also doesn’t offer a 1 Series in a U.S. In Germany, prices start from €23,250 (about $25,700).

Find out some-more about a BMW 1 Series here.

Audi A3 Sportback

Audi A3 Hatchback

Some see it as a strange reward compress hatch, with a initial era carrying been launched behind in 1996, nonetheless a Audi A3 has to pull in a most some-more swarming marketplace nowadays. Unlike a BMW 1 Series, that is particularly rear-wheel expostulate or all-wheel drive, a A3 uses a Volkwagen Golf architecture, definition that it usually comes with front-wheel expostulate or a Haldex-based all-wheel expostulate complement that is traditionaly marketed as quattro. The stream era was denounced in 2012 and updated for a 2017 indication year. The induce is offering with 3 gasoline and 3 diesel units. The former beget between 115 and 190 horsepower, while a latter holder out between 110 and 184 horses (up to 280 pound-feet of torque). The A3 Sportback is also offering with a hybrid drivetrain as a e-tron. And distinct a competitors, it’s accessible in a United States.

Read some-more about a Audi A3 Sportback here.


Mercedes-Benz A-Class

It’s apparent approach too early to pull a correct conclusion, nonetheless a next-generation A-Class should be a poignant alleviation over a predecessor. And given that a stream indication is arguably one of a best offerings in this shred — unless you’re a RWD guy, that is — a next-gen automobile should be means to stand above a opposition in many aspects, including styling and performance.

Update History

Updated 09/22/2016: Our view photographers held a subsequent era Mercedes A-Class out for a new contrast session, this time around a Nurburgring competition track.

2017 Geneva International Motor Show – Visitor's Guide

Tesla Driver Damages His Own Model S To Save Stranger's Life

tesla motorist indemnification his possess indication s to save foreigner 039 s life - DOC705953 tesla motorist indemnification his possess indication s to save foreigner 039 s life - DOC705953

Sometimes, intrepidity comes in a strangest of circumstances, and people who don’t cruise themselves built in a mold of a Superman find themselves behaving like one. Case in point: a 41-year aged motorist of a Tesla Model S who is hailed as a favourite for intentionally causing repairs to his pricey electric sedan, all in a name of saving a life of a sum stranger.

According to German news opening Muncher Merkur, a driver, named Manfred Kick, was on a German Autobahn when he chanced on a Volkswagen Passat that was being driven erratically by a driver. The Passat even slammed into a guardrail a series of times. Curious to see what was going on, Kick pulled adult alongside a Volkswagen usually to notice that a motorist was unconsciousness. From there, Kick sprung to action, accelerating his Model S and pulling in front of a Passat before solemnly braking his car, creation certain that a Passat could rest adult opposite a behind fender of his Model S until both cars came to a stop.

From there, Kick rushed to a Passat, climbed by a newcomer door, and proceeded to give him initial aid. It was afterwards that another celebration brisk to a stage and called for puncture help. Once a glow dialect arrived on a scene, it dynamic that a unnamed motorist of a Passat could have suffered a cadence while pushing a car, digest him unconscious.

But interjection to Kick’s discerning thinking, a 47-year aged Passat owners was taken to a sanatorium where, according to Muncher Merkur, he is now in fast condition.

Ironically enough, a military sensitive Kick that a rough examination was non-stop opposite him as partial of “procedure.” That said, it is doubtful that a Model S owners would be prosecuted as a internal military dialect is deliberation giving him an endowment for his actions that finished with him saving a stranger’s life.

Continue reading for a full story.

A Happy Ending for Everyone

Sometimes, we usually have to appreciate your propitious stars that in your time of need, when we are infirm to do anything about it, somebody’s there to assistance we out.

That’s what was using by my conduct when we listened and examination about this thespian ordeal. we can’t even start to suppose being in that position where to make a split-second preference meaningful in a behind of your conduct that you’re going to have to intentionally inflict repairs on your $70,000 automobile to save someone’s life. we know that a choice is elementary from afar, though try carrying to make that preference while pushing on a German autobahn and saying someone slumped over his chair in a other car, comatose and presumably mins divided from indeed dying.

Fortunately, a story has a happy finale for all parties concerned. The comatose motorist appears to be on a mend and Manfred Kick is reportedly going to be respected for his drastic act. Make no mistake about it, a male is a favourite in each clarity of a word. Not usually did he assistance save a stranger’s life, though he competence have also indirectly prevented a worse part if a Passat continued to expostulate aimlessly on a Autobahn and caused worse repairs than it already did.

As for a shop-worn Model S, it’s removing rewarded in a possess approach too given Tesla CEO Elon Musk listened about a story and has betrothed Kick that in approval of his drastic act, a repairs will not usually be expedited, though it will also come totally giveaway of any charges.

Like we said, a whole part has a happy finale for everybody and some-more importantly, it sets a definite instance of aplomb and intrepidity that we should all demeanour during and take desirous from.

Gallery Tesla Model S

Read a full examination on a 2017 Tesla Model S here.